Dawn Granger


Dawn Granger (Star)

Date of Birth: 02/04/1978

Star Sign: Aries

At the age of 15, Dawn showed promise as an artist. She attended Art College but soon discovered that her passion was not just art but making things look good. After her first year she asked to change her direction in art for interior design. Dawn left college with honours and thought jobs in the area were easy to come by.

Unfortunately she soon learnt you had to gain life experience and the only way to do this was to work from the bottom up. Men would always ask her out and even though she dated from time to time, relationships just got in her way. Dawn has always put her career before herself and it has paid off as she now works for herself as the most sort after Interior Designer.

When she meets Estevan for the first time she throws her Ipad at him as she finds him very arrogant. Soon he wins her over and they are soon married. On honeymoon she finds out she is 3 weeks pregnant and they are both thrilled at the news. Now they have a son named Nathan.

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