Art Granger


Art Granger

Date of Birth: 26/06/1997

Star Sign: Cancer

Art loves the girls and they love him. He soon learns that they like him for his wealth. He doubts he will ever find the one. Now he wonders should play the field or just wait? He often talk to his cousin Matt to ask advise and Matt often tells him sleeping around is not the answer.

Art goes on a boy’s weekend after becoming a full vampire and meets the girl of his dreams Ellen but she pushes him away. He feels so deflated that they return home early.

Over the next five years he wonders what has happened to her until she turns up in town looking for him. They start dating and soon they bond with each other. However after only being together a short time Art starts to control Ellen. When she finds her voice she takes a break to go back home but Art wants her back. Ellen agrees to come back only if they take things slow.

Art goes to counselling and soon realises how awful he has been to Ellen. He gets a job with his Dad and sells his expensive car. He wants to show Ellen he takes the relationship seriously by earning things rather than just have them.

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