William Granger


William Granger

Date of Birth: 14/02/1983

Star Sign: Aquarius

William grew up in Barnacle Bay along with his brother Blake. He is very close with his brother and has always been there for Blake. He was always wanted by girls but he never could find one he wanted to be with until Heather Dark came along.

After first meeting her they dated and he knew then that they were meant to be. His father had other ideas and made it known that she was not liked due to her being human. William married Heather in secret but when his Dad found out he lost Heather anyway because he would not stand up for himself or his wife against his Dad.

When he does find her and he learns she was pregnant but lost the baby because of the stress she was put through by his Dad he becomes angry. He finally stands up to his Dad and wins Heather back.

Art is their first son; William would like more children and soon convinces Heather to have another baby. When she becomes pregnant things are fine at first but during an appointment the doctor tells Heather to terminate the pregnancy because of complications but she ignores the advice. William doesn’t know about this until she is rushed to hospital due to premature labour but there is nothing they can do and as a result Heather dies during child birth. William is left to bring up the twins with the help of his son Art.

As the twins Holly and Cole grow into toddlers Draco, William’s cousin can see he needs help. He advertises a nanny’s position without telling William.

Will the help be welcome?

At first he rejects the help but soon realises he is falling for her. At first he feels guilty for having these feeling until his father tells him it is ok and no-one will judge him for dating again.

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