Estevan Granger


Estevan Granger AKA ‘The Boss’

Date of Birth: 01/08/1956

Star Sign: Leo

He grew up in Sunset Valley with his mother. When he called for his best friend a young girl answered the door. Estevan fell in love instantly for Holly who was human and soon they started dating. When they were 22 years old they got married and shortly after had their first child William.

William had only just turned 1 year old and they found they were expecting again another son, Blake. Unfortunately due to Estevan becoming unstable with his vampire powers he was afraid he would harm Holly. The thought of leaving tore him apart but the thought of hurting her due to the uncontrollable urges terrified him even more.

He took the boys in the dead of night as they were vampires like their father, leaving his wife behind. He still loves her presently and the thought of betraying Holly with another woman he just couldn’t do it. Now Holly has passed away his boys think he needs a woman and that he should move on but Estevan refuses to think about it.

He hated the fact William dated a human but it comes from the pain he feels after losing his wife. He always liked Heather and now she is a vampire he accepts that his son and his wife have to make their own way in the world.

He and Blair have been in business for many years but they know way too much about each other to part ways. Only in recent years have they started to be friends. Estevan knew early on the Blair was his brother but never told Blair. When his Mum turns he realises that he will soon have to tell Blair of the real relationship they share. When he finally tells Blair, he is called a lair but after reading Estevan’s mind he starts to understand that it is all true. Now the brothers are starting to have a new relationship.

Estevan is now a grandparent to a boy name Art and he dots on him, helping William and Heather out whenever he can.

The boys set their father up to meet someone new and at first he tries to ignore the feelings but soon realises that Dawn Star means more to him. After dating Estevan asks Dawn to marry him and she accepts and now they have a son named Nathan.

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