7.38 Shock

Nathan kept tossing and turning as he tried to sleep but he kept hearing Taylor’s voice, ‘You’ve lost, accept she has gone.’


Nathan screamed back, ‘Never, I love her.’ He woke up with sweat pouring from his face.


He wandered downstairs for a drink but nothing helped as his concern for Romy grew. He went back to his room and tried once more to go back to sleep. Suddenly a pain shot through his whole body and he fell to the floor holding his stomach.


Nathan didn’t want to wake his parents so muffled the sounds and waited for the pain to stop and when it did, he realised that he had transformed into a full vampire.


He looked in the mirror and decided the hairstyle could stay for now and when he saw the rest of his body he muttered to himself, ‘The workouts really paid off, thanks Uncle Blair.’ Suddenly he heard in his thoughts, ‘Anytime, see you in the morning.’ Nathan in shock looked out of the window and thought, ‘I must learn to block my mind more,’ and then he answered Blair.


After a few minutes of silence he looked back into the sky and started talking as if Romy was there with him. “Beth, that night we were together, I should have seen the signs that you wanted my help and I’m sorry. I want you to know that after we made love because I’m being honest here and that is what it was, I fell in love with you. I mean I started to have feelings when I visited you that night in your bedroom but you won’t know this unless I get you home. I miss you so much.”


Romy felt her stomach and wished she was with Nathan as she felt the first kick. He would love the feel of their baby move. However she had to keep silent about the birth father and go along with her husband’s belief that it was his so the baby was safe. Romy needed to go to hospital to confirm that the baby was well because she had changed into a full vampire while pregnant and didn’t want to lose the baby now she knew it was Nathan’s.


Romy looked out of the broken window and as the baby kicked again she said in a whisper, “Your Daddy is out there. I hope he is happy because he deserves that and one day I hope you can meet him but know that whatever happens you were born out of love and not hate and I’m sorry you are going to be in this mess.”

2 Weeks Later

Romy was finally in hospital after the husband finally backed down.


Dr Baines checked in on Romy and said, “You looked relaxed. I take it you are happy to be back in Painswater Point?” She just smiled and replied, “Now I’m here, can I trust you?”

“I got you here so I hope you can trust me.” Romy nodded, “About the baby’s father…”

“Yes,” as he waited impatiently.

“If it’s not my husband’s then the only other person it could be is Nathan Granger but I don’t want him to know.” Dr Baines was pleased he knew who the father was but was horrified Romy didn’t want him to know. “Why on earth would you not want him to know?”


She shied away from him and replied, “I want him to be happy not miserable like me. He is very good looking and he can have any girl he wants. He properly has a girlfriend and only remembers me as the geeky friend who ran out on him.” Dr Baines now curious, “Why would think he has moved on?”

“As I said I was the geeky friend who left without saying a word,” he shook his head then added, “One more question, do you love him?” She smiled, “With all my heart.”

“Then tell him.” Romy shook her head leaving the doctor stunned as he left.

Will had brought the twins to the hospital to get a check-up.


As Cole walked past the door he notice a young woman in bed, she smiled at him and he blushed. Holly started to tease her brother and said, “Daddy, Cole has gone red…look.” When he glanced at his son he said, “Was the girl pretty Cole?”


He nodded then added, “She wasn’t a girl Dad. It was that lady in that magazine. I heard you say to Uncle Blake that you teased Uncle Nathan.” Will stopped and almost in a whisper said, “Which room Cole it’s really important.” Cole pointed to the one where a man standing guard. Will nodded that he understood and took the twins for their check-up.

After they got home Will called his father and told him to bring Nathan over immediately.


Estevan arrived with Nathan and asked, “What was the rush?” Will looked at Blair and said, “Dad called you right?” Blair nodded, “You sounded in trouble so he told me to come as well. What’s happened?”


Will sat down and replied, “I took the twins to get their check-up and Holly started to tease Cole. He was flushed in the face so I asked; who was the girl but his response shocked me. He told me it was a lady from the magazine I showed Nathan. As we left the hospital I glanced in the room Cole pointed too and he was right, it was Romy in bed but she looked unhappy but there is one more thing, she was in the maternity ward.”


Nathan collapsed in a seat and asked, “She is having that bastard’s baby. Now she will never be free. Was she on her own?” Will looked at his brother, “A man guards her door. I’m sorry Nathan.” Nathan looked devastated and Blair said bluntly but with kindness, “I know you may not want to answer but when I started training you to fight…” Estevan interrupted, “You went to your uncle, Nathan?” Blair snapped back before Nathan could answer, “I think he was in love with her then, I’m right aren’t I,” looking at his nephew and he added as Nathan stared at him, “You are more like me than you think but with a difference. When you slept together that’s when you knew, wasn’t it?” Nathan tried to defend his corner, “I…I…how did you know?”


Estevan looked shocked as did his brother’s. “The staff saw you and Romy go into a room at the hotel and they told me…well more like I had my concerns after our talk and threatened the staff…so Nathan what do you have to say?” Estevan glared at his son, “Nathan did you or did you not sleep with her?” Nathan couldn’t lie anymore and replied, “I…no we made love and am I sorry? No I am not. Uncle Blair, we are alike but you are right one difference instead of playing the field like you, I fell hard for Romy but what does it matter now?” Estevan answered, “It matters Nathan because that baby she is carrying could be yours.”

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5 Responses to 7.38 Shock

  1. So happy Romy’s back in PP. And how’s that for fate, the twins getting their checkup and seeing her there. Now Nathan needs to leave his pity-party and go get her!

    • Romy is back in PP but for how long? Twins spotting her was a stroke of luck. Lol @ Nathan needs to go get her. sounds so romantic. Lets hope he gets her 🙂

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Avatar Dandylion240
    Dandylion240 says:

    Now that Romy is in PP I hope they will be able to save her from her husband. The doctor I think may be willing to help. He doesn’t seem to like the Boss anymore than anyone else does. Nathan is reacting like any normal person would in that situation. It’s natural he would jump to the conclusion that it would be the husbands baby but now that he knows it could be his he has that much more incentive to go and get her.

    • Dandylion240,

      Romy is happy to be in PP and the doctor wants to help her. Nathan is in shock but he can’t stay that way the woman he loves and their baby needs him.
      Let’s hope she will be there when he turns up at the hospital.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  3. Avatar IvoryButterfly
    IvoryButterfly says:

    I just have a small excited *squee* but I’m also worried for Romy as well.

    Oh, torn feelings :/