8.2 This can’t wait

Joe sat there in the café when Estevan approached him, “A word outside now.”

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After the conversation with his old friend, Estevan had worked out Elvira could have taken them and given the books to Joe. He nodded and followed Estevan. “Estevan what is this about as I have patients…” but before he could finish Estevan pinned him to the wall and firmly said, “The books Joe and don’t lie to me.”

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He stared back and replied calmly, “You can have them but I need them first.” Estevan was taken aback and let go, “Why do you need them?”

“To save your fucking brother that’s why.” Estevan was curious, “They are very powerful books, too much knowledge and power for any one vampire. Look at what the greed did to the master and this is why he became evil. How will this help Blair and how did you get them?”

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“Elvira saved the books because when he told her Blair was dead she was upset. She wants Blair alive for Katherine’s sake. I personally hate Blair because he had an affair with my wife but as a doctor I will not take a life. Eric had too much strength and power for a vampire so I wanted to make sure Blair gets the right treatment.”

Estevan pinned Joe again and harshly said, “You’d better not be lying about helping my brother or else. I will ask Lawrence to keep an eye on you and once the treatment is complete then the books are to be burnt, understood?”


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Estevan noticed Joe never fought back and asked, “Why did you not fight back?” He looked at Estevan and replied, “I can’t. When Eric left me for dead, I was left in shock. I used to be like Blair, I used to work out for hours and so on but I decided my attention needed to be focused on getting my El away from him. I went to medical school and stopped the gym and in general looking after myself.”

“So you are a weak vampire that just about manages to do his medical duties?”

“I do really well at looking after my patients so can I get back to them please?”


Estevan glared at him then replied, “Remember you are being watched until those books are out of your possession.”

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Lawrence found Daphne crying, “My darling Daphne, what is wrong?” Daphne calmed her voiced slightly and replied, “We are supposed to be at the resort getting married tomorrow and my son is in hospital. I’m starting to think we are jinked.”

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Lawrence lifted Daphne’s head so she looked into his eyes, “Something terrible happened and Blair is in the best place. We are getting married…”

“How?” Lawrence smiled, “Look the family weren’t going to be at our wedding because they would not have been born yet. So I’m suggesting we go to the resort tomorrow and get married.”

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Daphne tried to object, “But…but…”

“No but’s Daphne we will get married and once Blair is better we will throw a wedding party and have lots of food, wine and pictures. The bonus for you is you get to be bride twice.”

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William walked into the house and heard voices coming from the living room. When he entered Victoria half smiled and said, “William I’d like you to meet my father Larry West.” He watched as the man rose from the seat and said, “So you’re the vampire; my daughter shacked up with.”

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“Dad please…” He just kept staring at William and waited for a response, “I’d like to say it was a pleasuring meeting you Mr West but under the circumstances, I’d say not. You hire a vampire to get your daughter back but what about her feelings and needs.” He growled at William, “I know what is best for my daughter and you don’t…” Victoria tried to plead with her father again, “I love William.” He scoffed at the sentence, “Loving a vampire is a dangerous thing Victoria. Now get your things and you are coming home.” She looked at her Dad and replied, “Daddy I love William, how many times do I have to say that. I’m a grown woman and I’m staying here. I hope he has no objections.”

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William went straight up and embraced her sweetly replying, “I want you always here with me.” The father tried to interfere but they ignored him as they continued. “William, I want to bond with you. I’ve thought about what you said and it’s so romantic.”

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He kissed her passionately and in a whisper said, “I love you so much Victoria.” Then they finally heard, “You will not do your bonding with my daughter.”

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William glared at him, “I will now ask you to leave. Your daughter has made her choice so either accept that or leave.” The Dad scoffed once more, “Victoria, you are no longer welcome home. When you finally come to your senses and leave this monster then the door will be open once more.”


After he left William pulled her close kissing her gently while slowly removing her clothes and they started to make love and by the end of the night Victoria was finally going to be bonded to the man she loved.


Guy collapsed on the bed, Katherine stroked his arm and almost in a whisper said, “I’m sorry about earlier but can we talk now.”


Guy huffed and said, “Baby I’ve had a long day. Everyone is so worried about Blair that I’m running things with no help. I really need sleep.” As he closed his eyes Katherine firmly said, “No this can’t wait Guy so please hear me out.”


He got up and angrily replied, “You wouldn’t talk to me earlier and now you want to talk when I need my sleep.” Katherine could see the hurt in Guy’s face but calmly said, “I know and I am sorry but I wanted to talk to Daddy first. It is important.”


“Oh good your sorry….I could see you were upset and I wanted to help, I even asked you but you ran out the door leaving me wonder what the hell is wrong.” Katherine started crying, “This was not how this was supposed to go.” Guy was tired and snapped back, “You wouldn’t talk to me earlier but now you want too when I need my sleep. We will discuss this in the morning when I’m not angry.”


He climbed back into bed leaving Katherine crying. She got back into bed wiping the tears from her face and said, “I should have spoken to you earlier.”


Guy lay there listening to her as she went on. He was starting to feel guilty when he heard, “We will talk about the baby in the morning.”


Guy shot up out of bed and replied, “What baby?” Katherine looked at him, “Our baby…I just said I was pregnant.”


Guy fell onto the bed and thought for a moment then embraced Katherine, “We are going to have a baby, really?”


Katherine smiled, “Yes really and you are not mad?” Guy kissed her, “I’m not mad but why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“I wanted to tell Daddy first because I thought he’d be mad at me but Teddy said…” Guy interrupted her, “Blair knows…he is going to kill me.”


Katherine was shocked by his statement, “Why will Daddy kill you?” He looked at her, “I got his daughter pregnant.” Katherine wrapped her arms around Guy, “Daddy loves me so he will be ok with it. Teddy said he will be excited to be a grandfather.”

“Yes but if he heard you then he will…” Katherine kissed him, “You worry too much as Daddy isn’t that bad.”


Teddy was watching Blair lay there, “Remember when we first met. You dragged me out of the club and drove me home. Secretly I knew then you were the one for me. The first time we made love was so special, properly how Harmony came to be. The look on your face when I finally told you that we were having a baby but at the same time you were excited. Oh Blair I need you to wake up.”

There was no response from Blair and that broke her heart, “Baby, I need a drink I won’t be long I promise,” she kissed him before leaving.

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Guy asked Teddy if he could see Blair while she took a break. Teddy was happy that Blair wouldn’t be alone.


Guy couldn’t believe the state his friend was in as he took a seat. “Blair did anyone tell you that you look like shit? Anyway I came to say sorry, we should have done this a long time ago. I should have listened to you about that bitch April. You were right she was only with me for what she could get. Although I still wonder to this day, did you really have to have sex with her in my fucking bed to prove the point?”


He watched Blair as there was no response then Guy added, “Maybe trashing your bike was a bit too far but I was mad at you Blair for sleeping with her even though deep down I knew she was a money grapping bitch. I’ll admit that exchanging sex stories will be off the table now I’m with Katherine but I just want my best friend back, “ He waited a few minutes then said, “I have to go but I’ll see you soon.”

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Guy was walking away when he heard, “I’m sorry too you old git.” Guy smiled as he turned around, “Less of the old,” as he retook his seat.


“That bitch opened her legs for anything and I tried to tell you but it fell on deaf ears so you had to see it for yourself…”

“In my fucking bed.” Blair was hurting all over in pain but replied, “She wasn’t that great so I don’t know why it still bothers you but my bike…”

Guy could feel the anger coming back, “That bike was all you gave a fuck about so yes I totalled it and it was worth it.”


Blair’s temper was now matching Guy’s, “I loved that bike but why are we arguing again?” Guy sighed as he let go of the anger, “You’re right we just apologised to each other…”

“We did and I accept you apology but there is the matter of you getting my daughter pregnant,” there it was the statement Guy had been dreading. The conversation he wanted to avoid having but now Blair was awake there was no place left to run.

Guy looked at the floor and replied, “I know we are mate’s best mates but you also know I love her. I contacted you to get her out of that brothel regardless of our disagreement. Katherine told me before I came here and I have to say I can’t wait to be a Dad.”


Blair wanted to ring his neck but he could see that his best friend was genuine and right about contacting him the moment he knew who the father of Katherine was.

However Blair had to be himself so he pulled the plugs from his body and got out of bed. Guy started to panic as he stepped back but Blair grabbed him quickly, “My daughter means everything to me Guy Regan and I won’t let you or anyone hurt her so if you love her and really want to be a family then do the decent thing.”

Guy calmed down while being held there and replied, “Now you have made yourself feel better can you let me go.”


Blair released his grip and Guy added, “I planned on marrying her anyway but every time…”


Blair interrupted him, “I know you wanted to ask for my permission but I wanted more time with my little girl, I missed so much so I avoid you and the question but I can’t now can I?”

Guy smiled, “Guess not so can I marry Katherine please?” Blair grunted, “Never thought my best friend would be the one I was granting permission too but you have my blessing. Now get me a fucking doctor or nurse because I’m in a lot of pain.”

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4 Responses to 8.2 This can’t wait

  1. Avatar Dandylion240
    Dandylion240 says:

    Yay Blair’s awake!!!! Too bad he’s in a lot of pain. So does that mean Teddy won’t have to go through the forbidden door? Or is he not out of the woods yet?
    I dislike the idea that Joe has the master’s books. It just doesn’t feel right. I feel like I’m missing a piece of the puzzle and those books just might be it.
    It was good that Katherine finally told Guy about the baby and that Guy went to see Blair. I hope they can become friends again especially now that they will be family.
    Can’t wait for the next chapter because I want answers.

    • Dandylion240,

      Blair is awake. Hopefully Teddy won’t need to go through the door but we will see on that one. Joe has the books only to help save Blair, he saw what the power did to the master. Blair isn’t out of the woods yet sadly. Katherine and Guy are going to love being parents and it was good Blair and Guy sorted things out.
      Will answers come in the next chapter, hopefully but maybe not all will be answered then but it will be answered soon.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Glad Blair is awake and well, it was touch and go there for a sec.