Hazel Dark


Hazel Dark (Chase)

Date of Birth: 25/09/1997

Star Sign: Libra

Hazel has lived in Lucky Palms all her life and when her family moved away she decided to stay. When Andrew her ex found out she was staying, he asked her to house share and she agreed. They are very good friends since they dated but know their time has passed.

They soon realised living at the waterfront had a high price so decided to get some more roommates. Hazel had been friends with Kirsten for a while and when she and Jake needed a place Hazel introduced them to Andrew and they all hit it off. Hazel advertised for another roommate and was quickly approached by a vampire asking that his son’s nephew needed a place to stay. This is how she and Mathew meet and it doesn’t take long before they start dating. They attend university together finally completing their degrees years later. Hazel’s mother tries to kill Matt after she learn they are to marry but it is Hazel that is rushed to hospital.

After this she agrees with Mathew to go into hiding and then to move to his home town Painswater Point. Now her mother has died in prison they hope they can have a family and have contact with their friends again.

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