Guy Regan


Guy Regan

Date of Birth: 30/07/1850

Star Sign: Leo 

Born and raised in the city to a poor family, Guy left school at an early age and started working in his local bar. He worked his way up by cleaning toilets, mopping floor and cleaning glasses. By the age of twenty five he was working behind the bar. He had observed over the years that you serve the customer and keep your mouth shut.

While serving a customer one night he gets told family secrets but the person telling him has a dark side you don’t cross, his name James Knight. However over the years as James continues to frequent the bar he tells more stories implicating his twin Lawrence. This is how Guy’s hatred of Lawrence starts as he believes that James and Lawrence must be as evil as each other.

When James sleeps with Guy’s fiancée that deepens the hate for this family even more. Unfortunately when Guy is ready to buy the bar, Lawrence swoops in and buys it but unlike James offers Guy a deal, ‘Run the bar as you see fit and I won’t interfere then you can buy it from me.’

Finally years later Guy buys the bar from Lawrence but that is when the trouble starts. Elvira is back in town and is furious that Guy owns the bar. She forces Lawrence to take the bar by force and once again Guy ends up working for Lawrence.

When Blair walks into Guys life they strike up a friendship and when Blair finally leaves Lawrence’s home, Guy offers him a place to live. However Blair’s heavy drinking and woman especially Elvira take it’s toll on Guy. They spend more time in fist fights than talking.

Daphne Granger walks into the bar one night and gets drunk and tells Guy everything from Lawrence to her affair with a married man. He quickly gets her out of the bar knowing that if Lawrence finds out she is there then things could get heated.

A few days later Guy is called to a meeting only to discover that it is Daphne. She thanks him for is discretion and in return offers him a job as manager at a bar she is opening. He doesn’t hesitate and takes the job. This is how he meets Estevan. He works out very quickly that Estevan is Blair’s younger brother and watches one night as they have a fight and when Estevan wins, Blair is humiliated now working for him.

Elvira threatens Guy if he tells Blair about the baby but when he discovers where she is living and falls in love with her. Even though Guy and Blair haven’t spoken in years he knows he has to tell Blair the truth about his daughter Katherine.

Blair and Guy tolerate each other for Katherine but they still haven’t resolved their issues and what drove them apart.    

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