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  • 8.6 Surprise Visit

    Matt walked into the bedroom to find Hazel smiling back at him in new lingerie.


    “Very nice what is the occasion not that I need one to make love to my wife?” Hazel kissed Matt and replied sweetly, “Glad you like it as I bought it for our anniversary.” He raised his eyebrow, “Babe, have you forgotten but that’s not for another four months.” Hazel bit her lip, “I know but I might not fit into it then so I decided to wear it now.”


    Matt was already too busy exploring his wife’s body to pay attention to what she was saying, “Matt can you stop for a moment as I’m trying to tell you something.” He stopped what he was doing and said, “Sorry I was just distracted by what you’re wearing. Why won’t you fit this…I mean you still look great, I don’t have any complaints.”


    Hazel rolled her eyes, “Good but I bought this early because I wanted to have a bit more fun while I can.”

    “Hazel, I won’t last all night.” Hazel giggled, “We are finally going to have a baby.” Matt looked at her and after a few minutes said, “Really, you and me…”

    “I found out this morning.” Matt was in shock but kissed her and whispered in her ear, “Then let’s celebrate.”


    They were getting into the moment when the doorbell rang again and again, “Oh Matt, get rid of them.” Matt had put his trousers back on and replied sweetly, “No-one will spoil this moment for us, I’ll be back shortly.”

    Estevan was at the door, “Matt sorry to call on you but I have a surprise for you.”


    “Uncle Estevan I really appreciate that but I’m kinda busy right now,” glancing towards upstairs. Estevan smiled, “I’m sorry but congratulations.” Matt instantly replied, “I wish you wouldn’t read my mind and let me tell you instead.”


    “Look the surprise is for both of you. When Hazel’s mum passed I know everyone including you was happy but Hazel wasn’t. However with things a bit in the air here…well I can’t put it off any longer. Art will be over later as I can’t stop him so just be warned.”

    “Uncle Estevan what is going on?”

    “I thought you needed company,” then it was his turn to glance at the door and when Matt followed Estevan’s gaze towards the door he had the shock of his life and shouted, “Hazel quick get down here and get dressed.”


    Matt had tears in his eyes as he saw Kay standing there. “OMG, Kay is it really you?” She smiled with tears rolling down her cheek, “Estevan said it was time I met my family and Dad agreed so here I am.”


    Matt quickly hugged her and said, “Are you and Jake…”before she could answer Matt heard, “Yes we are and where is my hug.”


    Matt couldn’t believe this and replied, “It is so good to see you Jake, where is my nephew Cameron?”

    Kay answered, “With Dad and Tracey. They begged to look after him and we couldn’t say no but there was a catch.” Matt still smiling asked, “What did they do?”

    “They gave us Charlie but he wanted to stay with Uncle Will. The twins are already teaching him naughty tricks; I dread to think what will happen when he goes home.” Estevan excused himself and said, “Have fun guys.”


    Hazel came downstairs and quickly hugged Kay and Jake in turn, “It’s so good to see you. You aren’t staying at a hotel, right?”


    Jake smiled and cheekily asked, “We were hoping you’d have a spare room.” She quickly answered, “We do have a room so I’ll show Kay while you two put the kettle on.”

    The boys went to the kitchen, “Please tell me you have alcohol?” Matt smiled, “Of course I do.”


    “Any good clubs around here?” Matt shook his head, “You are definitely in the right town for clubs. What brings you here and where are Andrew and Kirsten?”



    They sat down, “Estevan came and told us that Zoe died in prison and Hazel needed us. Then we were told we couldn’t come just yet or contact you. Anyway Estevan calls Spencer and says he needs to speak to me. He knew Kay had qualified as a doctor but she was finding it hard to get a job locally. Estevan pulled some strings and Kay is now on a month trial at the local hospital and I’m training new firefighters here.”

    “What!!! That’s great. How does Kirsten feel and your parents?” Jake took a sip of his beer, “You know Kirsten that is why she doesn’t know yet and neither do Mum and Dad.”



    “When will Andy and Kirsten be here?” Jake sipped on his beer avoiding the question. Matt then asked, “How are your parents?”

    “They said they wanted grandchildren but spend more time with each other on holiday, happily sending us pictures. It’s so weird to see them so happy and together. Will you convince Kay to marry me?” Matt laughed, “You two aren’t married yet?”


    Kay was sitting on the bed watching Hazel organise the draws, “You know Haz, I can do that.” Hazel stopped and sat next to her, “I know but I’m just so happy to see you guys. What was your wedding like; you’ll have to show me the pictures…” Kay stopped her talking and replied, “We aren’t married.”

    “Why not?”


    Kay glanced away, “I keep putting it off. I love him but I want you and Matt there besides Jake would have a heart attack if I finally wanted to set a date.” Hazel was shocked, “Jake adores you, put the poor guy out of his misery and marry him.” Kay beamed a smile, “I guess I should. How are you and Matt these days and sorry about your Mum?” Hazel sighed, “I had mixed feelings when she died but it meant Matt and I could finally move on. We spent so much time getting to know each other all over again and I have to admit not returning home was hard at first but being here was the right thing for both of us.”


    “So when are you and Matt going to start a family?” Hazel gave a big smile, “Funny you should mention that because I found out this morning.” Kay grinned, “OMG, I’m so happy for you, does Matt know?” They hugged and Hazel replied, “Told him about ten minutes before you knocked the door. I need to see my doctor to see how far I am and arrange my antenatal care…” Kay interrupted, “I’ve just started at the hospital, let me help…I know I can’t be your doctor but I can make sure you get the best care.”

    “Would you Kay…thank you?”


    They joined the boys in the kitchen and Hazel asked, “Did you make the coffee?” Jake butted in, “We are having a beer forget the coffee and have one.” Hazel looked at Jake, “You know I’d love one but I can’t…”

    “And why not?” Hazel looked at Matt and he answered, “She can’t because we are expecting a baby.”


    Jake pulled Hazel into an embrace, “That is awesome news; I am pleased for you both. Listen when Kirst gets here try not to tell her straight away or she’ll try and take over and try and organise your pregnancy.”

    “I know she will and how is Kirst?” Jake looked at Kay and then at Matt and Hazel, “To be honest not so good…” Hazel asked, “What’s going on?”


    “Sorry Matt that I avoid your question. Andy and Kirst are going through a tough time at the moment.” Matt looked shocked, “For fuck sake Jake tell us what is going on.” Kay offered to get the drinks while Jake told them what was going on. “Ever since Mathew was born Kirsten has gotten protective over him. Don’t get me wrong she is a great Mum but Andy never gets a look in. She always criticizes him when he does anything with him.” Hazel asked, “Has anyone tried talking to Kirst?”

    “We all have and now it’s got to the point that Andy spends more time at work and they argue. Sis recently accused him of cheating.” Hazel was in shock, “No way And cheat on Kirst that’s impossible he adores her.” Jake sighed as he finished his drink, “He does but he is now thinking of moving out because she won’t listen to him or anyone else.” Hazel screamed, “No not happening, they can’t, they just can’t. He has loved her for years until he finally told her. If they spilt there is no hope for any of us.”


    Kay asked, “What do you suggest?” but Hazel was already dialling the number when it connected, “Andy, it’s me Hazel,” you could tell that there had been a moment of silence when Hazel spoke again. “I know its great to hear your voice too but what the hell are you Kirsten playing at?”


    Andrew tried to explain when Hazel interrupted him, “Leave the little one with your Dad or with Dan and Laura and get your ass here with Kirsten or else.” Everyone was shocked at the way she spoke but let her carry on and when she hung up she said to everyone, “They will be here tomorrow.”

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