Draco Merrick


Draco Merrick

Date of Birth: 16/02/2000

Star Sign: Aquarius

He has been a wild child from a very young age and throughout his childhood thinks girls are there for his amusement. Unfortunately when his sister’s boyfriend is in trouble he finds himself confronted by a very evil vampire named Elvira Slayer. Draco along with his sister and his nephew Art take a potion to catapult them into adulthood not only to help defeat Elvira but because they believe life will be better as an adult.

The potion only transforms Draco into a teenager and when he helps defeat Elvira he doesn’t realise that she cuts him and when they share blood she is able to carry on living in his body. Draco also manages to safe a young woman’s life from Elvira.

Over the years he becomes more and more bad tempered and finally goes out of control. When he reaches adulthood he treats both men and woman with contempt. He sleeps around with both sexes and believes he is bisexual. The only one that would put up with his mood swings is William his cousin. When the girl he saved from Elvira turns up in town, his life gets turned inside out. As he struggles with his inner demons about what to do with this new girl, he finds out Elvira has been controlling him all this time and not only wants to take over his body but kill the woman he truly loves.

Everyone has had enough of Draco’s games and push him away when he needs help the most. When they realise something is wrong they find him in a pool of blood. As Draco recovers, his parents beg Torri to give him a chance. When she finally gives him a chance there are a few more obstacles that come their way but finally at the end of the tunnel Draco proposes and Torri says yes, will they live happily ever after, I hope so.

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