Blake Granger


Blake Granger

Date of Birth: 21/05/1985

Star Sign: Gemini

He is the youngest in the family. He loved school and was top of his class. After leaving school he took to making potions in his Lab and took a job at the local science facility and is doing well. His loyalty to his brother is second to none. He tried to kill Blair over the relationship he was having with his brother’s wife, Heather.

His first serious girlfriend Samantha Wood is sweet and charming. He adores her as much as she adores him. When they start living together Blake is naïve to the fact that Samantha is lonely and soon she starts an affair. When Blake confronts her she begs for a second chance but Blake asks her to leave. His hunger gets the better of him and he attacks her, he think he has killed her and gets his Dad to help. When Estevan sees her lying there he knows she is dead.

An autopsy discovers she was killed by another person and not by Blake. When he discovers this he is relieved but is terrified to let anyone new into his life until he finds out a female went to great length to prove he was innocent.

Lexy shows him he can trust people again especially her and when the killer tries to murder her, it is Blake that helps her through her nightmare. He realises this is the person who he loves and will do everything to protect her.

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