8.0 Sometime in the 1600’s

There will be no pictures for this Chapter apart from one to show you what Blair’s real mother looked like.  Also any reference to heaven and hell are not based on any religion and it is for story purpose only. Also in 1600’s there were no Doctors as such and they would have been known as Herbalist. This is I hope a way to explain who created the books and how, ‘The master,’ ended up with them. 

Thank you to both Karima and Pixx for help on this chapter.


Sometime in the 1600s

“Congratulations Helena, you have a baby girl.”

She was worn out and tired but she still wanted to hold her baby. Her friend passed over the baby girl and as Helena held her she said, “She is beautiful. I think I will name you Katherine. Has my husband been informed of the birth of his daughter?”

“Word has been sent. Let me take Katherine so you can rest.”

A few days later the herbalist arrived to check over mother and baby as word had gotten to him that a new addition had arrived. After he had checked them over he spoke to the husband. “Mr Ceille, your wife and baby daughter are well. The baby looks a bit pale but with time that should improve, other than that she is healthy.”

“Thank you, I will send for you if things don’t improve.” The men said their goodbyes and then the herbalist left.

Over the next three months Katherine looked like any other baby from the outside, she was happy and playful but she still looked pale and even when fed; she always wanted more and more but no amount of food would satisfy her hunger. Her concerned parents sent word to the herbalist to come and look over their daughter.

When he arrived he asked to see the baby; he checked her over and then turned to her mother, “What did you do to her?”

Helena looked confused and shocked, “I have done what any mother would do, look after my family…”

“Liar, you did something to the baby,” he went to strike her but her husband stopped him.

“We asked for your help, I am the only one allowed to strike my wife so what has she been accused of?”

The herbalist stepped back and harshly said, “That baby is still pale and malnourished and only the mother can be responsible. At three months a baby should not have sharp teeth…”

Jacob asked concerned, “Sharp teeth?”

“It’s like she sharpened her teeth to points, they no longer look like human teeth.”

Jacob loved his family and stood by his wife, “I can assure you that my wife has been a very loving mother, she gets up when she cries, she feeds her and changes her. Helena has never given me any reason to worry about her role as a mother. I don’t know what you are getting at, but it’s not my wife’s fault.”

Helena quickly took her daughter to another room while the men exchanged heated words.

“Kill that baby if you agree your wife had nothing to do with this…I don’t know what that baby is, but it is best she is dead. If you do not then we will all be dead.”

Jacob tried to defend his family best he could, “I cannot kill my daughter, what would my wife say?”

“That beast in there is not your daughter. Whatever it is, it needs death not life. Do as I say and quickly. Then you can tell your wife you did what was right.”

Jacob was in turmoil after the herbalist left. Sweat was pouring from his face as he had to decide what was best. He opened the door to the bedroom and looked in the crib, he could have sworn a smile had crept across her face as she looked up at him, “My little Katherine how are you a monster as you don’t look it?” He took her in his arms holding her close to his chest, “How could I hurt my little girl?” He felt a sudden pain in his neck, as if his life was being drained but it stopped just as suddenly as it started and he was able to function again.

Jacob pulled Katherine away from his chest and gazed at her. To his horror she had a small amount of blood around her lips and her face looked less pale. He felt around his neck and when he looked at his fingers they too were stained with blood. He asked in a shocked voice, “Did you do this to Daddy?”

Jacob saw a smile creep onto the baby’s face as she gurgled in response. “Oh my lord it was you but what are you?” He tried to suffocate her and the harder he tried the more apparent it became he loved her more than himself so he stopped and placed her back in her crib. He then backed away and said, “God please forgive me but I love my daughter. I don’t know what she is or how she is mine but I will protect her. Help me look after her even though she is different.”

Jacob told Helena what happened that night and what the herbalist had said. They packed all their belonging and left in the middle of the night taking Katherine with them. They hid her away from people so they would not ask questions. She grew at an accelerated rate and soon she was a fully grown adult. Jacob and Helena asked questions in the hopes Katherine had answers.

One night after they had retired to the living area by the fire Katherine said, “Daddy, I know you want to know so ask your question.”

He looked at her in amazement, “Do you know what you are and where you came from?”

She smiled happily at her father, “I read all the books at the monastery and have found no mention of anyone like me.”

Her mother said angrily, “You can read? Did the monks teach you?”

Katherine smiled again, “No mother they did not teach me. I just know when I open them what they say, what story they tell. I sneak into the monastery to look at the books.”

She could hear her mother’s disappointment as Helena spoke, “Katherine, you must not break in to such a holy place. Please do not do it again.”

“I will not mother as I have now read them all.”

Helena wasn’t sure about her daughters statement so asked a new question, “Katherine, why take our blood?”

She shrugged her shoulders, “Mother I don’t know but I do know without it I would die and to answer your other question Daddy, I am your daughter but I don’t know why I am not like you and mother. I know I can hear everyone in this town talking. I know all their secrets but why do men talk of woman naked?”

Her father coughed and shouted, “Enough, a woman would normally marry but I don’t think you can because you are different.”

“Daddy I must know love please let me marry.”

He looked sadly into her eyes, “I understand that for most women it is their duty to marry and fulfil their husbands needs but you, my daughter, cannot do that. I am sorry but I think it is best you remain single until the day you die.”

Katherine ran from the room upset and locked her bedroom door. She sat at her small desk and opened a large blank book which she had taken from the monastery and began to write, ‘I Katherine Helena Ceille; hereby swear to use my knowledge to help others like me.

Lesson one; she thought for a moment, if there are none like me how do I get others to become like me? This was as far as she got then closed the book. She had developed a theory and she needed to test it.

Katherine wanted to experience love and the dark desires she often saw in imagines. People often freely thought of these desires in explicit day dreams. Katherine wanted to experience what the images ignited within her.

Katherine waited till her parents were asleep then crept outside the front door. She walked along the road leading to town when a man approached her, “A woman such as yourself should not be out at this hour as she is asking for trouble.”

Sensations that she never felt before overcame her as she watched this man. “Maybe I should go home then.”

She turned to walk away but he grabbed her arm, “I never said I was finished with you, miss.” He dragged her off the road into an old building. He forced her onto a bed and started kissing her neck. He expected her to scream and protest but nothing. He bit her neck hard then said quietly, “I expect my woman to scream as I have them.”

Katherine knew what was happening and said firmly back as she was no longer scared, “Then maybe you should bite the neck right,” She easily forced the man on his back and was shocked that she could have the strength to overpower a grown man but she liked this and knew this would have to be worked on later but for now she bit his neck so hard that he screamed in pain. As she released him, she stared at him, blood dripping from her mouth, “Now that is how you bite. Now since you dragged me in here…to this hovel, you will not rape me as you intended but will make love to me and if I am satisfied I will spare your life, do you understand?” He quickly nodded as he watched her undress and quickly did the same. They spent all night wrapped up in each other’s bodies until dawn.

Later, as Katherine got dressed to leave the man said, “You are an amazing lover, can I see you again?”

She laughed, “You take woman against their will and now one night with me, you expect me to believe you only have eyes for me?”

“Please I beg you…”

Katherine turned to him, “I spared your life because you give me what I needed: a release. You are not the lover I seek. However, I will ask you to settle down and not force yourself on another woman. Should I find out you have, I will find you and you will not be so lucky.”

A few nights later she repeated the same thing, however, this lover was different. He was kind and warm and she thought he’d be a good person if he was just like her. “Darling, I want you to stay longer,” as she wrapped her arms around his neck as he was getting dressed.

“Will you get on your knees again for me?”

“Willingly my lover,” she started kissing his neck.

“I like that but you need to be lower.”

“I’ll get there I promise.” She lightly sucked on his neck and felt his head go limp backwards and suddenly felt an urge to do something slightly different. Normally she would sink her two pointed teeth in and drink blood but because she wanted him to be like her, the senses told her to go carefully and steady. She drew a small amount of blood and enjoyed the taste of his warm blood on her lips. She then quickly pierced herself within side her own mouth mixing the two bloods then feeding it back through the vein in the neck. Katherine could not explain why she did this or how she knew, only that it felt like instinct.

He screamed out, “Stop that right now!” But Katherine was in a trance and could not stop.

She had never felt this overwhelming urge take over her before! By the time she’d finished she was covered in blood, more than she had thought she had taken. The man was just lying there, Katherine panicked but when she checked him over he was still breathing but barely.

She spent the next few nights looking after him. Katherine wasn’t sure if she had changed him or given a slow and painful death. She spent days giving him cold compresses and hoped that soon he would wake.

After three days he woke up and glared at her, “I can hear you talk but your lips aren’t moving.”

Katherine was elated that she hadn’t killed him but changed him. “My lover you are fine but now you are like me.”

He growled at her, “What do you mean like you?”

She smiled, “I don’t know what we are called but we need blood to survive and I searched for people like me and never found any so I wanted company and now I have you.”

He was angry, “You turn me to this so you could have company. You have condemned me…you bitch! I never want to see you again.”


“Get out and never see me again.”

Katherine ran home and opened the book once more and under lesson one to turn a human wrote: Make the person think you like/love them. Start by slowly biting their neck and as they surrender to your seduction feel the pulse within the neck and bite softly at first then harder until the blood comes fast. As you take some blood bite yourself and mix the blood before putting back through their vein. If you listen to the vein no mistake can be made.

Never assume that because a human is nice they will be nice once turned.

A few days later Katherine found another candidate, but this time she asked them if they wanted to be turned. He accepted and the response Katherine got was different so she made an amendment to the lesson. Never assume that because a human is nice they will be nice once turned. However if you ask and they accept then they understand the binding contract they have entered into. Never do against their will or evil will consume them and remember evil breeds evils but nice can turn evil if things are done against their will.

Over the years Katherine added to this book. The lessons came from voices. When they first spoke I thought I was going mad but soon discovered that they came from good and evil as almost as if heaven and hell were helping me discover who I am and what my purpose maybe.

She learned how to control another person, to make them to do her bidding. She realized that she possessed exceptional strength. Katherine tried many new things over the decades, and she learnt a lot from her accomplishments and failures, everything was documented in her book.

She turned more people in different countries as she travelled, watching as they start their families and have babies that were just like her. Finally she created a name to describe them, one she used to title the book she had written over many years: A book to Help Vampires.

Katherine would often refer to the book as a mix of spells and power. There was a spell to turn a vampire back into a human; she had even documented how to kill a vampire permanently. Katherine came to realise the power these now two books held. What she intended to help others like her could be their downfall. Katherine decided the books were now too powerful, too dangerous for her alone, so she decided to create a council to keep govern of their way of life. She was the Head Councillor; beneath her were twelve others, both male and female.

One vampire had his eye on Katherine because she was the original and first vampire. He had proposed many times but she always turned him down. Katherine—over the centuries—had grown accustomed to taking many lovers (male and female) and did not like the thought of having only one man to satisfy her needs.

Eventually the vampire would grow tired of her refusal to wed him, his desire turned to malice, and along with the other members of the council, he devised a plan to be rid of Katherine.

Katherine was summoned before the council. As she took her place in her seat special chains were wrapped around her as she was stronger than the others.

Her deputy spoke, “Katherine Ceille, you as the first Vampire created many of us in your form stating that our goal was to find love, a soul mate but you have yet to adhere to this rule yourself, how do you plead?”

“You listen to this man who has been rejected by me? I have spent centuries looking but I have yet to find a match suitable.”

“Then accept his proposal and have a child.”

Katherine yelled at them, “Accepting his proposal would mean I would give up my rights as a female and to merge his blood with mine, I would not do such a thing. I appeal to your reasoning Derek Slayer, we have been friends a long time, but to let this man win a case on these grounds would bring our world into chaos.”

“I’m sorry Katherine, you have brought much to our way of life but with your refusal it only adds to your guilt. Does everyone agree that head councillor Katherine Ceille must be sentenced?” They all raised their hands in favour, Derek Slayer stood in front of Katherine and said, “I hereby sentence you to grow old and die as a human but you may not die until you fulfil your womanly role as a mother and wife. Once you have died then your body will be taken and filled with stone so you are never to rise after death.”

As Katherine was led away she screamed, “You may turn me human by my own spell but don’t think for one minute you will be safe because one by one you will die. You have condemned all of us not just me. Allowing me to remain a vampire is the only way to ensure safety.” They all looked at each other thinking that it was just rambling of a mad vampire trying to gain her freedom.

A century passed as Katherine got used to the human way of life, living in the shadows as she could not grow old until she took a husband. Finally, she gave in and met a human man named David, she grew to love him and at first things were wonderful between them but the more they tried for a child the further they grew apart.


Finally, Katherine learned she was expecting and was thrilled. She hoped that her pregnancy would be shorter than a normal, human pregnancy since she was born a vampire. Instead she suffered through nine long months and saw nothing but disappointment whenever she would look inside wooden crib.

“You are human, no, no, no. You were supposed to redeem us.” She said one night when she was alone with the baby. Defeated, Katherine slid down to the floor and wept then felt a touch of a small hand. She quickly wiped her tears and said, “I will name you Blair and you will become who you are supposed to be. I will train you hard, even if you are human and you will be the best, even if you hate me. When the time is right you will leave home and you will be changed into a vampire. Once the circle is complete, calm will be restored because danger is out there Blair as a man who named himself, ‘The master,’ has my books but once I’m gone they are yours by rights. He has gotten rid of the council of vampires and condemned us all to hell.”



Katherine as a vampire

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  1. Avatar Dandylion240
    Dandylion240 says:

    So Blair’s mom was a vampire? Interesting…how did she know that Blair would be turned? Did she arrange for Lawrence to turn him into a vampire? Is the master she spoke about the same master that Elvira killed? Also did Elvira name her and Blair’s daughter Katherine after Blair’s mom? I have so many questions …

    • Dandylion240,

      Blair’s Mum is the first vampire. She knew he would be turned because she treated him badly so he’d run away. Knowing him she knew he had an interest in vampires so it was only a matter of time. It is the same master and she could see what was coming. Elvira named their daughter Katherine to spite Blair because she knew he hated his mother but Elvira doesn’t know that his mother is the first vampire.
      Any more questions feel free lol

      Thanks for reading 🙂