Blair Merrick


Blair Merrick

Date of Birth: 01/09/1942

Star Sign: Virgo

He was an only child born to David and Katherine Merrick. They were very strict parents who saw Blair as an inconvenience rather than a blessing. He was never shown any love and as he got older his hatred for his parents only grew. He tried to channel the negative energy from his parents through creativity but always got knocked back.

Once he left school he left his hometown to find happiness. Blair ended up in Bridgeport and started to hang around with some stranger people. When he learned they were vampires, he asked to be turned in the hope for a better life. The leader turned him into a vampire but it only increased Blair’s unhappiness. He then turned to killing to fill the emptiness inside.

Over the years he became lonelier, until he met Elvira Slayer. The first few months were happy but then Elvira’s evil side became darker and it only fuelled their now destructive relationship. He soon met a fellow Vampire Estevan Granger and started to work for him moving up the ranks of the business and becoming his right-hand man.

After splitting from Elvira, Blair would only have contact with woman to suit his sexual needs. He soon met a beautiful vampire name Heather Dark. He thought he was in love with her but he soon realised it wasn’t love. He just wanted someone, anyone as long as he could control them.

While at work he meets a beautiful young woman Teddy Green. He can see she is in trouble and helps her out. He suddenly realises he is putting her before himself. As he gets to know her, feelings start to develop and he soon realises he is in love with her. He takes off because he is unsure how to handle these feelings but soon comes back to confront her about his feelings. Only to find Teddy’s ex has hit her and she is in a terrible state. In a fit of rage he kills the ex but Teddy takes off before he can talk to her.

He searches for her and when he finds her, he tells her everything about his past and his feelings. After dating for a short time they discover they are expecting their first child. They get married in France in a quiet ceremony. Soon after they have a daughter, who they name Harmony.

He discovers is boss is really is younger brother as they share the same father. He takes all his anger out on Estevan but soon they start to get on. Now Blair and Teddy have a second child a boy who they named Draco but who will he take after?

Blair discovers years later he has a child, a daughter by Elvira. He discovers she works at a brothel after his ex-Elvira traded their daughter for her freedom. The brothel is run by his creator Lawrence Knight. After demanding his daughter’s freedom and a blood test, he takes her home. Family members aren’t sure about her because of her mother but they soon learn that if Blair trusts her then so should they.


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