7.34 Worried

Taylor stood by the door and said, “A car is waiting to take you to your new home.”


Romy had hoped that her father would say what she heard was a horrible joke but she realised it wasn’t and that this was real. “Dad, why?” He wouldn’t answer her and just ushered her out the door. As she walked past him she said, “Dad, I beg you to change your mind.”


“Deal is done and the marriage arranged. Remember to serve your husband well and don’t disappoint him.” Romy looked into her father’s eyes wondering where the real man was but he was long gone. She felt trapped leaving the life she hated with the exception of Nathan and the life she was heading too.


As she walked closer to the car she heard the door slam behind her and that meant she was now all alone with nowhere left to go. Romy got into the car and watched as she left the town that might have given her a real home.


Nathan practically knocked over his mother as he flew out the door to get to school and heard, “Never seen you so keen to get to school.” Estevan narrowed his eyes as he watched his son run out of sight. Dawn smiled at Estevan, “Why are you looking cross at Nathan, it is nice he wants to get to school.”


“Yes it is but something has changed…” Dawn laughed, “Maybe he has a crush on someone, don’t you remember what it was like at his age?” Estevan’s memories flooded back to his teen years, when he fell for Holly, she caught his eye and they ended up married then he answered, “I remember.”


After school Nathan sat on his own trying to think. Where was she? He tried her number again but all he heard, “Sorry the number you are trying to reach is no longer in service.”


Nathan had already been to her house and found out she wasn’t there and when he saw Taylor in the distance and they had eye contact.


Taylor smiled at Nathan but it wasn’t a, ‘Hi, how are you?’ it was a smug smile that said, ‘You’ve lost.’


Nathan started to walk towards Taylor when Estevan came out of nowhere and said, “Nathan, home now.” He glared at his father and watched as Taylor laughed as he walked away.


When they were home Nathan screamed at his Dad, “You should have let me at him.” Estevan yelled, “What the hell is this about and I want the truth.” Nathan totally lost it and swore at him, “Fuck you.”


He only got to the top of the stairs when Estevan pushed him again the wall, “Never use that language with me again.” Nathan pushed him away and replied, “It’s your fault; I could have taken him if I had my full powers but no I’m trapped in this body that I’ve now outgrown. All because Mum wants to keep me a kid.” Estevan knew he was right and rolled his eyes when he heard Nathan slam his bedroom door.


He waited for a few minutes then entered his son’s bedroom. “Nathan, I want to know what is going on and I would like to hear it from you than guess. If I know the full story then I can talk to your Mum with all the facts.” Nathan didn’t even look at his Dad and replied, “We are friends and that’s it. I am just worried about her and that man was her father and she wasn’t in school today and I think that something has happened to her.” Estevan wanted to push but from experience especially with William he decided to go with the explanation he had been given for now.


When Estevan found Dawn he said, “We need to talk.” Dawn looked at him and said, “If this is about Nathan I know what you are going to say but I won’t change my mind he is my little boy and that is final.”


Estevan firmly said, “I understand your reasons but he has to grow up sometime. As I told you before I don’t want you and Nathan to be apart like my mum and I were.” Dawn softened her voice and replied, “I just want a little bit more time with him, please try and understand that. If he was human he would have still been a child always needing me and not chasing after girls.”


Estevan pulled her in for an embrace and softly replied, “Look, Nathan is angry and hurting over a girl named Romy, he says they are friends but I have my doubts about the nature of their friendship. I won’t push him but he blames us for him being trapped in a body he’s outgrown.”

“He said that?” Estevan nodded, “He did so please change your mind for his sake.” Dawn hugged Estevan and replied, “Fine I will think about it but I will not make any promises.”

“Don’t think too long.”


Suddenly the door opened and Nathan was standing there, “I love you both but right now I’m angry with you so I’ll be at Will’s until I’ve calmed down and I need to think.” Dawn quickly replied, “What is worrying you?” He glared at his mother, “I just need time ok so leave it.” As he walked out the room Estevan followed him, “Son, you know you can always come to me.”


“Dad, you were told but you didn’t act quickly enough.” Estevan still following him said, “It’s not that simple believe me.” Nathan thought for a moment and replied, “Ok if that is true then I want to call a family meeting and then you can explain to me why.” Estevan always put his boys first and William had done this once when he was younger so he replied, “Very well I will call a meeting of the family.” Nathan then gave conditions, “Only females to be present is Gran and Lexy.”

“Agreed.” Nathan then said, “See you at the meeting and you’d better have your explanation ready.”

“I will.”


Estevan quickly got on the phone to Blair, “Right listen bro and listen well, time to start digging into Taylor Robins and his daughter. Nathan has call a family meeting.”

“Shit are you serious and you are humouring him.”


“Yes and I want to know who Taylor works for so contact any old contacts including our old dealers and find out because if we don’t Nathan will do something stupid.”

“I’m on it and you better call Lexy too then.”

“I’m that desperate I’m asking Lawrence for help.” Blair chucked and replied, “I just hope it’s not as big as you think then.”

“Me too but something tells me we aren’t going to like what we find.”

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6 Responses to 7.34 Worried

  1. Avatar IvoryButterfly
    IvoryButterfly says:

    Nathan’s Dad is awesome, as long as he isn’t just humouring him and actually going to let him become the vampire he wants to be.
    Oh please tell me they’re going to kick the crap out of Taylor, I know I would, and poor Romy, she’s such a sweet kid, but something tells me that she’ll be back somehow.

    • Ivorybutterfly,

      Estevan loves his boys and will do anything to help. He knows Nathan is now an adult even if he looks like a teen. So he is allowing him to hold this meeting to get the families help. Kick the crap out of Taylor…I hope so.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. I have a feeling after the family meeting, Taylor will get whats coming to him. I think Dawn is being incredibly selfish, it’s not about her and she should stop acting like it is.

    • Val,

      Taylor hopefully will get all he deserves and as for Dawn, she wants to hold on to her son a bit longer however I have to agree that she is only thinking of herself and not her son’s needs.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  3. Avatar Dandylion240
    Dandylion240 says:

    I understand that Dawn want’s to keep her little boy but she has to realize he’s not a human child. He’s a vampire and should be allowed to grow like a normal vampire would. She is being incredibly narrow minded and selfish. She sees only what her needs are and not listening to the needs of her child. How can she not let him become what he is after hearing that he blames them for being locked inside a body he’s out grown? It’s time to wakes up or she may lose her son altogether. It’s better to have a full grown child than no child at all. If she wants a child she should have anoter baby. Estevan should be looking out for the wellfare of his son and I know he is but he seems to be bending over backwards to appease his wife. He’s in a no win situation but he better choose soon. I think what they find out about Taylor is going to be all bad and they are indeed too late but hopefully they’ll be able to save Romy.

    • Dandylion240,

      Dawn is blind to the facts and like you said he is a vampire not human. Estevan has stepped back back he wants Dawn to wake up to what she is doing. He is hoping that she will come to her senses but if she doesn’t then he will step in and override her.
      I think Estevan is doing this because she is human but if she was a vampire he would have told her off long before this. They have been trying for another baby but it just hasn’t happened for them, sadly. Hopefully Romy will be home soon but at the moment I can’t see it.

      Thanks for reading 🙂