7.28 Wanting answers

Nathan couldn’t concentrate in class since the incident with the new girl and her father.


When he looked around for her, she wasn’t there so he welcomed first break. He glanced around the school yard but he couldn’t see her but when he turned the corner, right at the back of the school he found her reading a book.


He stood there for a few minutes and as he continued to watch her he said, “Hi.” She glanced up at him but then continued to read and it was only when Nathan repeated himself she finally said, “Go away, I don’t want to talk to you.”


Nathan slowly moved forward and said calmly, “I may have been a bit harsh on you.” She closed the book, stood up and harshly replied, “You don’t say.”


She went to walk passed him but she heard him say, “My name is Nathan and you are?” It looked like she was thinking about what to say to him then he heard, “My name is Romy but I don’t like it, in fact I hate the name.”

“Well are you known by any other name?” Romy shrugged her shoulders and quietly answered, “My middle name is Elizabeth and I hate it just as much.” Nathan thought for a moment and then said, “Have you ever considered the name Beth? I mean the name Elizabeth you hate so much, you can shorten it to Beth.” Suddenly there was a smile across Romy’s face and she said, “No one is ever suggested that to me before.” Nathan chuckled to himself and replied, “Well since you hate your name so much and the middle name if you don’t mind I’ll call you Beth.”

“If you want. You seem to be the first person to have taken an interest in me.”


As they sat down together Nathan asked, “So Beth…what have you got me involved in?” Romy hesitated at first then answered, “My dad and I don’t get on; he doesn’t believe I should be attending school. He believes I should be at home training to be a housewife.” Nathan was stunned and in shock replied, “What century does your dad live in?” Romy sighed, “It all started when I asked about my mother years ago and now I’m living this nightmare.” Suddenly Nathan grabbed her hand pulling her up and said, “Let’s get out of here.” Romy tried to pull back but Nathan had a firm grip. He led her from the school grounds.


Eventually they came to his home and at first he shouted to make sure no-one was at home then said, “Do you play computer games?” Romy shook her head and replied, “No but we really should get back to school because if they report us missing, my dad will kill me.” Nathan just smiled, “Lucky for you, I know we have two free periods so relax. You wait here while I get us some drinks.”



When Nathan returned they spent the next hour playing video games and for the first time he actually saw a smile creep across her face when he asked, “Beth, when was the last time you had fun?”

“Today would be the first time. I think we should get back to school but I want to thank you for a fun time.”


“I am the fun master,” smiling as they left.

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Estevan was furious when he heard what had happened to Nathan, “So let me get this straight my son gets attacked and doesn’t tell me.” Blake looked at his Dad with sympathy and replied, “This is why he wouldn’t say anything.”

“Is he dating this girl?” Blake looked at Will and then back at his Dad, “He said no and I believe him.” Blair had been sitting quietly listening then asked, “Do we know anything about this girl or her father.” Blake shook his head, “Only thing we know is they are new to town.”

Blair thought for a moment then said, “Blake see what Lexy can find out for us.” While Blake was on the phone to Lexy, Will asked, “Dad have you taught Nathan to fight?”

“No but I think I’ll have to start now.” When Blake came off the phone he said, “Lexy will make a few calls then contact me with the information.”

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Estevan stayed in silence for a few moments then said, “Boys find this girl and out a few details. Remember she might be scared so don’t be forceful but polite.”

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Romy was at the local park where the festival was being held when her father found her, “Why are you here?” Romy looked at her father and said, “I just wanted to look around.” Her father was angry and yelled, “Your place is at home. There are chores to be done and I haven’t had any food yet.”


“Dad I’m sorry.” He glared at her, “And so you should be. You haven’t been seeing that boy, have you?” She quickly shook her head. “Good because he’s bad news.” Romy was expecting to be dragged home but suddenly her father wandered off leaving Romy alone once again.


She turned to pick her bag up only to be confronted by Will and Blake. She nervously said, “Hello.” They could see she was nervous and weren’t sure if they had the right girl so Will asked calmly, “Will you answer a few questions?”


Romy wasn’t sure but nodded in agreement. “Firstly I’m William and this is Blake my brother. Do you know a boy by the name Nathan?” Again she nodded then replied, “Ginger hair…” Blake smiled, “He is our younger brother.” She looked shocked then he added, “Different mother’s. Anyway, was it your Dad that attacked Nathan?” Romy simply said, “Yes.” Then Will asked, “What is your name?” She looked at them and said, “Romy Robins.”

“What’s your Dad’s name?”

“Taylor Robins.” Will smiled and asked, “We saw him yell at you, will you be ok going home?” She lied to them this time, “I’ll be fine.”


When she had gone from sight Will asked, “Did you believe her, ‘I’ll be fine.’?”

“Not a word,” by now Blake was on the phone giving Lexy more information. When he came off the phone he said, “Better get back to the club and see Dad and Uncle Blair because Lexy should have the information we need soon.

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3 Responses to 7.28 Wanting answers

  1. Things are looking hopeful for Beth, with Estevan and family getting involved. I just hope their interference doesn’t put her in more danger. Her father seems unstable and a little unhinged, so any involvement, no matter how well meaning might just be his unraveling.

    • Val,

      Things are looking up for Beth at this point but interfere might be a bad thing and make things worse. One thing I will say her life will get worse before it gets better sadly.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Avatar Dandylion240
    Dandylion240 says:

    It was sweet that Nathan took her someplace he knew was safe and that she had a moment of fun before having to confront her dad. Her dad is a piece of work. I’m confused why her asking her about her mom cause him to want to keep her locked up at home. Where is her mother anyway? I’m glad that Estevan is checking into this because I have a feeling that Nathan has gotten himself involved in something way over his head. That being said Romy seems to be a really nice girl when she isn’t afraid.