7.43 Revenge Part 2 (Finale)

Nathan was by Romy’s bedside watching her sleep. Romy had to be sedated because she was panicking that her husband would take her back to the house.


Nathan could hear screams come from the main doors when they flew open and when he took a look, he saw his Aunty Teddy in pieces and his Uncle Blair being rushed into theatre.


Blake saw Nathan out the corner of his eye and went over to him, “How is she?” Nathan looked worried, “Better now that she is asleep. What happened to Uncle Blair?” Blake didn’t want to say but had no choice, “The master left him barely alive and they don’t know if he will make it.” Nathan was looking worried, “And the master?” Blake looked at the floor for a moment then replied, “We haven’t heard anything so we don’t know but if he did this to Blair then what chance do we have?”

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Elvira had already left a trail of dead henchman around the house while she waited for the master to return. She also broke into the office and took back the engagement gift Joe had given her, the bracelet she wore on their wedding day. She put it in her pocket and now waited.

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He found her in the living room, “Elvira you should be waiting in our bed for me and what have I told you about removing your collar?”

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He went closer to her but she backed away, “I hate you…you ruined my life and just so we are clear I love Joe and I HATE YOU. I want you out of my life and I want you dead.”

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He smiled replying, “Elvira you belong to me and I will not allow you to be with Joe. Now just before we consummate our reunion,” as he grabbed her. “Where were you when you disappeared as you were gone months? Were you with that Blair, who by the way I killed just over an hour ago?” Elvira screamed, “No you couldn’t have…”

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Daphne comforted Teddy as they waited for news, “He won’t leave you.” Teddy through her tears replied, “He wants Elvira not me.” Daphne hugged her and softly replied, “My darling girl he loves you. He does have feelings for Elvira but they are very mixed feelings but it is you he wants and I can’t stress that enough.”


Teddy tried to smile but couldn’t, “I won’t go on without him, I just can’t. I never told him this but he’s my knight in shining armour so I can’t lose him not now not ever.” Daphne gave half a smile as she pulled Teddy back into a hug.

Estevan was losing it, “What the fuck is taking so long. If they come out of there and say my brother is dead I’ll kill them.”


Daphne yelled at her son, “Enough Estevan, have you forgotten he means something to all of us. He is my son and I want him to pull through.”


Daphne started to cry and Lawrence pulled her close, “Darling it will fine I promise and very soon he will be back annoying you.” Through sobs Daphne replied, “He’d better.”

Draco needed fresh air as he blamed himself for the mess.


Torri came outside and put her arms around him, “You are like your Dad very stubborn so I think he will pull through.” Draco closed his eyes holding back his tears, “I love my Dad so much. He’s been bugging me to give him grandkids especially after I asked you to marry me. I told him to back off and I wasn’t nice about it. Torri what if he dies and never sees any of his grandkids…”


Torri placed her finger on his lips and answered, “He will be a grandparent one day and knowing your Dad he will spoil them rotten. You didn’t know any of this was going to happen.”

“But I opened the door for her to come back.” Torri firmly replied, “Stop it right now. Elvira didn’t attack your Dad it was that master. He is responsible and not you. Now get back inside as your Mum needs you.”

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The master kept touching Elvira and she hated every part of him. The rage accelerated until it suddenly spilt over and that was when Elvira totally lost it.

Screenshot-123 (6)

She removed a knife and started to stab him with it yelling, “You took everything I ever wanted in life, you fucking bastard.” At first he smiled as she stabbed him but he soon realised something was wrong and then it was Elvira’s turn to smile, “Yes master you taught me well I poisoned the knife to make sure you die,” she kept stabbing him even after it was clear that he was dead as there had been two hundred years of abuse at his hands.


Finally when there was nowhere left to stab she threw the knife out of the window and started a fire in the house. Leaving the house as it started to crumble she shouted back, “Enjoy hell because you aren’t coming back.”

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Teddy couldn’t take the waiting so went outside after a few minutes she saw Elvira approach her. “You have a nerve being here. My son may have called for your help but I didn’t.” Elvira stood firm, “Have you finished your rant? Good. How is Blair, as the master said he’d killed him?” Teddy was shocked at the concern she had for Blair, “He is still fighting for his life. Joe is lead surgeon…”

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“Joe is a good man and will do all he can.” Teddy was taken aback by Elvira but before she could speak Elvira added, “Tell your family the master is dead and the house is burning his body as we speak.” Elvira went to walk away but was met by Lexy, “Can’t let you walk away.” Elvira firmly replied, “And why not?”

Screenshot-120 (2)

“We have questions only you can answer but before that Dr Joe Baines says that once the collar is removed the longer it is off, your body will start to reverse the evil but you will still need a potion to help complete the process. We can’t have an evil Elvira roaming the streets so to give this Dr Baines a chance to prove if this works you are under hospital arrest.” Elvira was shocked and tried to protest but Lexy warned her that they could either do it the easy way of the hard way.

Screenshot-121 (2)

As Elvira was escorted into the hospital Dawn jumped. Estevan pulled her close and gave a warning shot at Elvira. She heeded the warning and made her way into one of the room that had be provided for her.


Romy stirred from her sleep and saw Nathan was sitting there. “Nathan is that you?” He quickly looked up going to her side. He smiled, “Yes Beth it’s me.” She started to cry, “I was so scared and…”


He held her tightly, “Shhh, it’s over now and I won’t let him come near you.” Daphne walked in and said, “Sorry to disturb you but I thought you’d want to know the man who forced you into marriage is dead.” Nathan smiled at her, “Thanks Gran.” He turned back to Romy and smiled again at her, “See I told you that you having nothing to fear anymore.”


“Where is Dr Baines?” Daphne was still in the doorway and answered, “He is still in theatre with Nathan’s uncle who was attack by that man who hurt you.” Romy started to get upset again and looking at Nathan cried, “I’m sorry if you hadn’t come for me…” but Nathan interrupted her, “None of this is your fault, understand?” Daphne could see Romy needed a nurse or doctor so went to get help.


Within a few minutes the nurse was injecting Romy again and said, “You need to rest.” Romy tried to protest but Nathan calmed her, “I’ll be here when you wake up.”

“Promise.” Nathan wanted to kiss her but stopped himself and just smiled, “Promise.”


Dr Baines finally walked out of the theatre and Teddy stood there shaking as he approached her, “Teddy, your husband came through the operation. However he isn’t out of the woods yet. He is being moved to intensive care.” Teddy didn’t know how much more she could take, “What does this mean?”

“He sustained several blows to the head and abdomen as well as knife wounds. We have stopped the bleeding but it is now a waiting game unfortunately. He is in a private room as requested so you will able to come and go as you please but I must stress that only two visitors at a time until his condition improves.” Teddy nodded that she understood and after thanking him she went straight to his side with Daphne.



They were both devastated when they saw him, “My poor boy.” Teddy rested her head on his stomach, “Blair I love you please wake up.”


Joe spoke to a nurse about Romy then headed to see Elvira.

Screenshot-123 (2)

He knocked the door and walked straight in. “Was this you’re doing to confine me to hospital?” Joe looked at her and replied, “What no hello to your husband and in answer to your question it was either this or prison for you.” Elvira looked at him, “I could handle prison you know.”

Screenshot-124 (2)

Joe ignored her as he started the procedure. He took her arm and didn’t say anything as he put the needle in, “That hurt,” Elvira screeched.

“Too bad because the Elvira before me I can’t stand. I want my sweet El back.” Elvira growled at him trying not to show him any emotions because deep down where the nice Elvira was buried she still loved him and wanted to tell him. “This won’t work you know.”

Screenshot-125 (2)

Joe waited for a moment and saw her eyes starting to change. He smiled and as he was leaving replied, “Not working huh. Well see you tomorrow and hopefully I will see a bit more of my wife.” Once the door closed in a whisper Elvira said, “Love you too Joe.”  

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8 Responses to 7.43 Revenge Part 2 (Finale)

  1. Avatar IvoryButterfly
    IvoryButterfly says:

    YAY, lets hope the bastard Master stays dead!!!

    So glad Romy is now safe, poor thing!

    Blair has to live… because, I say so!!!

    And Joe… Hmm, not sure how I feel about him really, I mean, ok, no one wants and evil Elvira wandering around, but it is that he wants his wife back or… something else…?

    • Ivorybutterfly,

      The master is dead 🙂 Romy has been through so much but at least she is safe now. Joe just wants his wife back, the nice version. He doesn’t anything else.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. The master is dead, Elvira should have died with him in that fire. If the doctor can get rid of the evil in Elvira, then he should be able to save Blair’s life. Just saying.

    • Val,

      I know the feeling that Elvira should have gone with him but sadly she didn’t. The doctor will do all he can to save Blair because the last thing he needs is a pissed off Estevan.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  3. Ok so I am all caught up (last time i read this story it was 7.25 Tomorrow is a new day)

    ok so first, I am kinda pleased Elvira has made a comeback, I was always a secret fan of her 🙂

    Second, part of me wants Blaire to live but part of me thinks it would be his time to pass, he’s had a good run time to let other people take over.

    Third, I think Nathan and Romy are the best couple you’ve made <3

    Fourth, the story is still as good as I remembered it 🙂

    • HappyMintChocolate,

      Glad to see you back and glad you are caught up with the story. Elvira is one of those strange characters that has to make an appearance from time to time. I kinda like her too 🙂

      Blair die nooooooo but I understand why you’d say that lol

      Nathan and Romy are a sweet new couple but have a long way to go.

      Glad you still like the story 🙂

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  4. Avatar Dandylion240
    Dandylion240 says:

    I may not be remembering this right but wasn’t the master involved somehow with Elvira being able to come back inside Draco? If that’s the case wouldn’t he have something similar for himself in case someone actually was successful in killing him? It worries me that he left Blair almost dead but didn’t check for sure. It just gives me a bad feeling that he has something planned and this is the last time we see him.
    I’m hoping that Blair pulls through Too many people rely upon him for this to be his time. Plus it’d be nice that he would live long enough to see his grandchildren.
    Not real sure what to think about Elvira. I’m all for second chances but she’s done so much harm. If she does turn good I hope she and Joe move somewhere far away.

    • Dandylion240,

      Master always had a backup plan when it came to Elvira but even if he had a backup for himself there are beings that will make sure he can never come back.
      The master did have a plan for Blair as in kill him off but certain people will not want that but you will see in the next season. People do rely on Blair a lot and losing him would be devastating all round. He’d love to see the grandkids 🙂
      Elvira…yes Elvira…she made a deal so can’t be sent back to hell but yes moving away would be a very good move.

      Thanks for reading 🙂