Victoria West


Victoria West

Date of Birth: 02/06/1990

Star sign: Gemini

Victoria moved to Painswater Point a few years ago. She studied to be a nanny and when the opportunity came to look after William’s children she was excited. The only thing that concerns her with the twins is that they are vampires but she is assured that you treat them normally.

Victoria instantly warms to William but doesn’t say anything because he is still mourning his wife. When she discovers that he has feelings for her too she is shocked at first but happy. William doesn’t want to rock the boat and tries to ignore his feelings. It is only when Victoria says she is moving back to her flat that he finally admits he wants to date her.

The twins love her and treat her as part of the family. Art even gets on with her but the question now is will they take the next step and get engaged? Victoria is hoping her family come around to liking William first but he’s not expecting miracles.

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