7.32 Saying sorry

Lawrence hated the silence and asked, “Have I done something wrong?”


Daphne snapped out of her thoughts and replied, “No, it’s just I was thinking about the wedding and I don’t need a big wedding…” Lawrence interrupted her, “There will be no arguments as there will be a big wedding because we both deserve that.”

“We can’t get it together in less than a month.”


Lawrence stopped eating and said, “Do you have the dress?” Daphne looked happy, “Yes…”

“I have a suit and the rest is just a small detail…” Daphne shouted, “Small, a wedding…Lawrence you have no idea the preparation involved.”

“Really because things are already sorted.”

“What!” Lawrence smiled, “The family have pitched in to help so things are taken care of.”

“Do I get a say?”

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Lawrence pulled her close, “Yes but remember what Dr Baines told you, no un-necessary stress if you want to fall pregnant.” Daphne was not happy about this and asked, “Who is helping then?”

“Dawn and Teddy with the help of Harmony and Katherine.”

Daphne still wasn’t pleased and asked, “Have you sorted things out with Katherine?” Lawrence sighed, “No but she is helping with the wedding plans so that counts right?”

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Daphne looked angry now, “Lawrence Knight that does not count as she would be doing it for me and not you. You need to make amends and I suggest before the wedding or there might not be a wedding.” As she walked away, Lawrence cringed at her firm words so he picked up the phone and arranged to see Katherine.


When she arrived with Blair he offered her a seat. Katherine took it after looking at Blair and asked, “What do you want?” Lawrence could tell by her tone she wasn’t happy about being there.

“Katherine I want to say sorry for what I put you through.”


Katherine got up and said harshly, “Your sorry…that makes things fine then.”

“It doesn’t excuse what I did…”


Katherine’s temper was getting worse, “No it bloody doesn’t. You and that mother of mine using me as a pawn in your little game,” as she went on Blair listened as they went back and forth until Lawrence revealed something no-one knew and watched Katherine sit back down and listen.


“That’s right Katherine. When your…Elvira first brought you to the brothel I had every intention in using you and spitting you out because of the hatred I had for her. However by the time you came of legal age things had changed. I’d stopped sleeping around and resigned myself to the belief that I would be celibate for my remaining years. The madam of the house seeing my weakness took it upon herself to buy out the brothel and only use me as a figure head when necessary. When anyone came to the brothel everyone had to still think I was in charge. It was madam that wanted to make use of you not me. She threatened to harm Torri if I didn’t threaten you when Guy showed up. I never expected that Blair would show up and threaten me. It was then I knew I needed to leave and when Daphne showed up again, well I left the brothel to get her back.”

“So you never intended to have sex with me?” Lawrence shook his head, “No but if Blair and Guy hadn’t got to you, it wouldn’t have been me showing you the ropes, it would have been one of the men from the house. I understand if you don’t believe me but I hope in time you will forgive me.” Katherine studied Lawrence for a moment and replied, “I’m not going to say one way or another because it is a lot to take in so all I can say right now is we will see.”


Ty found Harmony on the floor, “Beauty what is wrong,” as he sat next to her. She wiped the tears away and replied, “I did another test today and it was negative.” He pulled her into his arms, “We will have our baby I promise.” Harmony was hurt and said, “Draco and Torri weren’t even trying and she fell pregnant…” Ty looked at her, “They lost the baby…”

“I know and it wasn’t what I meant…it was just they weren’t trying yet it came so easy to them. We want a baby and here we are with another negative. What are we doing wrong?” Ty smiled at her, “Beauty, we aren’t doing anything wrong but maybe it is time to see the doctor and see what they think.”

“Maybe you’re right.”

“You know I’m right and I’ll make the appointment for us. After all we have been trying since our wedding night.” Harmony smiled and replied, “Thank you.”


Harmony got up and asked, “What time is it?” As she checked herself in the mirror.

“Almost one, why?” Harmony looked shocked and said in a panic, “I’m late. I’m meeting Mum and the others to go over plans for Grans wedding.”


Ty pulled her in again, “You’d better get going then or you and I could go to bed…” Harmony bit her lip and replied, “I’ll be missed if I’m late.”

“I promise I won’t keep you too long,”


Harmony looked into his eyes swinging her arms around him, “I know your game. Last time you said that I was hours late.” Ty grinned, “Three hours if you keep track. I can cut it down to one hour but I enjoy being with you.” Harmony sighed, “As much as I love you, I do have to go but I won’t say no when I get back.” Ty kissed her softly and when their lips parted he answered, “Then I’ll be waiting.” Harmony smiled as she left.

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8 Responses to 7.32 Saying sorry

  1. Like Katherine, all I can say is we’ll see. It’s all well and good that Lawrence didn’t own the brothel anymore and he didn’t want to sleep with Katherine, but he didn’t exactly go out of his way to get her out of there. His actions make me sick! As for Daphney, it’s her big day, what she wants should count for something.

    • Val,

      What Lawrence did to Katherine was not acceptable. However he was not himself, does that play a factor in this, yes but everyone will have their own view on it. Lawrence is totally different now he is with Daphne and hopefully over time Katherine will see this but that will be up to her and you are right he was horrible and sick back then.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Avatar jenya krylov
    jenya krylov says:

    Hi i got a quastions to yuo:1 When yuoo done season 7? 2 how many seasons hawe left in this story i wont to read this but wen its done? 3 wary sad tans in this story almost no children i mean small children wy is that so?.
    im from russia sorry if dont understand my english.

    • Jenya,

      In answer to your questions, Season 7 is almost done, I think another 10 chapters. This was supposed to be the final season but I want to wrap up the story for the reader so it could be another season but shorter so not sure. There are a few toddlers in the story but sadly you don’t see them very often.

      Hope this answers your questions and thanks for reading 🙂

  3. Avatar IvoryButterfly
    IvoryButterfly says:

    Nice to see Lawrence getting things cleared with Katherine for his and Daphne’s wedding, but also I can understand her reluctance to just easily forgive and forget. What she went through was just the stuff of nightmares and at the time Lawrence’s deception didn’t help.

    Poor Harmony, she’s really putting too much pressure on her and Ty about the baby issue. I’m sure they’ll have a beautiful baby when the time is right for them 😀

    • Ivorybutterfly,

      Lawrence wants to put his evil ways behind him. Katherine may forgive him but in time. Lawrence hated himself for what he was doing but he has to live with what he has done and Daphne can help him through it. Harmony is desperate for a baby and hates the fact she can’t fall pregnant but I hope in time that will change.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  4. Avatar Dandylion240
    Dandylion240 says:

    How did I get so far behind? I’m glad that Lawrence spoke with Katherine although nothing he says will ever undo the past. I hope Katherine will be able to forgive him though because one he’s not the same person now as he was then even though that doesn’t excuse what was done. Two it’s the only way she’s ever going to be free of the past. Easier said then done but it’ll be the best thing for her and she’ll be able to move on and enjoy what she has now. A family who will protect her and a man who loves her. I think it’s sweet that Lawrence is wanting to plan a big wedding for Daphne but she should have been included. It’s her big day and what she wants should have been considered. I hope Ty and Harmony have the baby they want but they shouldn’t put so much emphasis on it. They’re still young yet and have plenty of time.

    • Dandylion240,

      Glad to see you back 🙂 Lawrence knows he can’t change what he has done but I think he wants Katherine to know that he is very sorry for what happened to her. Katherine hopefully in time will get past this. Daphne is happy but upset that they have been planning her wedding without her. She should have a say for her big day.

      Harmony and Ty want a baby but it will happen when the time is right for them.

      Thanks for reading 🙂