Taylor Robins


Taylor Robins

Date of Birth: 22/05/1945

Star Sign:  Gemini

Taylor was a loner who often visited brothels for sexual release. One visit he is very taken with one of the prostitutes named Claire. He promises her the world and in return all she has to do is leave the brothel and settle down with him.

Claire loves her new life as a wife but longs for a baby. Taylor is happy to have a family and soon they welcome a daughter they name Romy Elizabeth Robins. However things start to get on top of Taylor as he tries to provide for his family. He takes out loans to help see the family through but when he can’t pay the group of evil vampires, they send not just anyone but the boss himself.

Claire answers the door and is forced to provide sexual serves to help clear her husband’s debts.  When Taylor finds out he is furious that she would sleep with them and it isn’t long before he throws her out. He refuses to let her take their daughter. However the older Romy gets the more she looks like her mother and the more his hatred grows for his daughter. He starts to treat her more like a servant in the house rather than a daughter. He agreed to marry his daughter off to clear his final payment so he can get rid of the last reminder of his wife.


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