Paris Song


Paris Song

Date of Birth: 01/07/1985

Star Sign: Cancer

Paris grew up in Barnacle Bay. While at college she met Heather and soon became best friends. They lost contact for a while then out of the blue she receives a call from Heather; she travels to town and listens to Heather pour her heart out about William and Blair.

Paris convinces Heather to follow her heart.  She moves to town permanently after she starts to date Spencer, Heather’s brother.

They get on well and soon Spencer asks Paris to marry him. After a few years things go wrong for them when Spencer finds out where is ex lives and he goes to see her. Paris follows him and sees that he still has feelings for Tracy.

Paris walks away from the relationship but soon is pursued by another man, Philippe.

She now lives with Philippe and they have their first child.

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