• 1.2: Bridgeport

    Advisory: Contains some strong language 

    Elvira was getting ready for her night out. It had been a long day and she needed to let all the frustration go. She had received a call from an old friend to meet at the vampire club at around 11pm and she accepted with no hesitation. She worked at Bridgeport’s best hospital but after 10 years of doing the same thing, she had grown tired of it and was looking for something new to get her teeth into.

    When inside the club Elvira saw Vlad watching the pianist, she made her way over to where he was standing, 

    “You haven’t changed a bit.” as she greeted Vlad.

    “And Elvira my dear you are as ever, so false.”  he replied.

    “If this is not a catch up for old time’s sake, why am I here?” as she raised her voice.

    “I have a job for you, if you want it that is?” as he was flirting with her.

    “Don’t try it on Vlad. Not interested anymore. What’s the job?”

    “I need you to steal blood from the hospital.” as he smiled.

    “That’s it, blood. Please that’s just too easy. What’s really going on? Elvira stared waiting for the answer.

    “Look an acquaintance of mine from way back is looking for someone to do a job. I recommended you but they want proof you are up for the job.” he replied.

    “Does this acquaintance of your have a name?” trying to dig even further.

    “Do you want to do it or not? If you impress him then he will contact you directly.”

    “I will do it.” accepting the easy challenge.

    Half way through her shift she decided it was time to do this job. She took the lift to the fourth floor, turning left after exiting the lift and walking along the corridor. No one was paying any attention to her as expected. She opened the door and went inside. Elvira opened the fridge where the blood was kept and loaded a box she had brought with her.

    When she got home she made a call to Vlad telling him “The jobs done.” Vlad instructed her to give the parcel to his friend outside the hospital the following evening.  

    The next evening she meet the guy in the hospital gardens and gave the parcel to him. She made it look like a present as not to draw suspicion to either one. When the guy took the parcel he told Elvira “He will contact you soon.” and he walked away.

    Heather had always been interested in vampires and when she had the offer to be turned she accepted with excitement. After being bitten she had spent the last few days feeling very ill like she was going to die. She wanted food but was unable to stomach anything other than water. After the transformation was complete, she took to the mirror to see her new look and as she checked herself out she noticed that her refection was disappearing. Heather had been warned that this would happen so not to worry.

    She sat at the piano in the apartment and began to play  a few notes and within a short time  she realised she was actually playing a piece of music. The more she played the elaborate the tunes became Suddenly the power of the music had become one with her. She realised then that being a vampire had its benefits. She then wondered what other skills could she learn and master.

    Heather had also realised there was a price to this exclusive life the burden of blood a thirst that would never go. The ability to hunt had to  fall on her to learn as it was something that could not be taught but learnt through experience. She was worried that hunting for fresh blood would be a problem but was advised that with this gift comes extraordinary human strength. This would come in useful to overpower your prey.

    With her new look Heather called a cab and decides to head to a new place for a new start.

    Elvira had received the call she had been waiting for, “What can I do for you?” waiting for a response. “You want me to WHAT! Does Blair know it’s me? I see ok. I will leave tonight.”

    She packed her belongings picked up the address that she had written down and made her way to the car. Elvira threw her bags in the boot slammed the door behind her. She stopped off at her favourite place on the way, the graveyard. She stood and took one last look at Bridgeport and the city lights then headed for PainsWater Point.