Lawrence Knight


Lawrence Knight

Date of Birth: 05/11/1803

Star sign: Scorpio

Lawrence was born to a privileged family and also had a twin brother James who was older by a few minutes. They were inseparable as children but by the age of 10 years they were starting to go in different directions. They hardly saw their father as he was a businessman running a very profitable farm in Monte Vista where they lived. When they did see him it was to have discipline by the belt or cane.

Not long after turning full vampires, Lawrence came home to the sad news that his father died in mysteries circumstances. Lawrence had his suspicions that James had a hand in their father’s death but unfortunately he had no proof.

When he met Daphne Granger he fell hard and fast and after six months proposed marriage and she happily accepted. However James was furious that his brother could be so happy. He knew Daphne wasn’t aware that her fiancé was a twin so used that to his advantage. While Lawrence was away on business James attacked Daphne and she left Lawrence thinking he was the one who hurt her.

Lawrence was distort and sunk deeply within himself. He worked on the bad side of the law, creating and running brothels, dealing drugs and so on. As the business grew he needed help and took on a new apprentice by the name Blair Merrick. Blair had no idea that Lawrence even had a brother let alone a twin. Blair never knew the identity of Lawrence’s lost love was his step mother.

Lawrence also needs to mend things with Blair’s daughter Katherine but would she be willing to hear what he has to say.

He banishes his brother James after he kills his wife Emma in front of their child Torri. Lawrence believes it is best for Torri to have her own unique name again after what has happened. So his gives her mother’s maiden name. Sadly as time goes on he starts to treat his niece with contempt and pushes her further away until she runs away.

When Lawrence sees Daphne again he is elated but can only control his temper around her so no-one can see his gentle side accept her. Once she discovers the truth she starts to fall in love with Lawrence all over again and finally re-bonds with him. They are now engaged and planning to start a family of their own once they are wed.

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