Katherine Merrick


Katherine Merrick

Date of Birth: 21/12/1983

Star Sign: Capricorn

Katherine is the daughter of Elvira Slayer and Blair Merrick. Katherine’s relationship with Elvira was not one filled with love but hate. She was told on a number of occasions that she was a mistake and that her father never wanted her. Unknown to her though was that her father Blair, never knew of her existence.

Katherine was traded to the brothel so her mother could buy her own freedom from Lawrence. For many years she helped the woman of the house get ready for the clients, bring refreshments etc.

When she turned sixteen she was cornered by one of the men of the house and told now that she was of age she was to serve the men of the house and that it was on orders of the owner Lawrence.  However the order never came from Lawrence but from the madam of the house. When Lawrence threatens to show her how to please men she is terrified and this is when Guy Regan steps in and tells Blair about his daughter to get her out of harm’s way.

When she discovers the truth about the identity of her father she panics but after he takes her home and they start to get to know each other she realises she finally has a family and a man who loves her despite whose daughter she is.

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