7.40 Rules

Romy was pushed to the floor, “Why did you take me from the hospital,” she cried.

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He screamed at her, “You think I was born yesterday. Your guard told me how happy you were in that hospital. I did a bit of digging and discovered you had a male friend you spent a lot of time with…” Romy interrupted, “Yes a male friend he was nothing more but the only person I saw was Dr Baines.”

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He slapped her across the face and angrily stated, “When you deliver that thing, I will have a DNA test done and if it is not mine then you will pay. You will have broken one of my rules and if that is the case then I will break that things neck in front of you.”

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Once he left Romy collapsed in a panic and wondered what would happen to her baby after the birth. She wanted out of this loveless marriage and far away from, ’the husband,’ as possible, wishing she had asked for help while she had the chance.


Dr Baines had told Katherine that he wanted to help but he wanted to say his piece in front of her father. Katherine setup a meeting at her uncle’s home. When Dr Baines came into the room he broke the ice and said, “Hello and please call me Joe.” Blair looked at his daughter and said, “Why have you setup this meeting?” Katherine looked at the floor and started to fidget then finally looking at her father she said, “I retrieved my mother’s things from the brothel and went through them. I’m sorry put I crept in and listened to the closed meetings,” looking at Nathan she added, “I also listened to you and uncle Estevan having that conversation about Romy. I just want to help.”


Nathan hugged her and said, “It’s ok because right now I need all the help I can get. What do you know?”


Nathan sat her down and listened, “I know you hate my mother and I don’t blame you but she left letters to me and on the envelope it said, open in an emergency and if you want the truth. I thought that was really strange but I opened and read them. In the first once she spoke of how she was happy to have me but I was going to hate her because of what she was going to do to me. She also told me she was happily married until, ‘him,’ destroyed that. The final part she told me that my father couldn’t protect me and that’s why I wasn’t to know who he was. This she believed would protect me from, ‘him.’” Everyone in the room was patiently listening to her, “The second letter stated that if I received this letter then I knew who my father was and I would be in danger. She also stated Dad would kill her but she evoked that because she would do something evil to have her life ended. However she saw one issue. She believed that, ‘him’ would find a way to bring her back and she never wanted that. She wanted me to stay out of sight and hopefully have the life she could never have. After reading these letters the one thing that stood out was the ‘him’ she referred to, well he was the master. James and the master had come to an understanding, you go your way and I go mine, she gave a name to the master, her older brother Eric Slayer.”


Nathan was still in shook as he looked at the letter she handed to him then he looked at Joe and said, “That is why you are here, isn’t it? You are Elvira’s husband.”


Joe nodded and replied, “He stole her from me. He couldn’t let her be happy, that evil ass had to destroy every good part of her.” Blair was angry and said, “You are lying about the marriage. She would never marry; I know because I asked her once.”


Joe looking at Blair and replied calmly, “We married March 10th 1809; you can check but please let’s not fight over my El. I’m here because Katherine came to me and convinced me to help you get Romy back and she made a convincing argument.”


Teddy interrupted before Blair could explode, “Joe is right Blair. I’ve always know at some stage you loved that woman but denying it until now was never good for you. However we need to focus.”


Estevan now taking the lead asked, “What can you tell us Joe?” He looked at Estevan and replied, “He abused El from the age of six. She told me about it when we met, she was fifteen then and not long after her sixteenth we married and ten years we were happy until he fucking found us,” you could hear the hatred in Joe’s voice as he recounted his story. Katherine showed her father a few entries from her mother’s diaries so they knew the truth but also what they were up against. Blair then read them out loud for everyone to hear. They all were in shock when Katherine said, “He had a rule book and these rules weren’t to be broken. One rule was if you fall pregnant by another man then when it is born I will snap the neck of that baby. Then you will be suitably punished for your disobedience to me.”


Nathan looked at Joe and he quickly replied, “In answer to the question you want to ask, yes the baby is yours. She confirmed you were the only other person she had sex with before him. The pregnancy is further along than he thinks. I estimate she was already two maybe three weeks along when she was forced to marry him.” Nathan had mixed emotions about discovering he was going to be a Dad and became more concerned for Romy and the baby’s welfare. “Joe, why did he take Romy away from the hospital?”

He looked at Nathan with sympathy, “I don’t know but I only found out when a nurse told me. I don’t want the same fate for Romy. You have seen El and what she became. This is what lies in store if you don’t get her back.” Nathan almost begged, “Where does he live?” Joe sighed, “I don’t know because I drive to the end of town and then I’m blindfolded till we get to the house. I can tell you it’s run down, smashed windows broken doors and leaks. Believe me when I say this Nathan if I could kill him I would but he is very strong.” Blair gave a slight laughed and Joe looked at him, “Even you can’t defeat him but there may be a way.”


Blair yelled, “Oh no…we are not bringing her back.” Joe looked unhappy and replied, “I do understand but I have a cure for her. It is the collar that is the root cause but like I said I understand. However I wasn’t thinking that.”


Teddy asked, “What are you suggesting?” Joe smiled slightly, “Your son is the key. I was told by a colleague that El came back and controlled Draco. If that is true then if the master found a way for El to come back but through your son or it was El herself then he will know everything.” Teddy looked shocked, “I don’t understand…”

“Any memories that El had past or present, he will still have access too because she would have left them behind. Maybe that was El’s intention but she would never have been able to tell him just be evil. He will know the address but he would have to go under hypnosis.” Nathan was already on the phone to his cousin begging him to do this so he could get Romy back but he didn’t need to beg as Draco said to him he would be right over to help.

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3 Responses to 7.40 Rules

  1. I don’t doubt for a sec that “husband” will snap the baby’s neck. He’s an evil bastard. Hopefully Nathan gets to her before she gives birth. Hypnosis doesn’t sound like a good idea, who knows what else it will unlock in Draco.

  2. Avatar Dandylion240
    Dandylion240 says:

    Well I’m not surprised that Blair had feelings for Elvira at some point. Stands to reason but by the time he knew her she was already evil. When Joe knew her it was before the evilness took control. In a way Elvira was protecting both Blair and Katherine by what she did in keeping Katherine a secret. But like all secrets they have a way of coming out. It’s kind of scary that Draco has all her memories inside him. I’m glad he’s willing to help.

  3. Avatar IvoryButterfly
    IvoryButterfly says:

    Just drop a bomb on everyone, why not!

    I literally had a ‘WOW’ spoken out loud, Draco is a great Uncle for helping, now to see if it works… eekkk.