8.3 I love you

Blair had been told off by medical staff for getting out of bed and fighting.

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He had been warned if he pulled that stunt again they would have to sedate him. When Joe had seen Blair, he couldn’t believe how quick he had responded to the treatment. Joe had also warned Blair about fighting on hospital grounds. Blair was fed up with getting lectures and sat on the bed in a mood at being told off like a child.

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However his mood changed the moment Teddy walked through the door, “Blair, you are alright. The nurse said you were in a fight.” Blair sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her close, “Gorgeous I’m fine. So fine in fact fancy a quick one before the nurse comes back.” Teddy smiled, “Blair Merrick you just woke up from an attack so you need your rest. Tell me what this fight was about?” Blair grunted because he hated being told no to sex especially for what he thought were silly reasons.

“Guy and I had words but we are fine now.” She smiled at him but before she could ask if he knew about the baby Blair asked, “Is that master alive and did we get Romy back?” Teddy knew he would want to know and replied, “We did get Romy back and Elvira killed him then set the house on fire with him in it.”

“Where is Elvira now?”

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Teddy looked away, “Across the hall as Joe has started treatment to reverse the evil. Blair, do you want to be with her?” Blair was shocked and asked, “What the hell are you going on about?” Teddy went to say more but the tears started to come.

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Blair walked over to Teddy and took her in his arms, “Gorgeous, I love you with all my heart…”


“No but’s. Elvira and I had a complicated relationship. I won’t deny I asked her to marry me but I wasn’t the person I am today. I was full of anger and hate which suited us both back then but you brought out the person I wanted to be, a father, a husband and my favourite, a better lover.” Teddy smiled as she wiped her tears, “You really want me then?”

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He kissed tenderly then replied, “More than you can ever know. You are my world Teddy Green and don’t ever think otherwise.”

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Teddy wrapped her arms around him kissing him until they heard, “You are awake five minutes and you are already at it; get a room.”

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Teddy stopped kissing Blair and said, “Draco we are in a room and you should have knocked.” Draco laughed, “This is a hospital room not a hotel and I did knock.”

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Blair smiled at his son, “Wedding date set yet?” Draco rolled his eyes, “No Dad no date set. I’m glad you are ok though as we were all worried. Gran is on her way in with Lawrence…” Blair looked at Teddy stopping Draco in mid-flow, “Gorgeous I need to talk to Draco alone.”

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Teddy understood and left. Draco just stood there and said, “Dad I can…” Blair cut him off and said, “I want to know why you released her?” Draco sat down thinking then answered, “She was the only one that could help. You know I wouldn’t have done this unless I had too.”

“And now Joe wants to bargain with you am I right?” Draco looked at his Dad and said calmly, “He has no bargaining chip Dad. My contact in the afterlife told me that hell wanted the master for all the evil he has caused so in exchange for her freedom from hell, Elvira agreed to help us but it means she can’t be sent back.”

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Blair was shocked, “What contact?”

“Mum never told you, ghost hunters all have their own contacts. They pick us we don’t get a choice.”

“What about when Elvira was in you?” Draco sighed, “I wasn’t exactly learning my craft, skipping lessons not listening to Mum so if we ignore them they can’t help us.” Blair nodded that he understood as Draco continued, “The only thing Joe can ask for now is mercy from the courts. Blake told me that Lexy is under pressure to get a conviction.” Blair understood that he now had to deal with Elvira again but wanted to change the subject. “Have you finished the house for you and Torri?”

“Not yet but…” they were interrupted by Daphne and Lawrence walking in so Draco stopped talking.

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He excused himself and left them alone. Daphne was in tears, “My boy is alright. Do you need anything?” Blair hugged her, “I’m ok honest. I am sore but fine other than that.” Daphne was just relived he was awake and alive.

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Lawrence looked at him and said, “We were all worried about you.” Blair didn’t beat about the bush, “The master is dead right?”  Lawrence answered, “Estevan checked with a contact and yes he is dead. Now get some rest.”

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Daphne hugged her son once more and left but Blair called Lawrence back, “It’s that time again.” Lawrence knew what he meant and smiled, “I knew you’d ask if you woke and I brought the blood with me.” Blair thanked him and then drank the blood he was given.

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Teddy was outside talking to the angels, “You worry too much. Blair is fine…” They looked at her in silence and Teddy asked, “What?”

Emmanuel replied, “The treatment he was given would work if he was given the whole treatment but he hasn’t had it. That poor doctor doesn’t know unfortunately. However Blair will regress soon so act quickly.”


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Raziel was getting annoyed at Teddy, “Forget the but’s and do what we say as our hands are tied.” Teddy looked baffled and asked, “What is going on and you better tell me the truth.” Raziel still looking annoyed said, “It’s complicated but what we can say is both sides won’t let the door open…” Emmanuel added, “Once you go through the door then I’m guessing they will ask us to let them out.”

Teddy was angry by now, “Then let the door open and let them help my husband.”

“Look we want you to go in rather than let them out.”

“I said let them out.” Raziel by now yelled at Teddy, “Look you; be grateful we are helping you now get down there and ask for their help.”

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They started walking away when Teddy heard them talking.

“When they know we will be summoned.”

“I hate pleading…all we will get is please let me out.”

“Maybe we should…”

“Listen Emmanuel if we let the door open then who looks after the ones downstairs can’t even handle.”

“Look it would only be for a short while…”

“No and that is final.”

“We will see.”

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The following day, Daphne and Lawrence checked into the resort and went to their room.

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Lawrence quickly got changed and patiently waited outside.

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Finally when Daphne walked out he said, “You looking breath taking.” Daphne came close and replied, “And you look handsome but are we doing the right thing?”

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He smiled, “Yes we are. Neither wants to wait and today is our day to get married and this time it is happening. They will all understand. Now shall we make our way to the arch?” Daphne smiled as she took his arm.


The priest was waiting and asked, “Are you both ready?” They looked at each other and replied yes to the priest. They held each other’s hands and heard the priest say his lines then he said, “I understand you have written your own vows?” Daphne said while still looking at Lawrence, “Sorry but we decided to go with traditional vows if that’s ok.” He nodded and started. The priest said, “Daphne, repeat after me,”


‘I, Daphne, take you, Lawrence
to be my husband,
to have and to hold
from this day forward;
for better, for worse,
for richer, for poorer,
in sickness and in health,
to love and to cherish,
till death us do part,

“Now place the ring on his finger and repeat after me,”

‘I give you this ring – as a symbol of our love – All that I am I give to you – all that I have I share with you. I promise to love you – to be faithful and loyal – in good times and bad – may this ring remind you always – of the words we have spoken today.’

They were beaming at each other as the priest said, “Lawrence, repeat after me,”


‘I, Lawrence, take you, Daphne

to be my wife,
to have and to hold
from this day forward;
for better, for worse,
for richer, for poorer,
in sickness and in health,
to love and to cherish,
till death us do part,
according to God’s holy law.
In the presence of God I make this vow.

“Now place the ring on her finger and repeat after me,”

‘I give you this ring – as a symbol of our love – All that I am I give to you – all that I have I share with you. I promise to love you – to be faithful and loyal – in good times and bad – may this ring remind you always – of the words we have spoken today.’


“I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride.” Lawrence had no problem kissing his new wife. As their lips parted Daphne just beamed a smiled, “This is real, right? We are now married?” Lawrence still holding on to his wife replied sweetly, “Yes my darling this is very real.”



Once the door closed Lawrence took Daphne in his arms, “I love you,” then he started kissing her neck while undoing the dress and letting it fall to the floor.


Daphne kicked the dress out the way and turned to face her new husband, “I love you too.” She gently bit his lip and sucked the trickle of blood and savoured the taste. She then realised she was being picked up in his arms while he carried her to the bed.


With every touch, with every move Daphne gasped in delight. He had reawakened something inside that made Daphne yearn for more.

Lawrence was desperate for his release as it had been too long since a woman was in his bed.


His heart had only ever belong to one woman and sleeping with others out of hurt and anger never filled the void so when he turned celibate, he only ever vowed he would return to sex when he had Daphne back. He wanted her the moment they had re-bonded but it had to be right, to be special and finally it was here their wedding day.  

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4 Responses to 8.3 I love you

  1. Looking in and starting to get to know your simmies and their story…

  2. Avatar Dandylion240
    Dandylion240 says:

    Yay Lawrence and Daphne are married. It’s good to end on a happy note.
    Boo that Blair is still in danger 🙁 I don’t like this door thing. Too bad they won’t just open it but from the sounds of it whatever is locked inside is powerful and dangerous. Is there any significant about the blood that Lawrence gave to Blair? I don’t know why that stands out as odd to me but it does since he could get what he needs from the hospital. I don’t like the idea he’ll have to deal with Elvira again but hopefully she’ll be a changed individual now that the master is gone.

    • Avatar Lckygrl
      Lckygrl says:


      Yes they are finally married 🙂 Lawrence was the one who changed Blair from human to vampire when Blair was 15 years old. He needs Lawrences blood every now and again to stay healthy although its not much use when he is still in danger at the moment. Behind that door is the creator of the books. Elvira will hopefully change but who knows lol

      Thanks for reading 🙂