7.37 Truths

Blair listened to Estevan interrogate Taylor, “Don’t push me Taylor. I want to know who you work for.”


“Go to hell as you are no match for him.” Estevan was losing patience but Blair cut in, “Come on Taylor, we know you are in deep with this guy but to sell your daughter that is the lowest of the low.” Taylor smiled, “She is getting what she deserves.”


Blair punched him again and watched the blood trickle down his face and repeated, “Who do you work for?” He laughed at Blair and said, “All I know is he is worse than you. No-one knows his name.” Blair looked at Estevan and growled, turning back to Taylor he said, “We are not done so get comfortable.”


“Can a man get a drink around here?” Estevan growled at Taylor, “You want a drink then you tell us what we want to know or you’ll have a long wait.”

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When Estevan got home he found Nathan there waiting for him in the office, “How are you holding up?” Nathan growled, “Have you got anything new?” Estevan looked at him and said, “Not yet.”

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Nathan was so angry, “Has Mum changed her mind yet because you can’t keep me in this body forever.” Looking with sympathy Estevan replied, “Nathan your Mum is thinking about it I promise…”

Nathan was losing it, “What everyone said in the meeting must be lies, right? I mean no father would sell his daughter…I know you wouldn’t use us.”

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Estevan had to tread carefully, “Son, I know you have feelings for this girl and I know you want to believe she hurt you on purpose but I believe Lexy’s information to be correct.”

Nathan was still angry, “Romy wouldn’t get married, she wouldn’t,” he trailed off as he started to breakdown.

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Estevan came from behind the desk and held his son, softly replying, “I know what you feel is real so don’t lose that. We are trying to help her but it’s taking longer than we want and as for the marriage I believe she was forced into it.”

“Then let me be a full vampire and I’ll help get her back.” Estevan could see the pain and said, “I’m working on that too.”

Nathan was having breakfast with his parents after agreeing to stay the night when William and Blake burst in and started to tease their brother.

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“Nude magazine has a new model on the front cover and what a body. Wouldn’t mind a piece of her,” making sure Nathan got a good look and his eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw on the front cover Romy staring back at him.

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He turned to his Dad slamming the magazine on the table, “See she married of her own free will. She isn’t in trouble. He went to walk out but when he saw Will picking up the magazine he growled at his brother and harshly said, “Stop staring at her,” snatching it from Will and leaving the room.

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Nathan locked his bedroom door and repeating, “I fell in love with you and you ripped my heart in two,” then he tore the magazine up. There was a knock at the door and he heard his Mum say, “Hunny, a parcel came for you. I’ll leave it by the door for you.” Once it was quiet outside he opened the door and brought in the parcel.

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On opening the parcel he found a few pictures of Romy and a letter. He opened the letter and it read.


Forgive me, I never wanted to hurt you. I wanted you to have these as they aren’t going to be published.



Nathan re-read the letter and noticed on the I, it was clear but dry. He then realised Romy had been crying when writing this so stopped. He knew now she was in trouble and she was asking for his help, he held the letter as he ran downstairs and showed it to his Dad. “Please let me be a full vampire.”

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Estevan looked at Dawn and said, “This is serious.” Dawn didn’t say anything as she left. Nathan lost it and screamed at her forcing her back in the room, “This isn’t about you, this is about Romy and me. How dare you stop me being the person I want to become? I love you Mum but if you continue to force this issue then I will never speak to you again.”

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Dawn looked visibly shocked and asked, “You can’t do that, I’m your mother…”

“I will…so what do you want a son or no-one?” Dawn just staring at her son said, “I just want you to need me because you have grown so fast. When that woman tried to kill us I was so terrified that I couldn’t protect you that I decided if we got out of that I’d hold onto you for as long as I could.” Nathan seeing the pain in his mother’s eye said, “I remember that day like it was yesterday being so scared that she was going to kill you. I couldn’t protect you because I was so young but I did call for help but don’t you see I’m too young to protect Romy and she really needs my help, let me help her.”

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Dawn letting the tears flow freely asked, “Romy is more than a friend, isn’t she?” Nathan hesitated at first then finally answered, “I fell in love with her but we were friends first. She means everything to me so please let me help her.”

Dawn left the room without saying a word and after a few minutes came back with a drink and placed it on the table, “This will reverse the potion that keeps you a child. You might think I was being selfish but I just wanted more time with my son.”

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Nathan hugged his Mum and replied, “I will always need you no matter how old I am and thank you.” Estevan embraced Dawn and sweetly said, “I am so proud of what you have done for Nathan.” She smiled at him and said, “Nathan, just get her back safely and yourself.”

Blair was still interrogating Taylor, “What is your boss’s name?”


Taylor was wearing down, “I told you I don’t know.” Blair knelt by his side and said, “Didn’t your daughter mean anything to you?” Taylor looked at Blair and replied softly, “She did once but that was a lifetime ago. I made a deal with the devil and there was no escape.” Blair stared at him and said with intrigue, “Continue.”


“I was lonely, very lonely so I saw prostitutes but one caught my attention. She was very beautiful, I promised her a life if she would love me and the strange thing was Claire did love me. We were happy but I thought I could make money by gambling and although she found out I couldn’t stop when she begged me too. When Romy came, I swear I tried but by then it was too late. The man wanted payment and found out where I lived, he forced Claire to sleep with him and his crew and she thought by doing this the problem would go away. This guy wanted more and started demanding more from me and Claire. He made me quit my job to work for him. I lost my temper with Claire for sleeping with him and she walked. I refused to let her take my daughter and for about a year things were good for Romy and me then he came back and demanded payment in full. He wanted Romy I said no but after having a few beers I found I’d agree to marry my daughter off to this person.”

“After a few beers…” Taylor started to get confused and said, “What do you mean a few beers…can I have one?” Blair grew suspicious and asked, “Any beers in the fridge?” Taylor smiled, “Should be and thanks I need a drink.”


Blair walked over to the fridge and found some there and pulled them out. Estevan walked in and said, “Any information yet?” Blair threw the beer at him and said, “Get this tested and don’t drink it. Taylor is starting to talk.”

Estevan asked to see Blair outside and asked, “Why test the beer?”


“Taylor drinks all the time and from what he has said he started when his boss gave him a drink. Taylor said no to the marriage and suddenly says yes after a beer. Most people if they had agreed in a drunk state would sober up and retract anything remotely stupid but Taylor didn’t. Personally I hate him but we have to check if he’s been drugged.”

“Find out all you can then leave him to stew.” Blair went back and said, “Romy is now your boss’s wife. Do you know where he took her?” Taylor shook his head, “No.”


“Who supplies the beer?”

“Look I got to keep a small amount of money so I have a house but only just and my boss gives me beer instead of money.” Blair growled at him, “What you have done to your family is inexcusable but you could have asked for help when this all kicked off.” Taylor became nasty, “Yes I fucked up but he threatened to kill my family and whatever you think of me, this guy is a lot worse.” Blair yelled at him, “If that is true then you have put your only child in harm’s way and for that you should be ashamed.”


Dr Baines and the husband were arguing, “I am telling you she needs to go to the hospital,” he looked deep into Dr Baines eyes and snarled, “Over my dead body.” Dr Baines snapped back, “That I can arrange with no trouble.” He watched as the husband smile at him and replied, “Joe we both know you won’t follow through on the threat.”

“How dare you call me by my first name? The only reason I’m here is because you called me and mentioned you took a wife. If it was you that was ill, I’d have gladly let you die and hoped it was painful.”

“We are touchy. Still pissed at me it seems.” Dr Baines glared at him and replied, “That is an understatement, I lost El because of you…” The husband barked at him, “She was mine not yours and how dare you take her from me.”


Suddenly it became a full on argument, “She was your fucking sister not your girlfriend. Incest is illegal or had that escaped your memory.”

“We were in love regardless of the biological connection and you stole her.” Dr Baines veins were starting to throb, “Listen you fucking ass, you raped her when she was just a child, you treated her cruelly. She even ran away, met me and was happy but no, you couldn’t leave her alone. You tracked her down, tortured her till nothing of her was left but the evil woman she became.”

“And I’m so proud of her. She finally left you so it was worth it but she never came back to me.”


Dr Baines still wanted to fight but decided not continue and said, “Romy still needs my care and as a doctor she needs to come to the hospital for observation.”

“The answer is still no.”

“You are a piece of work. Here is a thought let her out of the marriage.” He growled, “I have a beautiful wife so why would I let her go?”

“You don’t love her and I don’t think she loves you plus you treat her like a possession.”

“Love is irrelevant and as for what she feels…I don’t care as long as I get what I want.” Dr Baines now asked, “What is it you want?” He smiled then replied, “A doormat will do.” Now by the door with disgust in his voice said, “I’ll be back next week to see Romy and no sex.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it now she is expecting, an it.” Dr Baines wanted to punch him but decided to slam the door on the way out instead.


He went back to see Romy and said, “I tried but he won’t let you go to the hospital. I am concerned because I think you are further along in your pregnancy also you changed into a full vampire and I need to check the baby is fine.”

Romy realised who the father was of the baby she was carrying and with concern said, “If I’m more pregnant then…omg no I can’t lose this baby.” Dr Baines looked with sympathy and said calmly, “You must stay calm and look after yourself the best you can while here and Romy take my advice and start asking for help before you lose yourself.” She stared at him and replied, “I’ll never be free now and I only wished that I’d asked for help when I had the opportunity. Dr Baines smiled at her and said, “Romy, it’s never too late. Trust me.”

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5 Responses to 7.37 Truths

  1. Whoa! What an update!

    Don’t know where to start. My head is spinning!
    Gosh, so Taylor was being drugged all along? Still doesn’t excuse a lot of his actions. And as for the husband, he makes me sick! Hopefully the baby isn’t his and it’s not a girl. After what he did to his own sister, I wouldn’t put it past him to rape his own daughter. Ugh!

    • Val,

      Taylor might have been drugged Blair wants to know for sure but it wouldn’t excuse what he did to his daughter. As for the husband he is worse. He took his sister and molded her into his ways by committing incest with her then when she finally escapes and finds love trackes her down and finishes what he started. This was the start of Elvira and her rein of evil. I hope the baby is not a girl too because I wouldn’t like to think what would happen otherwise.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Avatar Dandylion240
    Dandylion240 says:

    I’m glad that Dawn finally gave in and let Nathan become who he should be. I still don’t like that it took him threatening to cut her out of his life if she didn’t. She should have had his best interests at heart all along and not so caught up in her wants and needs. It’s not like she was ever going to lose her son by letting him grow up but she was definitely losing him by not. Taylor in my opinion is worse than his boss. To willingly give his daughter to him drugged or not is just the worst thing ever. The boss/husband/Elvira’s brother is a despicable person. I almost feel sorry for Elvira for what he did to her and that says a lot because I so don’t like her. But it sounds like she may have a been a totally different person if it weren’t for her brother. I hope Nathan, Blair and Estevan find Romy before the baby’s born. I shudder to think what will happen if the baby comes out with Nathan’s hair.

    • Dandylion240,

      Nathan had no choice to make Dawn see what she was doing but it’s good they are on the same page now. Taylor is a terrible parent and to a point I think I agree that he is worse than his boss. It does go in some way to explain Elvira, if no one cared about her then why should she care about another.
      If that baby is born and the husband finds out he isn’t the father then I dread to think what will be next.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  3. Avatar IvoryButterfly
    IvoryButterfly says:

    SO the boss guy ‘supplies’ the beer… that’s not creepy or weird, no…
    What an idiot Taylor is, I mean, come on dude!!!

    So happy for Nathan, but also worried he may don something irrational and get himself hurt or worse. And that won’t help Romy at all 🙁