Daphne Granger


Daphne Granger

Date of Birth: 01/08/1813

Star Sign: Leo

Daphne grew up in a time when girls didn’t go to school or know how to read or write. At the age of 8 she was expected to work in a factory but when she refused she was punished with the cane. She hated her life and would often steal a book to teach herself to read and by the age of 16 she could read. Daphne was presented to a man her father deemed fit to be her husband. She hated everything about him. The engagement went ahead even though she said no.

When she refused to have sex with her fiancé he hit her and commanded her to get undressed, her blood started to boil and she felt sick. She heard the stories of her great-grandparents being vampires but never believed it. Her mother told her that it sometimes skips a generation. Suddenly the hatred of this man who was commanding her to do things she wasn’t ready for took its toll and all she remembers is seeing his body lying on the floor drained of blood. She stepped over his body without a care and left home.

She forged papers so she was able to work and created a story that her husband was killed in a war so no-one felt sorry for her being single. She moved every so often telling people she was 40 years old. She tried dating but never found a man that she liked enough to marry until she met Lawrence Knight. She fell madly in love and accepted his proposal until he hit her and then fled breaking their bond. She doesn’t think she can love again until she moves to Painswater Point.

It was the town’s coldest winter on record, Daphne slipped on some ice and local man helped her to her feet. There was an instant connection between them. She saw more of David over the next 6 months only learning then that he was married and had a son, Blair. Daphne was heartbroken but David begged her to stay. He tried to get a divorce but his wife refused. Daphne decided to carry on seeing David and after a few years fall pregnant with her only child Estevan.

Soon Daphne can’t stand being around David if she cannot be his wife so takes Estevan and fleas to Sunset Valley. David wants her to come home but she refuses but she still loves him so starts seeing him again until he dies.

When Estevan starts to date Holly she isn’t pleased and refuses to accept his choice and they stop talking and Daphne moves away. After 25 years apart she finds out he has moved to Painswater Point and slowly starts to rebuild their relationship having to accept his love, Dawn.

Over hundred and fifty years later Daphne discovers that Lawrence never hit her and it was his twin James. Lawrence never told her that he was a twin but now she knows the truth she falls for him again and they re-bond and now are finally engaged to be married.

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