7.35 Fear and Sadness

Note: I decided in this chapter to let the words speak rather than do pictures


Today was the day Romy was meeting her future husband.


However she wasn’t excited but terrified. Romy held herself shaking at the thought of this stranger touching her and doing things to her. Her thoughts drifted to Nathan, he had a smile that made her melt, those eyes that you could get lost in. Admitted they had only slept together once and she couldn’t think of any better experience but was it love? It shouldn’t be at her age but it had to be with the thoughts she kept having of him and the fact that she missed him so much it hurt it had to be.


Suddenly the door burst open, “Hello my dear.” Romy jumped when the man entered, “Hello.” He smirked at her, “I trust the staff have been looking after you?” She watched as he walked around the room and replied, “Yes they have.” He nodded and said bluntly, “I understand you are sixteen in a few months?”


He didn’t wait for a response as he continued, “I want you looking the part of a wife so drink this and you will turn into a full vampire. No need to thank me,” after his short visit he then added, “One more thing, I have a reputation to uphold in this community and it being modern times…sadly, you must have job of my choosing but as we know women don’t have brains, so not to over exert you, I have arranged you to be a model that way people will think I’m a charming spouse but make no mistake Romy, when the season is done you will be the dutiful wife that does as she is told, do you understand?”

Romy quickly nodded feeling sick to her stomach that he thought so low of her to arrange a career for her, “Yes I understand, can I ask your name as we are to be married?” He shook his head with a smirk and replied, “You may call me husband and that my dear girl is all you need to know. Now take the potion and on the weekend we wed.”


Left on her own again she ran to the bathroom and was sick. She stood and looked in the mirror. She wiped away the tears and brushed her teeth then went back in the room to take the potion as instructed. Romy had a feeling that this man she was promised too was not to be argued with and his eyes were enough to fill you with fear.

Screenshot-83 (2)

A few days later her wedding day arrived and what should have been the most wonderful day of her life was filled with fear and sadness. On a brides wedding day she should feel excited and madly in love with the man she was about to marry but instead she threw up again at the thought of saying I do.

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He opened the door and said, “The priest is waiting so come,” holding out his hand. Romy thought, ‘You are not going to say, you look beautiful etc but the priest is waiting…no…I’m entering hell and there is no way out.’

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After the ceremony there was no reception or party instead her husband took her to the bedroom. He ripped the dress from her body pushing her onto the bed.

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Romy tried to struggle free but he held her arms in place with one hand while the other hand roamed her naked body. He force kisses on her, biting her lip several times then forced himself inside pushing harder with each thrust and watched as her face showed the pain then smiled at her. He repeated this over the next several hours and when morning came he left her alone without saying a word.


Romy cried for hours but when she heard his footsteps heading back to the room she quickly dried the tears. When he entered the room again she stood there and said quietly, “Husband.”

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“Romy my dear, last night was exceptional but I did forget to mention a detail, I hate children so if you fall pregnant with our baby that will be acceptable to carry on the family name but it is your job so don’t ask for my help and just keep it away from me.”

“I understand, husband.”


He came closer and said in a sickly voice, “Last night was wonderful I think it is only fair to go again, don’t you think?” Romy suddenly felt sick again as he started to roam her body once more and she heard him say, “We need to try something new.” Then she felt him pulling her from the bedroom and she feared that it wasn’t going to be a pleasant experience.


When she returned to the bedroom she ran to the bathroom and threw up. He had kept her in what he called a sex room for many hours. She remembers being tied up, having hot pokers burnt into her skin and then passing out. Romy can remember him slapping her awake and yelling at her then he forced her over a bloody table while he took her from behind. While all this was going on there in the corner of the room she noticed a body of a dead male who hadn’t long been killed.

She watched in the bathroom mirror as the burns healed themselves but she knew if he had done this once it wouldn’t be long before he repeated his sick game.


It had been almost six weeks since Romy had seen or heard from Nathan and she missed him so much. It had been a month since her marriage to her husband. Romy kept being sick and couldn’t understand why, one of the staff had advised her to do a pregnancy test. The thought of having his baby just made her feel worse. She held her breath as the test changed and kept muttering to herself, ‘It’s positive.’ Now she knew it had been morning sickness and being bound to this evil man because of a baby was terrifying. The person she loved was properly with another girl because he would think she just left him without a word. Romy wanted Nathan to be happy as there was no point in them both being miserable.


She walked into the bedroom to find her husband there, the thought of telling him felt like it was too much but she had no choice, “Husband, can I see a doctor?” He looked at her and bluntly said, “Are you with child?”


“Very well I will call on the doctor to visit you this afternoon.”


As promised later that afternoon there was a knock on the door and when Romy said enter a man walked in. “Afternoon Romy, I’m Dr Baines.” For the first time since being here she felt safe and at ease with this doctor.

“Hello, I think I maybe pregnant.” He smiled a reassuring look and said, “Lay on the bed and let’s take a look. How old are you Romy?”

“Almost sixteen.”


He stopped and said quietly, “Was this an arranged marriage without your consent?” Romy nodded and then asked quietly, “Is the baby alright?” He smiled, “The baby feels healthy but you will need antenatal care until the baby is born. How did you become a full vampire before your sixteenth?”

“My husband gave me a potion.” Dr Baines wasn’t happy about this setup and wanted to get her out of there but his hands were tied. As he was packing his things he asked, “Do you have family or friends that can help you?” Romy shook her head and answered quietly, “My father arranged this life and I only had one friend but since being here I don’t see him.”


Dr Baines turned and replied suggestively, “Him…Don’t worry I won’t say anything.” Romy smiled as she answered not realising what the doctor was trying to suggest, “Last time I saw him was about six weeks ago.” He raised his eyebrows, “Does this friend have a name?”

“It upsets me…when do I have my next appointment?” He wanted to ask her more questions but understood her reluctance, “You’ll need a hospital appointment but it means travelling to Painswater Point.” He saw her eyes light up and knew the boy must be from that area and only hoped that she would confide in him soon. 

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10 Responses to 7.35 Fear and Sadness

  1. Oh dear Romy is in a pickle isn’t she? Me thinks that baby is Nathan’s! Oh the mess she’s in! I feel for her. As for “husband”, he’s as vile as Taylor.

    • Val,

      Romy is in serious trouble. You maybe right about the father of the baby lol. The husband is a vile creature 🙁

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Avatar aussiekarima
    aussiekarima says:

    ~ Hey she was sick before the wedding, yes is could be the stress of what she is going through, but I think Nathan is going to be a daddy!LOL!
    ~ I do hope they take Nathan serious & look for Romy!

    • Karima,

      Romy was stressed out before the wedding but continued being sick before and after. Nathan could be the daddy and if he is unfortunately he has no idea. I hope everyone listens to Nathan too.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  3. Poor Romy, he ‘charming’ husband sounds like a real keeper *rolls eyes*
    I have a feeling though that he baby is her and Nathans, but also that could be me and wishful thinking, hopefully too the Dr is able to help her get of her situation.

    It’s be so great if she ‘ran into’ Nathan during her hospital visit!

  4. Poor Romy, her new husband sounds like a real ‘charmer’ *rolls eyes*

    I have a feeling that the baby is Nathans, and I do hope that either the Dr or Nathan will be able to help Romy out of her awful situation.
    Also, I hope that someone beats the crap out of her Dad for doing this to her!!!

  5. Poor Romy, her father found her a real keeper in that husband of hers! *rolls eyes sarcastically*

    I hope the Dr is able to help her in some way get out of her awful predicament, and that she gets to see Nathan again too.

    • Ivory,

      Romy hates this man and would rather be with Nathan. I hope the Dr can help Romy but I have a feeling his hands are tied at the moment but I hope he comes through.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  6. Avatar Dandylion240
    Dandylion240 says:

    This is terrible and far worse than I could have imagined. I hope that the baby is Nathan’s and not that monsters. I hope she confides in that doctor. I think he wants to help her and if she tells him who her friend is he probably would contact them to help her.

    • Dandylion240,

      This is a bad situation. I hope the baby is Nathan’s but we will see. The doctor wants to help sp hopefully she will talk to him soon.

      Thanks for reading 🙂