7.36 The meeting

“I’m not leaving,” Dawn stood firm by the living room door. Estevan looked at her with sympathy, “Baby I understand but show that you trust Nathan by leaving. It is a vampire thing…”


“Bullshit. It’s more like cut me out.” Estevan answered firmly but calmly, “You know it’s not true. I promise I will tell you when I have the information.” Dawn wasn’t happy with his explanation but left the house.


Estevan walked into the living room and said, “Nathan you called us all here and as requested Gran and Lexy are the only females present.” Nathan looked around at everyone and said, “I thought you were all helping me after this man attacked me but it seems I was wrong. You have found nothing out and now my friend Romy has disappeared.”


William was the first to speak in response, “Nathan, we have found out new information but you aren’t going to like it. Romy got married four weeks ago.” You could hear a pin drop from the silence in the room.


Nathan was about to crack when Daphne said, “There is more, I’m afraid. Lexy you explain…”


Nathan looked at her and waited for her to speak. “Romy’s father racked up debts with a man we have yet to identify. However to pay the debt off he arranged the marriage between this man and Romy. I’m sorry I had to tell you,” but she didn’t get to finish because Nathan lost it.


“You are all lying, there is no debt and she married this man because that’s what stupid girls do. She choose her life, good for her and I hope she lives happily ever after.” After his outburst he left the room leaving everyone stunned.


Blair suddenly said, “That went well.”


Estevan glanced at his brother and said, “If they were friends it’s obvious that Nathan feels more deeply about her than he is letting on.”


Lawrence spoke out, “Where is Victoria?” William looked at him, “With Torri, Katherine and Harmony so she is safe.”

“A man like Taylor will strike again.” William sighed and replied, “I know but I want to know who is behind this.” Lawrence asked, “Is there anyone who thinks it is a bad idea you being involved with Victoria.” William shook his head then he said, “He wouldn’t…”

Estevan asked, “William who do you…”

“Victoria’s father doesn’t like the fact she is dating a vampire but you don’t think he would ask a vampire for help, do you?” Estevan sadly answered, “You will be surprised what parents will do. I mean look at Dawn trying to hold onto Nathan.” William nodded in agreement and said bluntly, “I guess it’s time to meet her Dad then.”


Blair interrupted them and asked, “So what about this girl, Romy?” Lexy answered, “We are still trying to locate Taylor’s boss but he is hard to find. He uses burner phones, he uses no internet…well from what we can tell when we have bugged Taylor’s phone. The way he speaks tells us he is an old vampire,”


Lawrence coughed and everyone looked at him. He seemed in thought for a moment then said, “Can I listen to what you have, Lexy?” She looked shocked but it was Estevan that asked, “Do you know who it is?”

“I have an idea but it may be nothing.” Lexy called the station and within half an hour a recording was being played for Lawrence. Everyone was anxious to hear who it might be. Nathan re-appeared just giving a look at his Dad and took a seat once more. Once the recording stopped Lawrence said with relief, “It’s not him. I thought James may have lied about killing his master but for once he told the truth. However if this man is from my time or before you will have to look at the archives in city hall as they won’t be on any databases.”

Nathan now spoke, “Lawrence who do you think it is?” He looked straight at Nathan and replied, “As I said I thought it might have been a person we nicknamed the master but luckily it’s not, why?” Nathan got up and paced the floor and said firmly, “Your twin was trained to be evil by this master, am I right?” Lawrence just nodded wondering like everyone where this was going. “What if the master had more than one apprentice and he has Romy.”


Lawrence mulled over the statement and replied, “Nathan you are defiantly a smart young man and I think what you are saying isn’t impossible.” Estevan then interrupted and asked, “If Nathan is right what would he be capable of?” Lawrence looked at Nathan and said, “Do you want to hear the truth but be warned you may not like it.”

“I want to know because this is Romy we are talking about.” Lawrence looked at Nathan while the others listened, “If he was taught by the master then he is very dangerous. His preference being females because he has Romy would be to abuse her, rape her, wear her down until she is at his mercy and accepts his ways.” Nathan was on the verge of throwing up but reluctantly asked, “What do you mean by abuse?”

“Torture. James would often brag what he used to do to woman and his wife Emma.”


Nathan needed air and stepped out on the balcony, Will and Blake followed him and they asked, “You are more than friends, aren’t you?” Nathan didn’t look at them but said, “Yes and I’m worried about her because I can’t lose her, I just can’t but don’t tell Dad or Mum please.”

Blake answered, “We won’t but you will have to tell them at some point and sooner the better.”


Estevan came out and told Will and Blake to go inside then asked Nathan, “Are you ok?”

“I will be when this is all over and thanks for holding this meeting.”

They all knew this was going to be a long drawn out process, especially if this man was covering his tracks. They decided to hold another meeting in a week to go through what they had but Blair had a job to do before then and it was to pick up Taylor and get all information on this mysterious boss of his in the hopes Romy would be returned safe and well.


After the meeting Blair changed clothes and set out to find Taylor. When there was no answer after Blair knocked the door, he decided the only good thing to do was enter the house and waited.



When Taylor returned Blair tackled him to the ground and once he had overpowered Taylor he quickly tied him to a chair ready to begin the interrogation.

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7 Responses to 7.36 The meeting

  1. Oh Blair, the ever impulsive brother! I didn’t expect him to go charging at Taylor like that.

    Poor Nathan, hearing that Romy is married must have been a damn bitter pill to swallow. And he has no idea how complicated his life is about to become if the baby Romy is carrying is his child.

    • Val,

      Blair is very…impulsive but that as we know is how he works. Nathan is hurting and is worried sick about her and doesn’t even know about the baby yet 🙁

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Avatar aussiekarima
    aussiekarima says:

    ~ I agree with Val, all hell will break loose if Nathan finds out that baby is his & Romy was raped & misused while pregnant with his child!
    ~ All that will not matter if he stays a Teen When Romy has aged (while pregnant!!!!!!) into a full Vampire!
    ~ Interesting, I am wondering whom this mystery Boss is??????

    • Karima,

      Hell break lose, I think that is an understatement. He needs to grow up and Dawn needs to let him. Hopefully the baby will be alright. The mystery boss is someone not to mess with and you will find out who he is soon.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  3. Avatar Dandylion240
    Dandylion240 says:

    I’m liking Dawn less and less. Her first concern should be the welfare and happiness of her son not herself. No matter how much she wants to hold on babies grow up and if she wants any kind of relationship with her son in the future she has to let go.
    It’s understandable why Nathan became upset upon hearing that Romy was married and needed time to digest the information. It was a sign a maturity coming back into the room and listening. He could have just left and sulked. He needs to tell his parents what happened between them. At least Estevan will understand I have serious doubts about Dawn though.
    I hope Blair finds out something that will help them find the girl. Her dad deserves what’s coming to him.

    • Dandylion240,

      Dawn wants to hold on to her baby but at the same time she needs to let go. Nathan is mature and showed it like you said by coming back into the room. He hates what is happening to her and wants her home ASAP. Nathan hasn’t told anyone what really happened between them but he might have too and soon.
      Taylor will not get off easy and Blair will make sure of that.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  4. Avatar IvoryButterfly
    IvoryButterfly says:

    WOW, Super evil twin, that I would never have guessed to have come back into the light of this whole thing. But oddly enough, it makes sense that it ‘could’ happen.

    I felt sick for Nathan too, and a little teary eyed when he forced himself to ask such a hard question. It’ is nice to see that everyone in his family is being supportive and not cruel or callous about his feelings.

    Now, Blair, what has he got up his sleeve… *rubs hands together, evil giggle*