8.4 Elvira’s Interview

Joe checked Romy’s chart and said, “Good news, baby is fine and your bruises have gone. However I recommend that your seek counselling for what he did to you.”

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Romy fidgeted then asked, “Is it true that the master was your brother in-law?” Joe could understand the curiosity but hated it was true. “I suppose if you put a label on it then yes it is true. However I loathed him for what he did to my wife and to you.” Romy hated asking so treaded carefully, “I know it’s none of my business but the woman who saved me, the notorious Elvira Slayer is/was your wife?”

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Joe raised an eyebrow and answered, “Is my wife. Elvira was like you when I met her. What I mean by that is she was sweet, shy a wonderful person who I loved and adored. Then that bastard changed her and anyone that met her only saw the evil side, which is what he wanted.”

“Tell her thank you for freeing me from that place.” Joe smiled, “I will and thank you Romy for saying that.”

“Will she ever get better?”

“Soon but treatment takes time. Now if you want to go home, you can.” Romy looked sad, “I have no home to go to.” He looked at her and replied, “You know that is not true. Nathan wants to take you home. I say let him. Romy take my advice don’t let that bastard ruin your life be happy with Nathan and love that baby with all your heart.” Romy smiled at him, “Thank you Dr Baines.”


After doing his rounds Joe entered Elvira’s room. She looked at him and said calmly, “Please no more treatment today.” Joe smiled, “At least you haven’t yelled at me yet. How are you feeling?”


Elvira curled up and replied, “Strange. I can’t remember the last time I felt like this.” Joe sat next to her as he could start to see the changes, “What feelings are you on about?”

“So many emotions I can’t begin to describe and then there is you. We bonded on our wedding night but why can’t I hear you?”

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Joe touched her hand, “As the treatment progresses then you should be able to return to normal and hear me once more. I really want to spend more time with you but Lexy has questions for you. I can be present if you wish but I have to stay silent throughout the interview.” Elvira wanted more time was Joe but she knew the interview had to take place.


Joe opened the door to Lexy and she came through with an officer. Lexy looked in shock at Elvira’s appearance and demeanour but she had to focus on the interview at hand. “Hello Elvira. I understand you are being treated but I need to ask a few questions, if that is ok?” Elvira glanced at her husband then back at Lexy and nodded asking, “Can I call you Lexy; Superintendent Granger is very formal?”

“If we can get on then I don’t see why not. Now this officer will take notes of what you say. I have agreed with Dr Joe Baines to do the interview here and allowed him to stay unless you give me cause then I will ask him to leave, are we understood?” Elvira simply answered, “Yes Lexy.”


“Then let’s begin.  The master known by another name Eric Slayer was he your brother?” Elvira hated that her own flesh and blood would do these things to her and now here she was having to admit this. Through gritted teeth she answered, “He was my brother but I ask you not to refer to him as that again.”

Lexy nodded and continued, “You fought against his beatings and rape to free yourself so I have to ask why did you go back to him so willingly?” Elvira wouldn’t answer the question and Lexy shouted at her.

Elvira looking at her said, “I wanted to go home. I had ten happy years. Joe had shown me what happiness was and I was greedy as I wanted more. However that bastard or master as he liked to be known hated people being happy including me so one night he caught me at the front gate. He took me back to the house and beat me until I could not stand and raped me over and over till he’d had enough.


Then for his added pleasure he took a group of henchman to find Joe. When they found him they beat the crap out of him because he wouldn’t sign some papers. I later found out it was divorce papers he wanted Joe to sign. Anyway another henchman made me watch from outside and that henchman said master says if you agree to be with him he will let Joe Baines live,” Elvira was angry as she told the story and added, “He was covered in blood barely alive so I had to accept his terms or my husband would of died.”

Lexy now asked, “Didn’t you see Joe again when you were pregnant?”


Elvira started to hold herself, “I removed my collar the moment I found out I was expecting. It was a risky move but I wanted a better life for my baby,”


She glanced at Joe, “I’m sorry I had another man’s baby…” The hurt on Joe’s face was apparent but he’d come to terms with that part a long time ago although seeing Blair in the flesh wasn’t a welcome one. Lexy could not believe that Elvira knew the word sorry let alone say it to another person. Lexy quickly went back to the master, “What was the collar?” Elvira hated the thought of it but explained, “I made the agreement to stay as long as he left Joe alone. However he didn’t trust my word so he fitted a collar and told me if I tried to go back to him then he would be notified and it would leak poison through my neck with every disobedient thing I did and that was how I became evil.”

“Why not just ask for help.”


Elvira raised her voice slightly, “Ask for help. People were scared of him, terrified even. No-one would help even if they wanted too. I hated being the person I was becoming. Inside I could hear the old me screaming for help wanting an escape but there was none.” Lexy went back to the pregnancy, “If there was no escape explain removing the collar and having a baby without the master knowing?”

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“When I found out I was pregnant, I removed the collar and ran to Joe. I knew he would find the collar so I had to act fast. We went into hiding moving every few weeks. Most woman enjoy having a baby but I just worried about the baby staying alive because I knew what he’d do if he found out. He’d kill my baby and punish me. After I gave birth to my daughter I dropped her off at the brothel quickly, leaving Joe once more.”

“Then he found you?”

“And punishment I went through I’d rather not say and that was for being missing for months as he didn’t know about Katherine.” Lexy now asked, “Why hurt your best friend Daphne?”

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Elvira was angry again, “James Knight. He knew of our friendship but he thought of her as a whore. He wanted her but she only had eyes for Lawrence. I hated Lawrence because he reminded me of James. However James wanted Daphne and because she was engaged to his twin he decided to wreck their lives and told me to help. I had no choice because he was the apprentice to the master and if I wasn’t in his watchful eye then it was James watching my every move. After he forced the break up, he had plans for Daphne but she left town before he could act on his plans.”

“And Torri?”


Elvira rolled her eyes, “She was James’s daughter. I wanted to hurt him by killing her but Draco stopped that.” Lexy had one more question and asked, “Why did you try and kill a human and her vampire son?” Elvira sighed, “I wanted death and sadly when the evil takes over it controls you and you can’t stop. He always found me and he was really close so I attacked her because I knew she was Estevan’s wife and it would piss him off then he’d order my death. She hates me and I get that, I would if I were her but tell me, the girl I saved Romy the boy that was waiting, he was the son wasn’t he?” Lexy answered the question and Elvira responded, “I know I did the right thing saving Romy but I’m surprised he and Estevan didn’t kill me there and then. I am sorry but she would never believe that in a million years.”


Once outside Lexy was talking to Dr Baines, “Joe, it is ok that I call you that?” He smiled and nodded so Lexy continued, “I’m having to decide whether or not to prosecute your wife.” Joe sighed, “Look, I know the Elvira you all know was cruel and unforgiving but please she had things done to her that no person should ever be subjected too.”

“We need to know everything Joe. This interview is going to be one of many. She may get a reduced sentence if we get the truth and she tells us everything that he did to her and what he made her do to others. If what she said about the abuse is true then she needs to explain, not tell me, I’d rather not say. I won’t lie here Joe but she may get a reduced sentence but I honestly cannot see her escaping jail time.”

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Joe was beside himself with losing her all over again, “I implore you please rethink this. The woman you are interviewing isn’t the cunning bitch you would know. She is starting to become that sweet Elvira I knew. If you want a second option then choose any medical professional and they will tell you that the bitch is going or gone.”

“I have to look at everything. Katherine has allowed access to her mother’s trunk so we may know more but tell Elvira she must not hold any information back.”

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Joe went back into the room and said, “There is no easy way but you might be going to prison.” Elvira looked at him, “Turn me back evil that way I can cope.” Joe shook his head, “No because that won’t solve the problem.”

“Hurting Torri and Dawn and her son…” Joe interrupted and said, “Son’s was named Nathan.”

“And Nathan I will accept full responsibility but everything else…”

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Joe interrupted again, “I looked at Blair’s medical records so I know about the headaches you forced on him.” Elvira looked shocked that Joe knew. “In the early days I thought Blair could protect me from the master but soon learnt the master would eat him alive.” Joe was angry at his wife, “So you forced headaches on him to make him stay?”

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Elvira was upset that Joe was angry at her so just nodded in agreement. Joe yelled, “How could you do that to another vampire. Doing compulsion on another vampire is strictly forbidden because of the headaches and possible other side effects.”

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He went to leave as he was so angry but Elvira shouted, “Please Joe I’m sorry, I’d lost you, I was hoping he could help.” Joe went right up to her, “Then why the hell didn’t you ask for his help?” Elvira was shaking and replied, “I didn’t know how by then.” Joe didn’t want to fight anymore and asked, “Will you please tell Lexy everything?”

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Elvira looked at him and agreed as she touched his arm she said softly, “Joe you have lost weight. Your muscle mass…,” Joe pulled away and replied, “It’s nothing. I’ve just been working a lot…”

“Liar, you have neglected yourself.”

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He sat there and replied, “I have but I did so I could save you. Now promise you will tell them everything.”

“I promise Joe.”

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Dawn watched as Joe left the room. There was part of her that was terrified and another part that wanted answers. Dawn had heard the rumours about the change in Elvira’s behaviour and was curious, could this be the same woman that attacked her?

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It also bothered Dawn that the same woman would help her son after she tried to kill him when he was just a baby. The curiosity was growing inside and before she knew it she had her hand on the door knob of Elvira’s room wanting answers because she wanted her nightmare to end.

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  1. Avatar Dandylion240
    Dandylion240 says:

    Wow Elvira looks so different and it’s hard to imagine she’s the same person. I’m not sure what to feel about her. I feel sorry for her for everything the master did to her but another part can’t let go of the past. That will be the problem for everyone she’s ever hurt or tried to kill or manipulated in her past evil life. I can understand Dawn wanting to confront the woman and get some answers. I just hope she doesn’t make things worse.

    • Avatar Lckygrl
      Lckygrl says:


      Elvira is very different. I don’t think I even know how I feel about her lol but I know she wants a better life. Will people forgive her time will tell? Dawn is silly if she goes in there because I couldn’t but hopefully if she does it will be ok. Fingers crossed for not making it worse.

      Thanks for reading 🙂