Nathan Granger


Nathan Granger

Date of Birth: 10/01/1998

Star sign: Capricorn

Nathan is Estevan and Dawn’s only child. He does have two older half-brother’s William and Blake from his father first marriage. He loves the outdoors play football but he also loves computer games. He has a reputation of being the school Romeo and doesn’t care who knows it as long as his Dad doesn’t find out.

When he receives a texted he quickly goes to the beach to meet with this girl hoping for some romance only to find he has been setup. The man threatens to kill him if he goes near his daughter again. Nathan has no idea who he is talking about until the girl comes to his aid. This is how he meets Romy who is scared of her father and needs Nathan’s help.

Nathan isn’t a full vampire yet so doesn’t know how he can help but the two become friends and now Nathan must find a way to help before he loses Romy for good.

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