8.5 Questions

Elvira felt a human presence as she looked out the window, “So your curiosity got the better of you?”

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Elvira didn’t turn to face Dawn and heard, “Have you any idea what you did that night?” Elvira recounted that night and replied with no change in her voice, “I remember but I know if I said sorry you would not believe me.”

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Dawn was angry and yelled, “Look at me you heartless bitch.”

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Elvira finally turned to face Dawn but wouldn’t move any closer. Dawn didn’t see the same red eyes staring back at her but for her that didn’t change the fact that this woman tried to kill her. “I have nightmares because of you. I wouldn’t let my son out of my sight for a long time because of you. I couldn’t be left alone because of you and when you were finally dead, I could finally live again and here you are alive and in the same space as me.” Elvira calmly replied, “I am sorry. I have nightmares too but you wouldn’t know that. I saved your future grandchild in the hopes of making some small amends for what I put you and your family through. I hear you treat Katherine well, thank you…”

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Dawn interrupted her, “Katherine maybe your daughter but she is nothing like the heartless bitch you are. If you think I believe your sorry speech think again because I don’t. If I have my way you would be six feet under or more but I will settle for jail time gladly. I just hope it’s a long and horrible sentence because I can never forgive you.”

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Dawn quickly left and ran outside. She couldn’t believe she had confronted the notorious Elvira and lived.

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She saw Estevan in front of her, he looked angry, “What the hell were you thinking?”

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Dawn went to speak but Estevan pulled her into a passionate kiss and while they kissed Dawn heard through her thoughts, ‘Do not go in there again without me. I almost lost you once and I am not prepared to lose you again, understood?’


The kiss deepened and Dawn couldn’t think straight as she felt his warm embrace and when he let go all she could do was reply softly, “I won’t I promise but that kiss…that was…wow,” she came close and ran her hands over his chest and said sweetly as she looked at him, “Take me home and finish that kiss.” Estevan was supposed to see Blair now he was awake but he knew what his brother would tell him so he smiled at Dawn and in a whisper replied, “Gladly but to a hotel room instead,” Dawn bit her lip in anticipation of the nights events.

Nathan walked into the bedroom and saw Romy looking out the window.

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“Beth, you can come out of the room, you aren’t a prisoner.”

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She turned to look at him and replied quietly, “I take it you want me in your bed?” Nathan wasn’t sure why she said that but he wouldn’t lie either so treaded carefully, “I want to share a bed and a life with you and our baby but if you aren’t ready then I want you to know I will wait.”

“Can I leave this house and go wherever I choose?”

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Nathan knew this was a test and gladly answered as he moved away from the door, “You are free to go wherever you want. All I ask is you keep in contact so I can know my baby and know you are safe and well.” Romy was shocked as no one had ever given her choices before. She did love Nathan but was scared to allow him in because what had happened to her.

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However looking at his sweet face and knowing that he spoke the truth it was really hard not to open up to him. “If I stay here, where will the baby stay?”

“Choose a room.” Romy looked puzzled and Nathan elaborated, “Dad made a suggestion that to make you feel more comfortable staying here. The baby could have my room next to my parents, this room or the gym. If you choose the gym then it will be moved to my room.” Romy smiled, “And you get evicted?”

“I guess.”

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Romy walked out the room and Nathan followed her. She walked in to Dawn’s study and heard, “Beth the living room is the next one.”

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She turned around and asked, “If I agree to live here with you and your family, I want a living area of our own so we can spend time together. Is that possible?” Nathan thought for a moment and replied, “I can ask.”


Romy sat on the living chair, looking around as she thought,“Would I be allowed to decorate the bedroom I stay in?”

“Of course you can,” then Romy started to cry, “I had plans…to study, to get a good job. I never planned to have a baby yet.” Nathan knelt in front of her, “I know, we messed up, not sleeping together because that was the right thing but not using anything. However I want you to know I love you Beth and whatever you decide I will support you.” Romy dried her tears and said, “How can I finish my education now?”

“We will find a way I promise.”

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Romy smiled at him touching his hand and said, “I want you to decorate our room together but I ask that we don’t share a bed until the baby is due. I do trust you and I love you but I just need time.” Nathan touched her face and smiled back at her, “No rush and which room do you want?”

“An ocean view so I guess you are being evicted.” Nathan laughed slightly, “I guess I am then.”


Estevan went to see Blair the following morning, “Nice to see you’re awake.” Blair glared at him, “You had sex last night didn’t you?” Estevan smiled, “And it was great thanks.” Blair grumbled, “Alright for some of us.”


Estevan sat down, “Stop your whining. I bet you will be making up for lost time once you are back home. Anyway why did you want to see me? ”


Blair didn’t beat around the bush and came straight out with it, “I want to help Elvira get a reduced sentence…” Estevan growled at him, “Are you fucking crazy?”

“Listen baby brother don’t forget I know all you secrets and I know what she did to Dawn but she is the mother of my daughter and I can’t bear to see any more pain on her face not now she is expecting.”


Estevan looked shocked and asked, “Katherine is pregnant?”

“Yes and Guy asked for her hand.” Estevan laughed, “Your best friend and your daughter that is a new one…”

“Yeah I know but he loves…” suddenly Blair stopped talking and Estevan knew something was wrong so called for help.


Joe quickly came into the room and Estevan snarled at him, “You said you were helping him. You said the books would help…” Joe looked at Blair in shock, “I followed the instructions, I swear.” Estevan growled, “Get me that book now.” Joe quickly got the book and showed Estevan what he had done.


He looked closely and saw a page had been carefully torn and he screamed at Joe, “You idiot…you haven’t followed the instructions as half of them are missing…look!” He showed Joe and saw a concern, “I swear I didn’t do that.”


Estevan was at breaking point, “If no one knows what was on that page then Blair will die.” Joe replied, “The original author will be the one that knows what is on the missing page but if you look at the front page it has been torn. I think the master didn’t want anyone knowing who that person was.” Estevan grabbed the first thing to hand and threw it across the room in temper.


Estevan stormed out and barged into Elvira’s room, “I want a straight answer from you. Do you know who wrote those books?” Elvira jumped and replied, “I don’t but I know where you can find them. However only a ghost hunter can enter or a ghost, if they are brave enough.” Estevan barked, “Or like you?” Elvira looked straight at him, “I was summoned. The person wanted the master and in exchange I could gain my freedom from death.”


“I didn’t ask why. I just agreed with the terms.” Estevan then asked, “I thought Draco asked for you?”

“He did and when they heard that was when I was summoned. You should know they know everything and the owner of the books will be aware of what is going on already.”

Somewhere in limbo

You could hear screams and pleas coming from behind a door. It was the master begging for the end to his suffering.


Katherine smiled as she looked towards the door and replied through the door, “I haven’t finished your punishment so enjoy your pain.”


She walked into another room and sat down and her thoughts were interrupted by three knocks at the door. In all her years in limbo she never had a knock at the door.

She had often heard outside the door, “No one enters this room as strange things happen here. As ghosts or ghost hunters we don’t know who is in there but all we know is they are not friendly.”


She looked at the door once more and shouted, “Enter.”

Draco entered the room and said, “Are you the author of the ancient vampire books?” She smiled as she watched Draco. “I am and you are named Draco?”


He looked at her and she answered, “Once you enter this room, I have access to your mind.” Draco replied, “Then you know I’m here because of my Dad, Blair Merrick.” Katherine wanted to say who she was but thought it best not to say for the time being.

“I know of the issue facing your father. Tell me exactly what happened to Blair right up until now so I can help him.”


Draco explained everything to her and heard her say out loud, “Hear my plea, please release me to the surface to help Blair.” Within seconds two figures appeared, Raziel said, “You called.” They looked at Draco standing there and vanished him to the surface, after he was gone she turned to the angels, “My son is gravely ill, he needs my help. I have never asked anything before but Eric Slayer turned my books against my son. I will follow any restriction you put on me just please let me go.”


They both looked at her, “We hear your plea but the answer is no. Your body is made of stone so you can’t go back.” Katherine growled, “You have the power to make it happen.” Raziel turned to Emmanuel, “I told you she’d plea.”

“I say let her go…show mercy on her.”

Raziel quickly answered, “No.” However Emmanuel said, “We will plead your case and let you know,” disappearing very quickly before she could say anything more. She started gathering her things and said loudly, “Mother will help you soon don’t worry as I won’t let anything harm you.”


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4 Responses to 8.5 Questions

  1. Avatar Dandylion240
    Dandylion240 says:

    Yay it was worth the wait!!!
    I understand why Dawn had to confront Elvira but it didn’t accomplish anything. She’s angry at the person Elvira was and punishing who she is now isn’t going to accomplish anything.
    Nathan is so sweet to Romy. She needs someone to be patient with her. With never being allowed to make her own choices before she was able to make a pretty quick decision about which room she wanted. I would still be wondering around the house listing pros and cons and taking weeks. lol
    Estevan should have went to see Blair the night before. He would have had more time with Blair before he passed out. Interesting the Blair wants to help Elvira get a lighter sentence. I wonder what is wife will think of that?
    Why didn’t Joe notice a missing page if Estevan was able to notice it so quick?
    Somehow I wasn’t expecting Draco to be the one contacting Katherine in Limbo. I have mixed feelings about Katherine being allowed out but she may be the only to help Blair.

    • Dandylion240,

      Dawn has wanted to do this for awhile but Elvira isn’t the same person anymore. Nathan wants his Romy back but that is why he is taking his time. Romy isn’t used to making choices so its all new to her.
      Blair is thinking of Katherine in all this and I think by helping Elvira she will find things easier but then she doesn’t really know her own mother so we will see. I’m not sure Teddy will be happy with this.
      Joe didn’t notice because his mind if he was honest is elsewhere e.g Elvira. Katherine was sent to limbo out of revenge by a vampire who wanted her but she rejected but she is Blair’s mother so hopefully she can help.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Finally read this. So much happening here!
    I’ll start with Dawn, good for her for confonting Elvira. It was about time. As for Elvira, cry me a fucking river, I don’t believe for a second she’s changed.

    Damn, Joe messed up, can’t believe he didn’t notice a page was missing and because of his oversight Blair might just die.

    Katherine. I am so confused. Is the same Katherine as Blair’s daughter that’s in Limbo? How did she get there and how come Draco didn’t recognize her?

    • Val,

      Cry me a river…..that made me chuckle a bit because I understand what you mean where Elvira is concerned. Joe messed up as his head is elsewhere eg. Elvira. Hopefully Blair will be ok.

      Katherine in limbo is the first vampire but she is also Blair’s mother. She was changed to a human as punishment for not marrying a vampire then after death condemned to limbo. Blair isn’t aware of the true facts and if he wakes will be in for a shock.

      Elvira named their daughter Katherine because she knew Blair hated his mother, revenge on Elvira’s part no doubt.

      Thanks for reading 🙂