8.1 Coping

Teddy couldn’t sit still any longer and so decided to clean this house.


She thought being that when Blair came home it would be a nice gesture and help him relax. Teddy heard giggling from Draco’s room and worked out quickly they had just finished making love so carried on leaving them be.

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Torri knelt on the bed as Draco dressed, “You know you can come back to bed.”


Draco leaned in and kissed her once more, “Nothing would gave me more pleasure but I need to talk to Mum.”

“I thought as much. I hate saying this but she needs sleep.”

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Guy wrapped his arms around Katherine kissing her neck, “Baby, everything will be fine.” She touched his hand before pulling away. Katherine didn’t say anything as she walked out the bedroom. Guy was concerned at her silence but thought he’d give her a few minutes before speaking to her.


When Guy came out about twenty minutes later he saw Harmony knocking the bathroom door, “Katherine, are you ok?”

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Wiping her tears and steading her voice she replied, “Yes fine, I’ll be out in a minute.”

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Harmony saw Guy and asked, “Is everything ok with you two?” Guy looked baffled, “Things are good and why do you ask?”

“I heard crying but when I ask she says she is fine but I’m not sure. I know Dad being in hospital is upsetting but I’m not sure if that’s the only thing that is bothering her.”

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Guy didn’t say anything in response to Harmony and just knocked the bathroom door, “Baby, I’m coming in.”

He didn’t wait for Katherine to say anything as he walked straight in closing the door behind him.

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“Harmony said she heard you cry. What’s up?” Katherine turned and looked at him, “I’m fine.” Guy walked closer wrapping his arms around her, “I can tell you have been crying so out with it.”


Katherine wanted to say what was on her mind but now wasn’t the time especially with her Dad in hospital. She pulled away from the embrace and replied, “I haven’t got time now as I need to see Daddy. I’ll see you later,” and before Guy could say anything Katherine had disappeared out of the bathroom leaving with Harmony to see her Dad. Guy was concerned about Katherine as this was now the second time she pulled away from him but it would have to wait as he had to open the bar.

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The girls watched their Dad just lying there and Harmony said, “Daddy please wake up.” Katherine added, “Please let us know you are ok,” then she looked at her sister and asked, “Can I have a few minutes with Daddy?” Harmony smiled and left the room to allow them to have some privacy.

Teddy was still cleaning when Torri offered to help but she refused the help.

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Draco tried to tell her she needed to rest but the only response he got was a growl. He quickly backed off and left her to it.

Suddenly they heard a scream but before they got to Teddy, they saw her come from the bathroom.

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She looked pale and in shock and she asked, “Torri have you done a pregnancy test?” Torri shook her head, “Not me, why?”

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Teddy suddenly realised who the test belonged too so went to leave when two Angels appeared by the door.

Teddy knew who they were as she’d met them before as a very young and inexperienced ghost hunter. “Why are you at my home?”

They looked at each other and the dark haired angel said, “Caught you at a bad moment?” The one with light hair replied, “Don’t be mean you know Teddy is going through a tough time at the moment.” He looked at Teddy and said, “We really need to talk so please take a seat.”

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Teddy did as she was asked and said while seated, “If you are here it must be important because I’ve never seen you above ground before.”

The dark haired angel rolled his eyes and heard the other angel say, “Raziel, stop that we are here to help Teddy.”

“Emmanuel, you are the one that wanted to come not me.”

“We both agreed that it was better than having Blair with us permanently…” Teddy cried out, “What do you mean by Blair with you?”

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They both glanced at each other then they looked back at Teddy and Emmanuel said calmly, “Blair needs help and if we don’t guide you to look in the right place well…”

“We end up with him and neither upstairs or downstairs want him. You are the only one that keeps him in check.”

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“Raziel enough…sorry Teddy about his outburst but as you can see tensions are high at the moment. You have to go to the place you are not allowed to go. They are the ones that can help Blair.” Teddy was confused and asked, “We were told never to go through that door.”

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Emmanuel sympathised with her but said, “I know what you were told but having Blair with us is unthinkable because…well…he’s Blair and we know he’s better with you so go through the door. Knock three times, send your apprentice if you must but go soon.” They quickly disappeared leaving Teddy with more questions than answers but she had to get to the hospital so promptly left.


Harmony watched as Katherine cried to their father when she heard Teddy say, “Why are you out here?”


“Katherine wanted time alone with Dad.” As Teddy walked in she heard Katherine say, “Daddy, I’m sorry I let you down.” Teddy couldn’t believe what she was hearing from Katherine and sympathetically looked at her with a smile and replied, “He will be pleased for you.”


Katherine looked shocked, “You know about the baby?”

“If you mean did I find a pregnancy test and worked out it was yours then yes I know you are expecting. You should be thrilled because I know your Dad would be over the moon.” Katherine wasn’t sure how to react and replied, “Harmony told me Daddy firmly told her that if she was to get pregnant before marriage he would be unhappy. So I figured that because I wasn’t married he would be disappointed in me.”

Teddy sighed, “He said that to Harmony because at the time she was a teenager and so was Ty. He didn’t want a teenage pregnancy on his hands and yes he probably would’ve blown up had she come home pregnant as a teenager. However he would have quickly gotten over it and been thrilled about being a grandfather. You are a grown woman so be happy. The only thing I will say is when your Dad wakes up and knows about the baby he will turn into a doting expecting grandfather.”


Katherine smiled, “I’m not sure about being a Mum. It’s not as if I had a great mother and I’ve only just started my education again…”

“You will know not what to do as a parent and you can continue your education while pregnant and after the baby is born.” Katherine sounded unsure and scared, “What if I mess up? Guy might not even want the baby and there is this thing between Dad and Guy.” Teddy came closer to Katherine, “That is for them to sort out and not you. Blair will be so happy for you.”

Katherine finally smiled and replied, “I hope so and I really want him to know his grandchild. I haven’t even told Guy yet.”


Teddy smiled at her, “I’m happy for you and congratulations. In answer to your concern over Guy; I think he will be over the moon at the news. I know it’s probably none of my business and you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to but are you planning on telling Elvira?”

Katherine paused for a moment then said, “I haven’t even seen her since she began the treatment. I know everything she did was to protect me but I’m not sure if I should? I mean; I’m closer to you than I’ve ever been to my own mother.” Teddy wanted to cry at what Katherine had just said but held the tears back long enough to reply, “You are so sweet Katherine.”

Meanwhile Lexy was interviewing Taylor, “I don’t want excuses Taylor. Now tell me how you met the master otherwise known as Eric Slayer?”


Taylor just kept repeating the same thing, “Where is my daughter Romy?” Blair had been right, Taylor had been drugged so the master could have a young female in this case Romy. Although drugged that was no excuse for what he had put his daughter through. “Since her mother left she is all I have.”

“Talking of your wife, where can we find her?”


Taylor growled, “Ask Blair Merrick the man that held me captive. When she was a prostitute she used to talk about him all the time. It always infuriated me to hear what a great lover he was. I used to watch him as I entered the brothel, he have a different girl every few days, disgusting. I at least kept to the same woman, my Claire.” Lexy had to think quick as this was her husband’s uncle he was talking about.


“We will talk to Blair Merrick but in the meantime tell us about the master.” Taylor looked angry, “I will answer anything as long as I see my little girl.” Lexy knew how this was going to play out and replied, “You can go back to your cell. We will ask Romy but we aren’t making any promises and if she won’t see you then tough and you will talk to us.” Taylor just gave Lexy a stare.

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Lexy walked in to find Romy awake, “Hi Romy. How are you?” She looked miserable, “How I’m I supposed to feel? I’m not even sure about Nathan.” Lexy just replied, “You have been through a trauma. You should know the day you left, Nathan knew immediately something was wrong and started searching for you. When his Dad found out you had slept together he was furious and Nathan got a telling off but he never gave up. He’s happy your home but scared.”

Screenshot-138 (2)

Romy was puzzled, “Why is he scared?”

“Romy, he’s in love with you and he wants to be there for you but doesn’t know how. After what you have been through he doesn’t want to push you away.”

“How do you know this?” Lexy smiled, “I might be an officer but I’m Nathan’s sister in-law. Blake’s wife.”

“I remember him. He was nice to me. I should have told Nathan what was going on but I wanted to deal with this myself but I didn’t know what I was getting into. I guess you could say to protect Nathan.” Lexy joked, “You make a right pair.” Romy smiled for the first time and said, “I love him too, you know. I just need time.”

“That is understandable but I came to see you about your father.”

Screenshot-141 (2)

Romy looked angry and upset as she replied, “What about him?”

“He wants to see you.” Romy yelled, “See me after he handed me to that monster.”

Screenshot-142 (2)

Nathan came running back into the room, “What is going on?” Lexy explained and he answered, “No wonder she yelled at you.”

“Romy you should know your father had been drugged and that is why he treated you…” but Romy snapped back, “Tell him to get lost and that is the polite version. That is no excuse for he did. I loved my Dad, did everything since Mum left and what did he do treat me like I was nothing.” Lexy sighed replying, “Totally agree with you so I will pass the message on.”

Lexy left them to it and found Estevan in the hospital café, “How’s Blair?” Estevan looked terrible, “No change.”

Screenshot-128 (5)

“Shit.” Estevan saw the frustration on her face and asked, “What is wrong?”

She told Estevan that Taylor thought Blair knew his wife’s whereabouts and was very angry. Estevan sighed and replied, “I can tell you all you need to know.” Lexy looked shocked and asked, “Was Blair seeing Claire?”

Estevan lowered his voice and started to talk, “I know all about Blair’s brothel days and you must not tell Blake or William, do I make myself clear?”

Lexy nodded that she understood so Estevan continued. “As you know Lawrence changed Blair and in the early days ran the brothel. Blair, when he was first changed was full of hate and anger and when he discovered girls and sex, he just became consumed by lust. It was about the score. Anyway as he went through the brothels pick, the females started to brag how good he was and even though Blair would admit he was a selfish lover back then, they would still beg to be in his bed. Claire was one that tried but Blair refused her.”

Screenshot-132 (2)

Lexy was curious, “Any reason?”

“I do know but I won’t say but what I will say is, that one client was very taken with Claire and offered her a life. Blair never knew it was Taylor. He could have spoken to him but wouldn’t remember in his drunken state because back then he was mostly drunk. I’m guessing the client was Taylor. She could have gone back to the brothel but if she did it was after Blair’s time and I know he has never had contact with her.”

Lexy went to ask another question but Estevan’s phone rang, “Sorry Lexy but I have to take this but give Violet a kiss from me.”

Screenshot-134 (2)

Estevan answered the phone outside the hospital, “What is the update?” Dale was an old friend from Estevan’s days as a firefighter and he had the unfortunate task of putting out the fire at the old Slayer family home. “There were a few bodies burnt but I can confirm Eric Slayer known as the master was burnt along with the house.”

“Thanks Dale, how’s the family?” Dale paused for a moment then said, “They are great but we do have a problem.” Estevan cringed when he heard that, “What is the problem?”

“There is no easy way to say this but part of the house remained intact, the library in fact…”

“Dale what are you saying?”


Estevan was now in panic mode as he waited for the response, “Those books you told me about, you know the ancient vampire books that help a vampire gain power and strength, well they are missing.” Estevan was now in shock, “Are you sure?”

“As sure as we can be. You can go through our inventory or go through the site yourself but I wanted you to know.” Estevan thanked his old friend before hanging up.


Thank you Karima for the Angels, Emmanuel and Raziel. 

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4 Responses to 8.1 Coping

  1. Damn, Blair is still unconcious. Wonder what’s behind that door, but if it can save him I think Teddy should go check it out.

    As for the missing ancient books, guess they better find them fast before they end up in the wrong hands. How did the library remain intact when the rest of the house burnt down? Was it magic, sorcery or something else? Just curious.

    • Avatar Lckygrl
      Lckygrl says:


      Yes Blair is still out cold. That door maybe the only hope Blair has but Blair will not be please when he knows who is behind the door.
      The missing books after they were written had a protection put on them by the author with what, I’m not sure for reasons unknown but now with Blair just lying there just as well.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Avatar Dandylion240
    Dandylion240 says:

    I’m curious what the angels want Teddy to find behind the door. It must be important or dangerous if she was told to never go through that door…
    I think Katherine should talk to Guy. I understand why she might want to talk to Blair first but babies don’t wait.
    I don’t blame Romy for not wanting to talk to her dad after what he did to her he shouldn’t even ask. I don’t care if he was drugged or not. Somethings just can’t be overlooked.
    I don’t like the idea that the master’s books weren’t destroyed. It looks like Elvira is up to her old tricks again.

    • Dandylion240,

      The other chapter was a clue. Katherine is behind that door. Accept no-one knows that. Teddy doesn’t know anything about her mother in-law other than Blair hates her.
      Katherine and Guy will talk soon don’t worry. Romy doesn’t want anything to do with her Dad and it might be like that for a long time.
      Nothing to do with Elvira, the books were protected by the author in case they were needed again and with Blair ill just as well.

      Thanks for reading 🙂