7.39 Wanting to help

Nathan collapsed on the chair, “Dad, Romy wasn’t there at the hospital. Do you think he knows the baby isn’t his?”


Estevan sat next to his son and replied, “Nathan, I have everyone out looking for her. If he did take her home then he won’t have gotten far.”


Katherine had already snuck in and had been listening by the door. She wanted to help, she needed to help to prove that she wasn’t like her mother.

Katherine went home and stared at the trunk that she had retrieved from the brothel much to the madam’s disgust.


The name, ‘The Master,’ kept repeating in her head over and over. She had an idea after Lawrence referred to him as from his time maybe older when again she snuck in the day of the closed meeting. She wanted to help especially as Nathan was so nice to her, considering what her mother did to her Aunt Dawn. The only way to put this idea to bed was to open that trunk. Katherine sat there shaking as she opened it and found two letters addressed to her with the added, open if you want the truth and in an emergency.

Katherine took a deep breath and decided to open the letter from Elvira her mother.


21st December 1983

Dear Katherine,

I write this letter as I watch you sleep having just given birth to you only an hour ago. There are a few things you need to know. Firstly the way I will treated you was out of an act of love but you will grow up hating me and even though that breaks my heart at this moment, I can and will not blame you.

I won’t go into detail but as a very young child I was hurt by him (my brother), I came to know this in my adult years as incest and rape. He did things that I dare not share with you. I escaped his evil ways and met a wonderful man Joe Baines, we married and for ten wonderful years we were happy.

He found me and started what he called my training so it could be completed. The reason I write this letter is because he got his way and slowly I turned evil. I tried to end my sad existence once but he stopped me as he had other plans. He took on an apprentice named James, he too hurt me and I had to do what they told me or else.

I hurt the one and only friend I ever had Daphne. Why you ask am I telling you? I tell you because in my brief good moment after having you and before evil sets back in. I will put you in the brothel to hide you from him. Lawrence by now hated me so it was easy to trade you for me. He must never find you or he will hurt you the same way he hurt me. I want to warn you stay away from your father.  Your father isn’t cruel but he can’t protect you from him and if he dies trying then you will become his new play toy. Stay out of sight and away from your father that way you may have the life I was never allowed.

Love your mother


3rd March 2014

Dear Katherine,

I write to you once more. I will be killed tomorrow by your father’s hand and I ask you not to hate him for what he will do to me because I don’t blame him and neither should you. My life accept ten of them, I was abused until nothing good remained.

The last evil I did, I did to get caught. I want death because I can’t have the life I really want. I will in true vampire evil put on a shard and pretend I don’t care as I receive my sentence. If it works then no one not even you will mourn my loss. However he may have calculated for this and have a way to bring me back, I hope not. The collar I wear is for his pleasure and a sign that I’m the property of my brother. I tried to take it off once and it notified him and I was punished badly so I never removed it again.

If these two letters have come into your procession then you and your father have been reunited and you are now under threat and Blair although strong and a man not to be crossed can’t protect you. My brother is the ‘Master’ he was never defeated by James. They just came to an understanding, you go your way and I go mine. It also means that without me, he is either seeking a new victim or has one already. His ‘Rules’ are cruel and if not obeyed there are punishments. The worst rule to break is to fall pregnant. These letters were only to come to you to give insight in order that you may help the next victim. My brother’s name is Eric Slayer and I will repeat, NEVER let him know you are my daughter for your own safety.

Love your mother



As the tears rolled down her cheek she suddenly realised the mother she hated was actually a woman who did love her daughter. She looked in the trunk to find many dairies dating back to when her mother was only six years old. A month into the first dairy she found that the entries were dark. One entry read:

July 18th 1799

I had just changed for bed when my brother walked in, he asked, “Do you want to play a game?” I shook my head and replied, “Mother said I must go to bed.” I watched his eyes turn red as he grabbed my arm. “Elvira you must never say no to me.” He pushed me on the floor holding his hand over my month and touched me. I tried to get away but he just hurt me more. I limped back into bed after he went and cried, what just happened because that was horrible and I don’t understand, why?

Then she flicked through and found another.

May 6th 1806

My mother who still did not believe me about being touched, summoned me. I was told that now I was thirteen I was to be married. My father was in search of a suitor and my skills were to be used to run a home for my future husband. Also she added that once married I must obey my husband in the martial bed and become pregnant straight away. I tried to argue with her but she slapped me and told me, woman do as they are told and not question.

I heard raised voices later that night and as I looked over the banister I saw my brother arguing with our parents. He told them to forget marriage for me as he would not allow anyone to have his sister. The argument raged on and suddenly I saw him kill our parents. Now I knew there was no escape.

Katherine quickly realised that this might be who they were looking for. However she decided that she needed to see her mother’s husband to get a few more answers before telling Nathan what she had found because he didn’t need false information but hope.


Dr Baines opened the draw and removed his wedding photograph that he kept hidden. He looked at the picture as he poured a drink and started to talk to the picture. “El, I miss you. I know I shouldn’t say that but I do. The ten years we had were the best until that brother of yours turned up. I have never forgiven myself for allowing him to take you away from me. If I’d been a better man then you would still be you and none of this would have ever happened. That is part of the reason I would not divorce you and the other reason being I love you.”


He was still rambling when the door burst open, “Sorry to disturb you Dr Baines but a young vampire says she has an appointment with you.” He put the picture away and asked, “Does this female have a name.”

“Katherine Merrick.”


Dr Baines looked shocked but said, “Tell her to come straight in.” When she entered he smiled at her, “Please don’t take offence but you look just like your mother.”

“So you are the right Joe Baines?” not sure how to take his remark.

“And you are here because of your mother and Nathan?”

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7 Responses to 7.39 Wanting to help

  1. Poor Katherine, so much guilt for her mother’s actions. I can’t help but be sad for her, having read her mother’s letters and journal. But atleast through reading those letters she has seen a side to Elvira that nobody knew existed. There was a time when she was vulnerable like everyone.

    I hope Dr. Baines will be able to help.

    • Val,

      Katherine does have guilt for her mother. She sees her mother in a new light. Elvira was a nice person once but no one has ever seen that person, sadly. Hopefully Dr Baines will help.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Avatar aussiekarima
    aussiekarima says:

    ~ Oh my!
    ~ Katherine to the rescue,she is determined to get to the bottom of this to help Nathan out!
    ~ I too hopes Dr Baines can help. (“,)

    • Karima,

      Katherine really wants to help as she wants the family to see a gentle side unlike her mother. Hopefully the Dr will help get Romy home.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  3. Avatar Dandylion240
    Dandylion240 says:

    I almost feel sorry for Elvira….she’s the product of her brothers abuse. I hope this is not Romy’s future if she isn’t found. Katherine is taking a lot on her shoulders and even though Elvira didn’t think Blair can protect her I happen to think other wise. At least of confidence that he will prevail because anything else is unthinkable but I guess we’ll see.

    • Dandylion240,

      You almost feel for Elvira…gasp lol. I have to be honest I think I do too sigh. She is as you say the product of her brother’s abuse and it could now be in Romy’s future.
      I just hope they find Romy before the damage is done. I hope Blair can protect Katherine but time will tell.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  4. Avatar IvoryButterfly
    IvoryButterfly says:

    Yikes, talk about digging up the past.

    I think I held my breath as I read most of this, I can sort of see now why Elvira did what she did… still not excuse but… she maybe had no choice ether. Just unfair and heartbreaking really
    *ah no, blurry screen*