7.41 Did you miss me

Torri and Draco were arguing after Draco had agreed to go under hypnosis, “You can’t,”


Torri screamed at him. He was wasting time having this argument, “Look, I understand your concerns but Nathan needs my help and after what happened to you, I won’t let an innocent girl go through any more pain.” Torri was hurt that he didn’t understand her point; “Getting her out of there I get but what about her, ‘Elvira.’


Draco sighed, “It’s a chance we need to take but I defeated her once so I can do it again.”


They continued to argue until Draco slammed the door behind him leaving Torri in tears. They had made it this far, finally engaged and now he wasn’t listening to her.


Draco was now under and listening to Dr Baines, “Can you hear me, Draco?”

“Yes.” Dr Baines now started asking questions, “Do you remember when Elvira shared your body?”


“I want you to open your mind to the memories she left behind. Can you see them?”

“Yes.” Dr Baines needed a base to work from so asked, “How did Elvira meet Joe Baines?” He was well aware of what he was doing and it was a private memory but it would ensure that Draco could really see the memories.


“Elvira is sitting under a tree pretending to read but all the time she looks at a boy. He just got told off as he’d stopped to rest after cleaning out the pigs. Elvira lets out a laugh then hides behind her book so it looks like she is reading. When she thinks all is clear the boy is standing there looking angry. He asks why she laughed and Elvira just shrugs her shoulders. The boy sits next to her not waiting to be asked and when he mentions there is a punishment for laughing at him she looks terrified. He apologies and says he meant no offence he just wanted a date with a pretty girl. Elvira smiles and asks him what a date is then he introduces himself as Joe Baines and they arrange to meet later that night.”

Joe smiles at the memory being recounted by Draco and he wanted to drown himself in more memories of his beloved wife but he had a job to do and that was get rid of Eric Slayer, ‘The Master,’ once for all not only for what he did to Elvira but to what he was trying to do to Romy. Joe would rather die than let history repeat itself all over again.

“Draco when did Elvira get the collar?” Draco started to shake his head, “Please no…I can’t watch…no don’t…ELVIRA…”


Dr Baines calmed Draco down and asked, “Please Draco it is important that we understand.” Draco was silent for a moment then replied, “The master was trying to keep Elvira under control but she would escape and try and see her husband. One night she got as far as the front gate and he grabbed her dragging her back to the house. He stripped her, raped her then still holding her down he put the collar around her neck and harshly said, “You are mine not Joe’s. You go near him again and that collar will tell me and poison you with…let’s just call it evil and if I get told you go near that man you call husband, I will kill him. Elvira kept trying to go home to Joe but each time she tried, the master was always there smiling as he watched the poison go through her neck. After a while Elvira gave up trying and accepted her fate.”

Screenshot-93 (3)

Dr Baines went to ask more questions but Blair wanted to know about the collar and its effect on Katherine and Joe firmly said, “Blair please your son is under hypnosis but I will answer that one for you. Elvira pulled the collar from neck and left it where it fell. She found me told me she was expecting. We went into hiding. I delivered your daughter safely but begged El to stay and I would have brought up Katherine as my own but El refused and left taking your daughter. The next time I saw her she was wearing that collar again.” Blair quickly shut up as he could hear the hurt in Joe’s voice.

Screenshot-95 (2)

He quickly turned back to Draco and asked, “Thank you for telling me that story but now I need to ask do you know where the Slayer family home is?” Draco’s voice started to sound scared again, “No please…that house is full of horror…” Dr Baines responded by trying to calm Draco, “I understand what you are saying but we just need an address then it can end.” Draco still shaken by what he was seeing replied, “No…I can’t…” Softly Dr Baines said, “Please Draco we want to get a girl named Romy home, she is scared and all she wants is to come home.” Draco hesitated at first but then replied, “Twinbrooks, Green Farm Road it is the only old building left standing alone. Its falling apart and full of evil,” Draco repeated again.

Screenshot-93 (4)

Dr Baines slowly brought Draco out of his trance and asked, “Are you alright?” Draco shook his head, “Something is different.” Teddy sitting beside her son and asked, “What is it Draco?” He looked at her and said, “Elvira is mad that we opened up her memories. Mum I think she is back.”

If Elvira was back the question was where would she be?

Screenshot-94 (2)

Nathan wanted to go and get Romy but Estevan advised against it till they had a plan. He wanted to make sure that Elvira wasn’t back first or they might have more than one fight on their hands. Blair wasn’t one to sit around and wait and see if his ex-showed herself again so he went looking around the town.

Screenshot-95 (3)

He went to the graveyard but there was no sign of her. This was the first sign of good news and if the other places came up clean then they could get Romy back and only have to deal with one slayer rather than two. Blair checked a few more places and rang his brother to say everything was fine and there was no sign of her. Estevan sounded relieved and told Blair to get his things because he had come up with a plan and was going straight to Twinbrooks.

Screenshot-96 (2)

Blair agreed and headed home. He was getting a few things when he heard a noise from the living area.

Screenshot-97 (2)

He thought it was Torri in the kitchen but when he opened the door, sitting at the bar there she was looking at him and casually said, “Blair, your home, did you miss me?”

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5 Responses to 7.41 Did you miss me

  1. Avatar Dandylion240
    Dandylion240 says:

    I understand why Torri is upset with Draco but she should know by now that this family goes to great lengths to help each other. If she can’t handle it maybe she shouldn’t be part of it. Meh I wanted her to be with Draco from the start but now I have mixed feelings. I’m probably being too harsh on the poor girl after all Elvira made her suffer so much and she’s entitled to feel the way she does.
    I do not like the idea that Elvira is back although a part of me hopes she’s not the evil version but the one Joe knew. If she’s still wearing the collar then she’s going to be just as bad as ever and the fact that she went to Blair isn’t a good sign. I’m on pens and needles now wondering what’s going to happen next.

    • Dandylion240,

      I hope you don’t stay mad with Torri long after all she was worried. They are a family that will protect each other and I think Torri knows this but she just wanted to raise her concerns.
      Elvira is sadly back but which side will she pick? I hope it’s not to side with the master or there will be no hope for any of them.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Oh wow, Elvira is back. That can’t be good news for Blair and his family. So all that fighting to take her out was for nothing. Makes me wonder if they’ll ever get rid of her. Torri had every right to be concerned about the hypnosis. Look what it brought back from the other side. So confused about how Elvira has the power to keep coming back over and over.

    • Val,

      Elvira is back, I did try every way not to bring her back but here she is…runs and hides. The fighting wasn’t for nothing as they thought it was all over. Torri had her concerns and she was right that Elvira might be back and she is.
      Draco saw things under hypnosis that made him panic and scared and with this knowledge he knew none of them could defeat the master. In the line, Draco started to shake his head, “Please no…I can’t watch…no don’t…ELVIRA…” Draco wanted to help Elvira as she was being tortured and more by the master, this is what made him realise they needed her help so he let her go from hell.
      The master can’t let Elvira be so always has a plan B when she is killed but today Draco let her go and hopes he has done the right thing. At the moment he thinks she is back but next chapter he will know for sure.

      The question is now will she help them?

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  3. Avatar IvoryButterfly
    IvoryButterfly says:

    Oh dear… good, but not good at all…