Torri Robertson


Torri Robertson

Date of Birth: 01/09/1999

Star sign: Virgo

Her father James Knight killed her mother in front of her but her uncle Lawrence compels her to forget. Due to her uncle sinking deeper into depression without the love of his life, they start drifting apart. Soon she leaves the brothel where he has raised her to leave her life behind.

When she comes across an evil vampire Elvira who wants to kill her, she is terrified but a young teenage boy protects her and saves her life. Five years later she finds the teenager has grown up and fall in love with him. However their road to love isn’t easy as they still have to get Elvira out of their life for good, deal with a bad tempered uncle and a kidnapping that results in the loss of a baby they never knew they were expecting.

However they have overcome all this to now be engaged and happy. I just hope it is happily ever after for these two.


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