7.42 Revenge

Draco spotted Torri in the park.


He went over to her and said, “Is this seat taken?” She looked up at him and smiled.


Draco sat next to her and said, “Baby, I’m sorry I walked out but Nathan did need me.” She gazed into his eyes, “I know you had to help him but she is back.”


Draco looked shocked, “Shit, shit, shit. Did she hurt you?” Torri shook her head, “No because I just ran from the house. I saw your Dad head inside so I guess he is dealing with her.”

“This isn’t good,” He kissed her adding, “I love you so much but I want you to go to Lawrence’s farm and stay there. Let them know what has happened but please for me stay there till I come and get you.” Torri caressed his cheek and kissed him once more, “I love you too and I’m sorry I yelled at you. Please don’t be too long.”


Blair had Elvira pinned to the floor, “I want answers Elvira so I’m removing that damn collar.”

She screamed at him, “Leave my collar alone it’s my jewellery and I never take it off,” as she tried to struggle free. Blair growled at her, “Cut the crap, I know everything.” He finally pulled it from her neck and then released her.


She tried to grab it but Blair threw it outside and held Elvira in place. “Have you any idea what you have done?”


Blair made her sit and said firmly, “It will notify the master, your brother Eric Slayer.” Elvira looked shocked as Blair continued, “I know about our daughter Katherine who you hid in a brothel. I remember asking you to marry me and you turned me down because you said and I quote, ‘marriage, who wants that crap in their life.’ However you forgot one small detail…you were already fucking married to a man named Joe Baines. You married him March 10th 1809, how am I doing so far?”


“Yes I am married but that is irrelevant because I wasn’t allowed to be with him and you ever call that bastard my brother again and I will attack you. Does the master know about Katherine?”

“Not that I am aware.”


“Keep it that way. Now why did you call me back as he will be here shortly and you are out of your depth with the master?” Blair still looking at her replied, “I didn’t call you back but the master has a new victim.”

Draco came running through the doors and when he saw her said, “I called you back, I think after seeing your memories. Joe is on his way.”


Elvira stood up and said, “Tell him not to come here for his own sake. How long has he had her, the victim?”

Draco answered, “About eight to ten weeks and he married her against her will. She is expecting a baby.”

“Is it the master’s?”


Blair shook his head, “No but the master thinks it’s his for now.”

Elvira thought for a moment and said, “Did you release me to free her, Draco?”


“If I did release you then I must have thought after what I had seen that you were the only one that could help us.” Elvira thought for a few moments then replied, “I will help but only because I know what he will do to her.”


Elvira walked out the front door only to be met by the master, “My Elvira has returned,” she wanted to be sick as he cupped her face and forced a kiss on her lips.


“I hate your kisses,” he slapped her hard and firmly said, “I have a wife but because you are back I now have no need of her.” Elvira asked, “Are you letting her go?” He smiled and replied, “Let her go? No because you are going to kill her for me like the good girl you are.”

“And what if I refuse?”


He held her in an embrace that only made Elvira even more nauseous replying, “You know the rules my darling so just do as I ask and no punishment.” While he held her, he replaced the collar and said in a harsh tone, “Don’t forget your collar as it suits you. Now run along and kill that wife of mine.”

“Yes master.”

Screenshot-93 (2)

Once Elvira was out of sight the master walked in to find Blair waiting for him, “So we finally meet. Lawrence did do a fantastic job with you.” Blair asked while he was being circled, “You know about Lawrence taking me on?” The master laughed, “Silly young fool. I am the master so I know everything. You lived with my Elvira for a few years but I got bored as she was becoming happy again. You were turning evil and was supposed to keep her at a distance. Too cosy for my liking and I was losing her again so I punished her and made her push you away. Now who do we have here…ah yes Draco the one that carried my Elvira? You were supposed to die but no matter she is home where she belongs.”

Screenshot-94 (2)

The master went to attack Draco but Blair yelled, “It’s me you want so let him go then it’s just you and me.”

Screenshot-95 (2)

He laughed at Blair, “As you wish but fair warning after I kill you, I will kill Draco…”

“Not if I kill you first.”

“Challenge accepted, Blair.” If Blair could keep him busy then Elvira could have time to free Romy.

Screenshot-93 (3)

Nathan got to the house only to watch Elvira walk into the house. He went to call after her but Estevan stopped him, “Nathan just wait.”

“Dad that is bloody Elvira walking into the house.”

“I am well aware of that. Now if Elvira helps get Romy out, you take Romy to the hospital and I will deal with her, ok?” Nathan wasn’t happy about this and after what happened to his mother he really didn’t want to rely on the one person that was known as evil but agreed to wait.

Screenshot-94 (3)

Elvira found Romy in her old room and said, “Are you the wife?” Romy backed herself against the wall terrified by the woman in front of her, “Who are you?” Elvira smiled and in a sarcastic tone replied, “What someone hasn’t heard of me…gossips must be slipping. I am Elvira Slayer by reputation I am an evil bitch.” Romy started to panic, “Omg I have heard of you please don’t hurt me.” Elvira stayed still and answered, “Today must be your lucky day. He wants me to kill you but I won’t because I was like you once. I had a man I loved and life to lead until he took it all away. If you stay then you will become me so you play along and every henchmen we pass you act like I am about to kill you. Do you understand?” Romy didn’t question but nod.

Screenshot-95 (3)

Elvira took her arm and asked, “I would like to know the name of the one I’m about to help.”


“Now let’s get you free of this house.” Elvira knew the henchmen weren’t allowed to touch her as that was the master’s privilege. She knew how to act but this act of kindness was allowing the collar to poison her further but she wanted to annoy him. She had finally found a way to stop the master. Romy had a chance at a life so she had to be out of the house so Elvira could finally finish the torment of the master once and for all.

Screenshot-97 (3)

They passed the first henchman and right on queue Romy acted in pain and scared as Elvira pulled her back to her feet.

Screenshot-97 (2)

Meanwhile Blair was feeling every punch, kick and throw the master laid upon him. Blood was trickling down his face and the master smiled at the pain he was inflicting. “See Blair even you can’t beat me. Now I could do this all night long and make you suffer even more but I want to see my wife’s dead body and have a night of passion with my Elvira.”

Screenshot-98 (2)

Blair spat back, “She is your sister for fuck sake, why?”

Screenshot-99 (3)

Blair was thrown across the room and the master yelled, “I love her she is mine and only mine. It’s her fault. She should have stayed with me and not taken other lovers. Do you know I’ve had to torture and kill all of them? I’ll admit Joe is useful to me these days, why he still hates me I have no idea and then there is you. She has a soft spot for you and I still can’t work out why?”

Screenshot-102 (3)

Blair was getting his breath back when he asked, “I thought you knew everything.” Blair was punched in the face once again, “She disappeared; I found her collar but not her. She was with you, wasn’t she? What were you doing trying to mend your relationship so you could live happily ever after?” Blair had, had enough and simply replied, “Go fuck yourself Eric.” This infuriated him and he lashed out at Blair and harshly said, “I am the master.” Blair was now weak and getting weaker but heard, “Shall we end this?”

Screenshot-98 (3)

Elvira had finally got Romy out the front door and guessed the young man waiting was the one in love with Romy. She saw Estevan waiting and said, “She needs medical help.”

Screenshot-99 (4)

Nathan looked relieved, “Thank you Elvira.” He thought those words would ever leave his mouth as he took Romy home. Estevan just stood there and asked, “Why help?”

Screenshot-100 (5)

“I want revenge. Now your place isn’t here so go home as I’m about to call the master,” she removed the collar and dropped it to the floor and shouted, “Master come home, I have killed the wife.” Estevan looked at her and Elvira added, “Take care of my daughter.” Estevan didn’t say anything more as he got in the car and drove home.

The master felt the collar had be removed and heard her message.

Screenshot-103 (3)

He smiled as he held a weak Blair in mid-air, “See my Elvira loves me so she will not need to see you any more and like I mentioned I will kill Draco later.”

Screenshot-105 (3)

He squeezed Blair’s neck tighter then dropped him to the floor and as he was leaving said, “It was a pleasure,” leaving Blair barely alive.


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7 Responses to 7.42 Revenge

  1. Avatar Dandylion240
    Dandylion240 says:

    I’m glad that Torri and Draco talked afterwards. There’s so much going on behind the scenes that wasn’t evident last chapter. While Torri had a right to be upset I still think she should have at least have listened to Draco. I guess the same could be said for him too. At least they’re talking now. But I wonder how she’ll feel if she knew Draco let Elvira out? Even if he believed she could help it’s not going to go over well.
    I don’t like Erik Slayer and I do feel sorry for Elvira because she’s a product of what her brother made her. At least Elvira seems sincere in her intentions to help and she got Romy out. I’m a little confused though. How did Estevan know to be there at Erik’s place? Was it planned that Blair would distract Erik? I don’t like seeing Blair so beaten on the floor. I didn’t think it possible for anyone to be better than him in a fight. I hope someone comes home before it’s too late and I hope Elvira can stop Erik before he goes after Draco.

    • Dandylion240,

      It was good that Draco and Torri listened to each other. I think she knows deep down Draco set Elvira free but we will see. Eric/the master is…I couldn’t being to describe the vile person he is. Estevan knew where to go because when Draco was under hypnosis he give the address. Blair was supposed to go with them but when the master turned up he told Estevan and Nathan to go without him. Blair is a very good fighter but the master is better only because he uses old vampire powers which are now outlawed but this man doesn’t care. Hopefully the master will be stopped.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Uhm, yeah, interesting update. I don’t know what to say. I didn’t expect Blair to get beaten up to a pulp like that since you always portrayed him as a “beat em up now, ask questions later” kinda guy. Teddy will not be thrilled when she finds out that her husband was left for dead. I stll don’t like Elvira, and still think she should have stayed dead. But she did save Romy, guess that’s what counts. As for her brother/lover, he disgusts me, hope he gets what’s coming to him soon.

    • Val,

      The master is a lot stronger than Blair sadly. He is the guy that will beat them up and ask later but the master had the upper hand this time. Teddy will be very upset. I have mixed feelings about Elvira’s return too but after what Draco saw in her memories he knew that they would need her help to defeat the master. On the plus side Romy is now free thanks to her. The master I loath and I want him to get more then he deserves but we will see.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  3. Avatar aussiekarima
    aussiekarima says:

    ~ OK, Blair being beat-up,is something I thought could never happen,as he has taken on older Vampires than himself & won,his reputation is just bluster & chest puffing!
    ~ Having said that I agree with Val, Teddy will not be pleased especially if no-one gets home in time to save Blair!(Left for dead!)
    ~ Glad Romy was saved,even if it was the totals evil Elvira!
    ~ I am totally lost for words & have been struggling to leave a comment as I am EXTREMELY confused! (“,)

    • Karima,

      When Lawrence first appeared and the master was mentioned. It was said that there were old laws and powers. The master used these to gain strength and power. Most vampires wouldn’t touch these powers and laws because they were out dated and wrong. Having power over another to most would be barbaric. The master, Eric Slayer hated being told no and to conform to society. He wanted power and lots of it. When he found the old laws and powers it meant as time went on he became untouchable. People were scared of him including his sister Elvira. She became his target. Then he took on James Knight as an apprentice and both of them were selfish with their own desires and lust for power.
      When Draco saw the memories he knew they could not tackle the master alone as he was powerful, too powerful so he reluctantly called Elvira back. He and Teddy are ghost hunters and are the only ones that call people back. Draco felt he had no option but to bring Elvira back. She loathes the master as much as anyone and Draco know she can help defeat the master. Sadly Blair wasn’t strong enough to beat the crap out of the master and so the master had the upper hand. If Blair survives I can see him being very pissed off and deciding to spend more time at the gym lol. Teddy will be very upset and hopefully he will be found in time.
      Yes it was Elvira that saved Romy, who would have thought. I have mixed feelings about Elvira as part of me likes her and the other part hates her. I can under why she is the way she is but I don’t think I could forgive her.

      Hope this helps clear the air but if you need to ask more questions fell free.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  4. Avatar IvoryButterfly
    IvoryButterfly says:

    WOW, this entire family is just amazing with how much they will go through to help one of their own.

    Now I’m just looking forward to seeing who and if/when will finally put the Master in his place… hopefully 12ft under upside down!!!