7.29 Friendship?


Taylor started drinking the moment Romy left for school when he received a call, “Hello.” The voice bellowed down the phone, “I have a job for you.”


Taylor hated the man he worked for but he was in debt so he had no choice, “What is the job?”

“I have a client that has asked for his daughter be located and brought home. It should be a simple task for you as the daughter in question is a human. There are guidelines you must follow. You may not drink from her or take advantage of this female.” Taylor mulled over the information then agreed. “This female that I have to locate, does she have a name?”


“Victoria West. The father believes she is in a bad relationship and in order for her to see sense she must come home.”

“Once I have located her, what are my instructions?” The man the other end was firm and said, “Contact me before you collect her.”

“Give me a few days.”

“On another matter when is Romy sixteen?” Taylor showing no emotion said, “In about six months.” The man became more joyful and replied, “That is good news because then I will take her as my wife and your debt to me will have been settled.”


Romy walked in the door after school and was met by hostility from her father. “The bathroom needs cleaning and don’t forgot to make food.”


As she made food, she mumbled how she hated her life and wondered what she ever did to her father. Romy often wondered if her mother was alive and if so; would she ever come back for her. Once her chores were done Taylor locked the bedroom door and said harshly, “Go to bed. I have to go out and won’t be home till late.”


Romy had just changed for bed when she heard her Dad leave. She threw herself onto her bed wondering if her life would ever get better when there was a knock at the window.


When she looked at the window she saw Nathan standing there. Romy opened the window and watched as he came through. “You can’t stay because my Dad will be back soon.” Nathan smiled, “I’ll go before he’s back.


He locked you in again didn’t he?” Nathan didn’t wait for an answer as he pulled at her bedroom door. “See I was right,” as he turned back to face her.


Romy just stood there looking at Nathan suddenly becoming aware that not only were they in her room but she was in her pyjamas too. He smiled at her and sweetly said, “I’ve never seen you without glasses before and you look very pretty.”

Romy quickly grabbed them and put them on. “Thank you but I need to wear them to see.” He came closer and replied, “That’s a lie. Vampires don’t need to wear glasses to see. Why do you wear them?” Romy started to fidget and quietly answered, “Dad said I needed them and so I’ve been wearing them ever since.”


Nathan sat on her floor and asked her to sit next to him, “You know, I was trying to pay you a compliment, you should try accepting it.” She stared at Nathan and tried to change the subject, “Did you come here for something?”

“I thought you could use the company and despite your Dad trying to kill me, you’re starting to grow on me.” She smiled at him, “Did you finish the homework we were given in geography?” Nathan rolled his eyes, “I hate the subject. Can we talk about something else other than school?”



“When is your birthday?” Romy looked surprised, “I have never been asked before. I mean my Dad doesn’t even remember but if you must know it’s twenty six of August and you?” Nathan smiled, “I’m older than you because mine is tenth of January.”

“Wow that means you just had a birthday but if you are sixteen then…” Nathan finished her sentence, “Why aren’t I a full vampire…my Dad. It’s complicated but my mum begged Dad to keep me young just a while longer.” Romy looked horrified, “That is mean of your mum…”

“Not really, she is human and vampires grow so quick.” Romy was now intrigued, “Wait your mum married a vampire and you’re half human? I thought vampires and humans weren’t allowed to mix?

”Let me guess your Dad told you that,” he could see by her face he was right then added, “I have her colour hair but I look like my Dad.” Romy smiled as she listened then replied, “I met your brothers and they asked about my Dad.”


“They did what…” Nathan went to leave but Romy said, “They want to help and after what my Dad did to you can you blame them?” Nathan turned back to looked at her, “I guess not but you gave them the information?”


“I want to get away from my Dad and this life. You have been the only person to talk to me and visit me. No-one has ever done that for me before.”


They both just stood staring at each other not knowing what to say when Nathan finally broke the silence and said, “I better go but see you in school tomorrow?”

“I’ll see you in geography,” Nathan frowned, “Haha very funny, Miss will kill me when she sees my homework.”

“Night Nathan.”

“Night Beth.”

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4 Responses to 7.29 Friendship?

  1. WTF, Taylor’s boss is as much a nutjob as Taylor is. Can’t believe he wants to marry Romy and Taylor has no problem with it. Crazy! Glad to see her and Nathan growing close, she could use a friend.

    • Val,

      They are both nutjobs and the worst part is poor Romy is caught in the middle and doesn’t even know. Nathan and Romy’s frienship means alot and I hope it remains that way.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Avatar Dandylion240
    Dandylion240 says:

    Trouble is brewing. The girl that Taylor is to locate, is that the same Victoria that is with William? What kind of horrible creature is Taylor that his boss has to tell him he can’t take advantage of or drink from her? Then on top of that his boss informs he’s going to take his daughter as his wife in payment for his debt and he’s ok with that? I hope Nathan leaves before the dad gets home because he really doesn’t stand a chance up against something like that.

    • Dandylion240,

      It is the same Victoria sadly and when Will finds out he will go nuts that is for sure. He only reminded Taylor of the rules. Poor Romy has no idea that she is being married off and won’t be happy what her father and his boss have planned for her. Taylor won’t catch Nathan there…not yet anyway.

      Thanks for reading 🙂