Mathew Dark


Mathew Dark

Date of Birth: 29/09/1998

Star Sign: Libra

Mathew adored his mother and after she left he took it badly. He grew closer to his Dad over time and had to get to know him again. Due to his Dad finding it hard to find work they moved in with his Aunt Heather and Uncle William. However they were living with William’s father at the time, Estevan.

Estevan takes Matt under his wing taking the role of father when Spencer was at work and they grew close. When his Dad starts dating again Matt takes it hard and spends more time with Estevan. However he soon learns his Dad will always put him first.

When he travels to Lucky Palms he meets Hazel Chase and soon they start dating. After a few years of living there he discovers his mother lives in the same town.

They start to get to know each other and when his Dad finds out where Tracey is, Spencer breaks things off with Paris and begs for another chance with Tracey. Matt is shocked but soon learns that his parents are made for each other and watches as his Dad moves to Lucky Palms to start his life with his mother. Now Matt has a younger brother named Charlie.

When Matt finally meets Hazel’s mother it soon becomes clear that she wants him dead. When her attempts fail to kill Matt, he and Hazel have no option but to go into hiding. Sick of hiding they agree to move back to Painswater Point and soon learn that Hazel’s Mother died in prison. Now after all these years they hope they can live happy and start a family.

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