Teddy Merrick


Teddy Merrick (Green)

Date of Birth: 22/02/1986

Star sign: Pisces

Teddy was born in Twinbrooks but brought up in Hidden Springs. Her parents had 2 sons, the first son died shortly after being born and their second son died after being hit by a car at the age of 3 years old.

When Teddy came along they were very protective of her and never let her out of their sight. They loved her very much. After their deaths they left Teddy money and property. She sold everything apart from the holiday home in Starlight Shores.

She met a man who at first swept her of her feet but she soon realised that he was controlling and violent. After a year in this destructive relationship she left. Soon he started taunting her. Teddy went to a club to get drunk to forget her troubles but she starts to cause a scene. The manager of the club has to deal with the situation and offers to drive her home.

This is how she meets Blair. He tries to resist her at first but is soon captivated by her charm and beauty. Teddy in turn is bowled over by his looks. As she gets to know Blair, the more she falls in love with him and she sees her future in him. After her ex finds her, Blair saves her but she runs after she sees what Blair does. When he finds her they talk and Blair takes her on their first date and she soon realises she can’t say goodbye.

After they marry they have their first child Harmony. Blair turns Teddy into a vampire by mistake thinking he has killed her. It takes a while for Teddy to get used to this way of life and soon she forgives Blair for what he did.

Now they have a son name Draco. When Teddy learns that Blair has a daughter with Elvira she is furious. However Blair asks her to get to know her and soon Teddy warms to Katherine.

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