• 1.1: The Start

    Advisory: Contains some strong language 

    “What the hell are you doing back?” looking horrified at seeing Blair,

    “None of your fucking business and if I were you, I’d disappear!” pointing his cold and pale finger at Jon. A few minutes passed and Jon wanted to say more but knew it was best not to argue with Blair, he would leave the conversation for another night.

    The building of the first night club in this town had just been finished and this was why he was here making sure that the club made money. This was where you would often find Blair, keeping an eye on things. Blair also had a part-time job at the local graveyard as he loved working alone.

    Sitting at the bar Blair ordered a drink and spoke to the bar tender and asked “Any call?”

    “No word as yet.” Not saying a word Blair left the bar and headed home. He hated the new house. The decoration was not to his taste and the only thing he liked within the house was the new stone coffin he had delivered to make him feel more at home. 

    As he looked out the window just as the night sky was fading. He realised how much he hated the place. This was the town he grew up in and his parents being so strict, had done more harm than good because it had pushed their only child away. When the chance to escape the small town came he took it without a second thought. He had heard through the grapevine that his parents had died 30 years after he left. He couldn’t grieve for parents that he didn’t know or want to know, they never tried to contact him and neither did he.

    The promises of living forever had intoxicated him, so he accepted the offer to be turned by the vampire he had met when arriving at the big city. The only thing he had never experienced as a human or vampire was love. He should be an old man with a story to tell but in the last 70 years he couldn’t recall any achievements.

    He snapped out of his thoughts to focus on the job he was asked to do, so he knew he had to stomach the town once again. The thought had occurred to him that if things didn’t work out as planned at least lunch would still be on the menu.

    After work Blair went to the club and had his usual drink, a woman sat the other side of the bar watching his every move. Blair had been observing her watching him.

    “Can I help you?” he said accusingly 

    “Yes you can.” she said sarcastically, “You and you’re kind can leave this town. I don’t know what you want but leave and take this club with you.” by this point she was shouting that even the other clubbers moved away.

    Blair approached her very carefully and said very softly in her ear, “No, do you understand that!” At this point she launched herself at him by pushing him. He shoved her back but she came back for more; Blair tried to protect himself from her but it was no use, the only language this woman knew was brutal force. She slapped him hard but he came back with a kick that sent her flying. Blair turned to leave but she came back for more, he had tried to go easy on her but enough was enough so he grabbed her and threw her to the floor and calmly commanded “Leave now before I finish you off.” As his eyes turned red with hunger.

    The woman had become so scared at this point that she listened to his warning and took off without a second glance. He sat back at the bar and said “Usual again.” and just sat there till closing.


    He had just lay down and closed his eyes when the phone rang “I was wondering when you’d call!”

    Blair listened and replied “The club has already broken even in the first month the second club is being built so it shouldn’t be long before it’s up and running.” listening to the response,

    “You know some of the town hate the club.” again listening to the voice on the line.

    “Ok, I will sort things out.” Blair again listening, now raised his voice.

    “Now just a minute, you can’t…” the line went dead, “Send that bitch.” finishing his words while staring at the phone then in a fit of anger threw the phone across the room. “Shit.” he said to himself while picking up the pieces of the shattered phone. 

    “This is just fucking great; I need a new fucking phone.”

    He hated the thought of not being trusted in getting the job done and having to do business with his ex-lover. It was true what he was told never mix business with pleasure and unfortunately he’d learnt the hard way.

    He had done as instructed introduced PainsWater Point to the first club. The new dance club was in the middle of being built. It was going to be known as “The Grind.” His boss seemed happy with Blair overseeing the work but now he needed help, no that was not going to happen. He had started this and he was definitely going to finish it. 

    Thanks to Valpre for the advise she give me so I would just get it posted 🙂 and to Daijahv for giving pointing me in the right direct where to find the information on pose packs 🙂