Lexy Granger


Lexy Granger (Sail)

Date of Birth: 01/02/1988

Star Sign:  Aquarius

When Lexy was visiting family in Barnacle Bay the house caught fire but she was rescued by a fire-fighter Estevan Granger.  She meets him again when she has to arrest him for the murder of Samantha Wood, Blake’s girlfriend. Lexy knows he didn’t commit the crime and helps Estevan discover who really did it.

When the killer tries to murder her it is Blake that helps her. When she tells Blake that she is in love with him, Blake backs off but realises he feel the same way and finally tells her.

When they first live together things are fine but things start to get harder and they discover they want more. They marry in a secret ceremony and after years of marriage finally have a daughter named Violet.

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