7.31 Let Nathan grow up

Will hugged Victoria the moment he saw her.


“I’m glad you are alright.” Victoria squeezed tightly and said, “I was scared but feeling better now you are here.” Blake smiled at her as he sat down.


Art looked at his uncle and asked, “What is going on?”

“I’m not sure yet.”


When Estevan and Dawn walked in, Will asked them to sit and said, “Dawn please don’t take what I’m about to say the wrong way but you need to let Nathan grow up.” Dawn looked at him and answered firmly, “Excuse me.” Blake added, “A man named Taylor Robins is a dangerous individual. He threatened Nathan and he scared Victoria. Dawn, he is sixteen, Nathan should have his full powers.” Dawn started to raise her voice, “Nathan is my son and I will decide what is best for him.”


Estevan looked at all of them in turn, “Sweetheart, they are right. I know I agreed with you at the beginning but you can’t keep him locked in a teenager’s body forever.”

“You are taking their side now.” Estevan pulled her close and said, “I’m taking Nathan’s side. He loves you so much and wants to make you happy but he is ready for the next chapter of his life and speaking from experience please don’t push him away.”

“But he is my baby…” Estevan kissed her, “He is our baby but he will still need you believe me.”


Dawn pulled away, “I’m sorry but he can’t grow up so my answer is still no.” After Dawn left the room Estevan turned to his sons and said, “You are right but I will have to talk to Dawn alone about this. Is this Taylor that girl’s father?”

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Will replied, “It’s the same man and I feel sorry for her.” Estevan asked, “Does Nathan have feelings for the girl?” Will answered, “Her name is Romy and as far as we know they are only friends.”

“Ok, I will talk to Nathan as well, that is if I can find him. He has been blocking his mind for the last few weeks at different times of the day but daily.” Blake asked, “Do you know where he is or what he is up to?”

“None but I wish I did.”


Nathan was being pushed as Blair put him through the paces at the gym, “Come on Nathan; try harder.”

“I am but it’s not as easy as it looks.” Blair shook his head and said, “Time to take a break.”


They went into his office and he asked, “Nathan, why am I not allowed to tell your parents I’m training you?” Nathan sighed, “Mum would go nuts and if Dad doesn’t know then she can’t blame him.” Blair nodded then asked, “So tell me about this girl you’re seeing.”

“Not you too. We are just friends.” Blair just stared at him and replied, “Nathan you wouldn’t want to build up your strength so quickly if it wasn’t for a girl, now start telling me or I’ll tell your parents.”

“That is blackmail…” Blair smiled slightly, “Welcome to my world now start talking.”


Nathan slouched back in the chair and answered, “Romy’s Dad attacked me, thinking I was dating her but at that point I didn’t even know her. I started asking her questions after that and we became friends.”

“So you are working out to protect yourself.” Nathan looked at him and said, “I want to know how to fight as well as protect myself.”

Blair had his suspicions about the relationship between Nathan and this girl and his reasons for getting fit but decided to let it go for now and replied, “Let’s get back to the workout.”

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Taylor was already on the phone with his boss, “I found Victoria West but she dates a vampire named William Granger.” There was silence for a moment then the man said, “That is the right girl but if I’m right this William Granger is the son of Estevan Granger aka the boss…”


“He is a man you don’t want to anger, rumour is he still employes a vampire by the name Blair Merrick…” He heard a gulp and the man said, “I see you’ve heard of him. As you are aware then he isn’t a force to cross so be very careful when getting your target.”

“I’ll get this Victoria but it might take longer than expected.”

“Hopefully not too long. Now about Romy my future wife, I would like to wed her before her birthday and I have found a country that will let us marry early so have her ready for a month’s time.”

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“Romy will be ready for then and then my debt will be paid?”

“Yes your debt will be paid and your love for your daughter is so touching. I take it we shouldn’t bother inviting you over in the holidays.”

“No thanks I’m fine,” hanging up before he could say anything more.

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6 Responses to 7.31 Let Nathan grow up

  1. OMG! You have got to be effing kidding me. Taylor and his friend are they for real? How can they even do that, take Romy to a different country. Ugh this is such a mess. Hope Taylor meets a slow and painful ending!

    • Val,

      Unfortunately they are for real. \romy is the pawn in their sick twisted game and the poor thing has no idea. Slow and pain lol lets hope so 🙂

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Avatar Dandylion240
    Dandylion240 says:

    Taylor gets worse and worse each time we see him. I’m kind of looking forward to seeing him get what he deserves. The boss is terrible. Why does he even want to marry a little girl anyway? The sicko.
    Dawn is being unreasonable about letting Nathan grow-up so hopefully Estevan can talk sense into her.
    At least Nathan has enough sense to know he needs help and has turned to Blair to teach him how to defend himself. I have a feeling he’s going to need it.

    • Dandylion240,

      Taylor does get worse by the minute and to think you want he to get what he deserves lol but I don’t blame you. The boss has no scrubbles and is far worse. He is very sick 🙁 Dawn is trying to hold on but she needs to let go. Nathan is sensible to train early and I think he will need it 🙁

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  3. Avatar IvoryButterfly
    IvoryButterfly says:

    Poor Nathan, he seems like a such a sweet kid, I can see why Dawn doesn’t want him to grow up so quickly. Blair seems like the perfect person/vampire to train him up if anyone is going to help him.

    WOW, this weird Taylor guy is a real piece of work!!! So hoping that Will and the others can keep Victoria safe from whoever the creep is that wants to marry her. Bleh!!!

    • Ivorybutterfly,

      Nathan is sweet but I think in denial about Romy. Dawn just wants to hold on to her son for a bit longer. Romy is in deep since her father wants to marry her off. I hope the other can stop it but I have my doubts.

      Thanks for reading 🙂